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The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 127 10/18/2014

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Lets just get dead and give dead....we are dead anyways..............can't and wont live for ever...nobody will.................PROPS .....Maka ....
+grasscuttinginpitts Thanks!
https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154721464970525 not sure if you can view this video but its from my town in newfoundland, they found a strange blue substance which up close is alive. worth a look
+Dra5ticK RebEL 369 Wow! Thanks for the link, that's strange!
Muchas gracias...
+Peter Watson Anytime!
USA needs an enemy. Virus or Combatant. 
+MRBLACKSTAR76 I hear ya!
Strange news.... Parrot found in church, returned back to owner now speaking in tongues..
+disruptcomfortzones LMAO!
i think they are sending the troops over there so that they can capture ebola and bring it back safe to america. according to their logic !
+William Goble Could be!

Swimtastic Omaha - The Tike Class

"Smart Fish Swim In Schools" http://www.swimtastic.com/locations/index.asp?l_id=5 Follow Swimtastic Swim School on Twitter @omahaswimtastic.

CTV News - Inspired with Darrel Janz - Operation Christmas Child Story

CTV News Inspired looks at a lady who packs hundreds of Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts every year for less fortunate children around the world.

Swimtastic Omaha - The Toddler Class

Youth Shot & Killed in Attempted Robbery

Cartel Boss Is Self Made Billionaire

For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/

O C Boy Attacked by Big Cat at Zoo in Belize

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This is his mother. No there were no signs (that we saw) and my son is very young and can be impulsive (remember he has autism)... he ran ahead for me for only a few seconds. AND we had NO idea about a 911 system nor did we have a phone, nor did the zoo people tell us of 911 or call it for us. We drove to BELIZE CITY (by the zoo worker) as it was closer to the airport and I was told the hospital is better. Yes, a lot of the jungle was cut down.. that is true. My son DID NOT put his hand IN the cage.. the cat was rubbing (like a house cat) against the fence and the put his hand against the fence for one second and the cat put his hand INTO the cage. We were only in Belize as vacationers for a few days. The question is were the cages accessible for small children (I also had a 3 year old with me who can't read as well as two other children that can't read signs) to even get close enough for a mishap. I am not sure what "mine' is suggesting".. Do you think the story is fake? By the way, they LET you touch a jaguar through the cage and many other animals that can bit dangerously.
There are so many things wrong with this news item. You are at a ZOO with wild animals, not a petting zoo. There are signs everywhere that tell you to keep your hands out of the fencing. If anyone is to blame it is the adults around....Belize does have a 911 system, EVERYONE knows that. The issue im sure was that the ZOO is far from from the hospital and you dont have to drive through the JUNGLE for gods sake, it is 20 seconds from the highway and all highway road from the Zoo to Belize City.
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