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How to upgrade laptop ram Videos

How to upgrade ram or replace hard drive on laptop Lenovo Z70-80

This video shows you hard drive replacement procedure and memory upgrade on Lenovo Z70-80 Z50-75 Z50-70. If you like this video please subscribe! En este ...

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One more question :) Do i have to buy same brand and model with stock ram? 
+Oguzcan Yılmaz Yea, it is recommended to be the same.
Hello I want to buy this laptop. But in my country i just found the model with 8gb ram. -Can i upgrade it like in this video? (8gb stock-8gb aftermarket) -Which ram you recommend to me ?( example: kingston 8gb ddr3 1600 mhz.) :) i hope you understamd clearly:) sorry for my english. Thank you ... 
+Oguzcan Yılmaz I have the Cooler Master U3 Plus. You can set the three fans anywhere you want and the cooler is big enough for 17" notebooks. This means you can set 1 fan to blow in your air vents and the other 2 can cool other hot spots (like HDD, RAM etc.).
+Laptop Repair Instructions Hello !Sorry about that, but i have question in diffrent topic. if you help me i will be very thanksful to you :).i have that lenovo, and when i play games. pc is going to warm.but i couldnt find cooler for my laptop, because of the air vents. the air vents is up-left of the laptop case. and there is no cooler match with the laptops air vents. do you know any cooler matchs with my laptops air vents? thank you so much for your attention. and sorry abut my english :))
+Oguzcan Yılmaz Hi, Kingston SOD DDR3 8GB 1600MHz PC3-12800 CL11 204-Pin SODIMM should be ok. I'm sure that u can find it on morket in your contry. Good Luck
Can the optical CD/DVD drive be replaced with an extra SSD? I need to buy a laptop for college and I'm going to be using heavy programs like Zbrush, solid-works, and Photoshop on a regular basis so the extra speed will do me loads of good.
+Jayfeather5651 Hi Jay, To be honest, I did not try on this model but I'm pretty sure that it's possible with this://www.ebay.com/itm/SATA-2nd-HDD-SSD-Hard-Drive-Caddy-for-12-7mm-Universal-CD-DVD-ROM-Optical-Bay-/280820379708?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item416232f03 If you need to buy new laptop my proposal is to find laptop like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MlsPlvYSvk or similar.On this model you already have possibility to install second hdd and you got four memory slots so you can upgrade it.
Is this good? //www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-Laptop-P35KV3-CF1-15-6-Inch/dp/B00RXA3Q8I
+Zane Galloway I dont know what to say you about gigabyte laptops but this is definitely not so good for gaming. You have //www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-P35Wv3-CF1-i7-4710HQ-NVIDIA-Windows/dp/B00SJIJN08/ref=pd_sim_sbs_pc_6?ie=UTF8&refRID=1H9NE45WN0RA30NVQF9F for only 100$ more. It's better for gaming, but it it doesnt have powerful cooling which is most important on gaming laptops.My choice for cca 1500$ is://www.amazon.com/Alienware-ANW15-5350SLV-15-6-Inch-Gaming-Laptop/dp/B00SIJGGGC/ref=sr_1_8?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1429342413&sr=1-8&keywords=gaming+laptopor//www.amazon.com/dp/B00NVV2B98/ref=psdc_565108_t1_B00SIJGGGC
How about these specs Intel i7 4720hq 16 GB RAM GeForce 970m 4gb 1tb+8gb sshd FHD IPS 1920x1080
+Zane Galloway Specs are ok, but if you decided to buy laptop for gaming you should take machine with good cooling like //www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/ASUS_ROG_G751JT/ or //www.dell.com/us/p/alienware-17/pd?ref=PD_OC or similar. Cooling is very important on laptops for gaming
Is this laptop good for gaming?
+Laptop Repair Instructions Sorry, i described Acer 772g from my other video, and this is very similar machine but it's not so suitable for upgrade.
+Zane Galloway hi zane,this is very powerful laptop with 4th gen i7 cpu, 8gb ddr3 ram and with 2 free slots so you can upgrade it, hdd 1tb and you can insert one more (my suggestion ssd 240gb+ for OS) and very good graphic card (gt750m) so you can play whatever you wish, but my personal opinion is that if you prefer to play games on computer, you have to buy powerful desktop machine. I repaired thousands of laptops and I still didn't have in my hands stable laptop for gaming. If you can afford 1000+ $ every 2-3 years for gaming then forget my words. This laptop is ok for gaming.

How To Change Memory And Hard Drive In A Lenovo G505S Laptop

in this video i will show you how easy it is to change memory and hard drive in a lenovo g505s laptop. hope you enjoy and please comment like and subscribe.

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can i change the cpu of my lenovo g505
dose this laptop have dual graphics? and if it have which one?? tnx
+Tom WEY as far as i know its not dual graphics
+Tom WEY mine is same look inside, on stickers say dual graphics but only show 8650g
Great vid. I have the same laptop as yours. Can you recommend an SSD?
+jeff cleofe Seagate 1TB hybrid.
Hey ledbetter can you respond to my question quickly? I saw the ram but im stuck if the ram sticks are 204-pin SO-DIMM or if its 240-pin DIMM. Which ones are they because im going to buy them?
best i can tell you is to take the numbers that are on the memory sticks and google them and you will find out
my g505s has 4 gb ram. i want to play games like assassin's creed unity so i want to buy another 4 gb ram. can you recommend a good 4 gb ram for my g505s? thanks!
the lenovo g505s has two ram slots you can clearly see them in this video when i take the bottom off the laptop. both of these memory sticks are 4gb bringing it to 8gb overall and max ram for this laptop is 16gb.
+Frederick Schulze thank you, your answer helped me a lot
By the way, a higher frequency on your processor helps with gaming. My AMD A10 has 2.5ghz base and 3.5ghz turbo, but I can only go into turbo when the processor is at low temps. If you have a cooling fan stand, you can stay in turbo mode for longer periods of time. I can stay in turbo mode all the time when I'm gaming because I have a great cooler. Just a tip :)
If you buy a 4gb stick of RAM it might not necessarily raise your RAM to 8gb. In the lenovo g505s, there are two RAM slots. Some models have one slot that is 4gb and some have two sticks that are 2gb each. Take a look at what your laptop has before buying. You will want SODIMM RAM and you want to make sure that it is the same speed as your current RAM. The speed is probably 1600mhz. For example, my g505s has one 2gb stick and one 4gb stick so it has 6gb of RAM. However, I will need to buy a 4gb stick to replace my 2gb stick if I want 8gb of RAM. I recommend Corsair or Kingston for buying RAM. PS: I will be upgrading my RAM to 12gb, so I will buy an 8gb stick and replace the 2gb stick. In a few years, 8gb of RAM won't be enough ;)
sorry i can't best i can say is go to google and look up your memory
Can I play fallout new Vegas on this laptop?
your welcome :D
Thank you so much
+range567W according to game debate and the specs of my lenovo g505s yes you can play it here is the link to show you. //www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=589&game=Fallout%3A+New+Vegas&p_make=AMD&p_deriv=APU+A10-5750M+Quad-Core&gc_make=ATI&gc_deriv=Radeon+HD+8650G&ram=8&checkSubmit=#systemRequirements

How to Upgrade RAM Memory on Toshiba Satellite C655 Laptop

This video shows how to upgrade memory on a Toshiba Satellite C655 Laptop.

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Thanks a million for this video. I would have never attempted to do this myself, but you made it look so easy. I just finished upgrading using your tutorial. No problems! Works great. I cringe to think what the local computer store would have charged me for this, not to mention the downtime involved. 
ok so im looking for a good ram upgrade for this computer and am wondering how much it will cost. i have 1.87 gig of ram (unusable) out of 2gb and have tried multiple times to change but it wont. thankyou for posting a video i just need to know how much an upgrade maybe to 4gb will run me
DO you have to remove 2 physical memory cards or just the 1 you pulled out?? Looks like there's another one right below the one you pulled out. Therefore, when buying one would you have to buy 2 8 GB memory modules??
is there a way to upgrade my toshiba so i can play better my games, i have the toshiba satellite c655, anyway to change the graphic card for expample?
i got toshiba c655-s5212 and i wanna upgrade my ram to 8gb but idk what is the right brand of ram should i buy ? some say crucial ram is good quality
Hey I have the exact same laptop. How do I check exactly how much my laptop memory it has? Thanks video is helpful!.
which one do you have cause I have the same computer as you do. Please help thank you.
Can you post your full model number and part numbers of the memory you tried to install?
go to start, then to "computer" , right click on drive C and click properties =)
What is your model? My back dont look like yours.
can i put a 4gb of ram card in it?

How to upgrade the RAM on your Laptop

Here is a review on how to upgrade the RAM on your Laptop.

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@PisolMan no, RAM is just an extension to spread the infomation in the laptop whilst the power is on. making it faster etc. but when the power is off, even when you switch the laptop off when you arnt using it, any memory on the RAM leaves and goes back onto the laptop. imagine it like having a house and 20 people live there (i know lol) its kinda cramped, so people move about the house slow, but you add another part to the house to allow people to move easier...get it? lol soz if you dont.
Can both RAM modules be by different developers? By the way, if I have Kingmax 1GB DDR2-667 in this laptop at the bottom one and on the other laptop (acer aspire 5735Z) a samsung one (it doesn't say if its DDR2 or DDR3 or how much GB on it but I know it's 2GB cause I saw in the control panel in the system settings), can I put both of them in this one I'm using no matter which one goes up or down and what is their DDR type? reply if somebody knows. Thanks.
You are talking about Hard Drive (HDD) memory which is different from the memory discussed here, which is RAM memory. Basically, HDD is where all the files are stored all the time and RAM is where some information are temporarily stored e.g. when you are using a certain program. So, consequently, if you want to increase you HDD memory you have to replace you HDD with a one that has bigger capacity, e.g. 1TB (which is 1024GB). I hope that helped...
So I know this is a noob question, but I'm just learning about computers for the first time. How does the laptop keep the old ram if you only have the new one in it (you put the old one off to the side)? Does it keep the ram forever? And could you get one that starts with 2gb, then up it with 2gb in a year, then up another 2gb the year after (giving you 6gb)?
hi i have Toshiba Satellite L505D-13V Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and i have i3 and i got 4GB ram i would like 8GB RAM (4GB RAM x2) so its can hold it my laptop ?? and how do i know my full system model in my laptop ?? i found it is down my laptop but i try to order but didnt get for my model need help please
@murtileo that mainly depends, different motherboards can handle different amounts of RAM If most can handle between 1-4GB RAM, if u were to upgrade yours to a 2GB including labour it would probably cost around £20-£35. if you can inbox (PM) me further details I could probably assist you more.
I got a laptop , its not a bad one but its not perfect.... I GOT: 4GB RAM 300GB HDD 2.0 Processor and a nice graphic card and stuff... i wonder if i can upgrade the RAM and Processor and HDD... DOES THAT ACTUALLY WORK? ANYONE SEND A MESSAGE HERE ON YOUTUBE IF YOU ARE INTRESTED TO HELP.
Hey i have 2 gigs of ram and ati radeon 3200 up to 800 mb, i will upgrade mi laptop to 4 gigs but i wanna now if the video memory also will rise ... normally Laptops wish 4gb of ram have 1600 of video memory .. this will hapen with my Lap when i instal the ram???
I know this is probably stupid of me but I'm kinda concerned about my laptop, as I'm getting close to using all my memory. I checked my computer and it says that there's 39.1 GB left of 448 GB. I'm really considering adding more memory now. Advice?
@KllopZ you are correct. He replaced 1.5 gb of RAM with 0.5 gb. He downgraded his computer and for those of us who want to know how to UPGRADE our computers and how to put 2 sticks of RAM in at the same time, we are out of luck.
I installed 2x2gb of ram onto my laptop, but it still only says I have 2 gb total. But i should have 4. How do i get it to recognize? everything is secured and i have restarted. and all chips are the correct needed chips.

Gateway NV55C NV59C RAM Memory Replacement Upgrade- Install, Replace - Laptop Notebook 2GB 4GB

//www.laptopinventory.com - Gateway NV55C NV59C RAM Memory Replacement Upgrade- Install, Replace - Laptop Notebook 2GB 4GB - Install Fix ...

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Funny how the cover is already conveniently removed! I was seeking information as how to remove the bay cover as my cover will not budge with no screws in it!
I replaced my RAM and my C drive memory didn't increase. Any suggestions?
Me too. Have you found out how to do it yet?
Very good, i like laptopinventory 
Please tell me what song is used here?
Hahaha. You're joking right?

Laptop RAM Upgrade - HP EliteBook 8570p - How To

This video will show you how quick and easy it is to upgrade or replace the RAM in an HP EliteBook 8570p.

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quick and easy
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