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Buffalo bay weather Videos

The Dead Weather - Die By The Drop (Video)

2010 WMG The official music video for the Dead Weather song "Die By The Drop," from the forthcoming album Sea of Cowards.

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Anything Jack White touches turns to gold
+Mick Oneal Any time Jack White writes a song, an angel gets it's wings. :-D
+Mick Oneal Oh, yes.
+pigammon Agreed.
+Mick Oneal but surely this would be gold anyway? haha, dead weather for life :)
Obviously under-estimated band
Our overlords have good taste in music
+illuminati that's the best response ever.
+valo babe jack already showed me the light
^ obviously needs Jesus.
His music, his voice, that look! Jack is the hottest genius walking this earth.
+Sandra Alentorn Reina what about Kanye

The Dead Weather - I Cut Like A Buffalo [HD] (Live Jools Holland 2009)

Album: Horehound. Alternative rock, blues rock, garage rock, psychedelic rock.

Irrational man holds police at bay for hours in Black Rock

Irrational man holds police at bay in Black Rock ◂ WKBW provides local news for all of Western New York, Buffalo, NY and the Niagara Falls NY region 7 ...

Daedelus - Fair Weather Friends

Animated Video for Daedelus track 'Fair Weather Friends' from 'Fair Weather Friends EP' available digitally and on LP here: ...

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I can't believe this song is getting old :( seems like yesterday i was listening to this
+CelticWolf oh my god i was 17 when i first heard this im almost 24 now wtf
It feels wrong listening to this in winter
+Clémentine Beaufret this is the best comment i read in a long time. more ppl should be told this :) cheers
+Clémentine Beaufret I love that idea
It is up to you to add colour to the world :)
I remember how this used to be my favorite song.

Dragon Buffalo Horn Comb Vietnam

From the e-bay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/111446579111 A large translucent horn hair comb with Hand carved dragon from translucent buffalo horn, this ...

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I use a horn comb from China. It was given as a gift and cost around $30 USD after getting my name engraved on it. I noticed that my hair doesn't get static when I use it and it also detangles my hair very well. I read that it can be used for scalp massages since the comb teeth are rounded, so you can increase blood flow in your head, which is good for hair growth. I also read that it's good for distributing your scalp's natural oils down the hair shaft, kind of like the boar bristle brushes from England. My horn comb also has a handle, which I found to be effective for facial massages (a practice popularized in ancient China and is popular in Asia today), which can help reduce bloating in the face and remove toxins built up in the face. Also, horn combs can last a lifetime if conditioned with natural oils every few months. Definitely an heirloom piece! I'm very happy that I received one as a gift. Thank you for the video! :D
+Dana Oira cool. Can you share a photo?

DC-3 takes off at Good News, Alaska in terrible weather.

This is one of TransNorthern's super DC-3s taking off after landing on the airstrip in Good News Bay. This is after 3 attempts at landing hours after the airstrip ...

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This aircraft is actually a Super DC3, aka a DC3S, or C-117D. A "Super" has a much larger vertical and horizontal than a "Round Tail" 3, along with other substantial differences. In crosswinds that large tail can make it a monster to control requiring huge splits of the throttles and subsequently the engine power. There is no atis or awos or asos in Goodnews Bay. This takeoff was more of a challenge than most would understand.
Watch that DC-3 booty shake in those winds! What were the winds that day? (that is, if you even had an atis reading at that remote strip)
Wow that is such an awesome video! You are the greatest!
haha, there is a wind sock tied to a very crooked pole.
@SuperDC3 There's a wind sock and that's all you need.

Flood waters hit Sunset Bay

Rising flood waters from a nearby creek have moved into the Sunset Bay neighborhood, in Irving. Some roads were closed for much of Tuesday afternoon while ...

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War Acts. Why did Laura Bush get drugged in 2001 & with President George Bush? War. Russia's President Putin was present and drugged 2 former US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development employees too. They were attacked and it was stated that it would take 15 years or so of interrogating FBI agents. Human Trafficking by Putin of at least 3 elderly announced dead and had funerals but he drove past us on Central Avenue In Lancaster NY in July 2014 and right before the War between Ukraine & Russia.

The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo

Video for the track Buffalo by Kiwi band Phoenix Foundation. From the album Buffalo.

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I don't know about you all, but I'm on the sea floor, I am the mammal you adore, I'm on the seafloor, closer to the planet's core, I am the buffalo, through the ocean I do roam
Mellow, summer, floatin in the open water I'm on the sea floor I am the mammal you adore
the story of one boys exploration of auto asphyxiation.
the video really didn't flatter the song, in my eyes.
cross country song.. thank u #Volvo V40
luv this song!
How could you

Concerns over sewage in Hanford Bay

Neighbors in Hanover Bay reached out to 7 Eyewitness News - they're concerned about sewage in the Lake Erie waters following this week's storm. ◂ WKBW ...
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