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How to upgrade jg g36c Videos

JG G36 (G608) upgrade project - part 1

Hey guys! Welcome to my new series where slowly, but surely, this low performing, affordable AEG becomes the most reliable and best performing AEG out ...

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Never seen a JG that comes with a delayer a standard on the sector gear! Are you sure it hasn't been upgraded?
Pls make a video how can anyone change the spring fast..!

JG G36C -Heavily Upgraded for High Speed- For Sale

UPDATE: STILL FOR SALE! Selling this G36C I flipped. If you're interested in buying it, I accept cash and PayPal. Buyer assumes all responsibilities for it once it ...

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What makes this gun sound that good?
well shimmed bro, good job!
how much?
such fps

Inside the Mechbox: JG G36 RIS Internal Review and Takedown Episode 25

ALL Airsoft guns Require 1/4" Orange Tips** Inside the Mechbox: JG G36 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle Internals Breakdown and Review ...

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as the piston is bigger than it should. I'd like to buy a longer barrel to accomodate. what should I buy?
+Popescu Kevin Just about any aftermarket inner barrel should work with your gun. Check out our inner barrels to find the length you would like://www.airsplat.com/ac-upie/ac-upi/ac-upi-barrel

Airsoft JG G36C Complete Teardown + Gearbox Disassembly

In this video I show you how to take apart a JG G36C as well as the V3 gearbox. As always, please comment, rate, and subscribe!

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Well, my AS36K Gearbox exploded into my face. So yeah. Gonna have a fun field WEEK with this shit. On the bright side I found the jam. It was a tooth on a gear that chipped so the rest of the gearwork wouldn't move.
+Sondre Bjerkeset That spring is a bitch, really hope all start to have quick change spring systems, so that you can decompress and remove the main spring before opening the gearbox, btw had the same problem as you, and also fucked up wiring =(
+dirtknees Oh I got it together. With new speed parts and everything. It was all just puzzling and willpower when it came to holding everything in place while putting on the lid of the gearbox.Found the reason why it didn't fire though. Gear teeth stuck everywhere inside the gearbox. 
Is there an easier way to get straight to the spring?
No if you dont have hybrid gearbox and that dont probably work on this gun.Gi check APS UAR thaw gun does have hybrid gearbox and fast spring ghange option
That "little button" that goes in the pistol grip is apart of the safety mech. It keeps the trigger from being pulled
its actually the bolt catch on the real g36

JG G36C Unboxing / Review / Shooting test

The JG MK36 is a fantastic airsoft gun that has become a favorite amongst left handed shooters or shooters that frequently switch hands due to it's ambidextrous ...

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No, besides u dont need a speed reloader for this gun. The only reason why u would need a speed reloader is if u bought mid cap magizines.
Does it come with a speedloader? I ordered 2 electric magazines, and forgot a speedloader!
why didnt your g36 compact come with the tri rails on the hand guard?
the stock is not for cqb its only for an easier transport
its only a 1100 mAh so not that long maby 1 hour if that
Thanks XxTrickZGamingxX and wow that was a fast upload
Awesome drew this upload was fast
What BB weight do you recommend?
How long does the battery last
What website did you get it?
what sight is that?
Fart some body 1:11

ASG JG G36c Reviewed

I take a look at the ASG SLV36 also known as the Jing Gong G36c from www.mainirishairsoft.com.

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@DanishFlandersDK Ooops, sorry, I used to do 2 lang reviews. You can see my latest videos on my channel with the internals of an m4, internals are similar on the g36 too. Externals are made of glassfiber reinforced polyamide, like the real steel, which ends up in a very very sturdy and heavy gun (significantly heavier than the JG). Has side rails on the foregrip. Pins and the few metal parts are STEEL. Has around 360 fps stock. Has a xm8 style mag catch. Good gun, recommended
great review. unfortunatly i got one of those bad batch guns. was firing at 370+ fps. the gearbox was a pain in the arse, anti- reverse lever kept popping out. came with a 110 spring i think. had problems with the trigger connection. now most of the gearbox is from a beta spetsnaz The hop wasnt engaging fully. The plastic broke where the hop meets the Outer barrel receiver. Very time consuming and a pain in the arse but after alot of attention and care and money its sorted.
With mine the charging handle broke off, the gear box shattered, and the battery type it came with wasn't powerful enough to cycle the gearbox (That's why it shattered- had to use a more powerful battery). Also the hop didn't change anything and the fire selector tends not to change to full auto when selected, and there's no consistency with accuracy or FPS. Would not recommend this to anyone, There may be some good ones but if you get a bad one you've waisted £150
I feel somewhat honored from this that I got one of the original JG's as my first gun, and I must say, from using that thing, you pretty much cover all the negatives: The magazine hooks being brittle and snapping off (broke one side hitting it on my leg when crouching down in a game), but otherwise it's been possibly 4 years (bought it when it retailed for $70US). -flaunts black orangeless flash hider-
@DanishFlandersDK I am not questioning the competence of Oddy, however according to my experience shooting performance could vary from piece to piece even in the same batch. Some of the SRC G36s and M4s (all gen3) I serviced needed some fine tuning on the hopup to provide proper backspin, however others performed absolutely fantastic (remember the key to accuracy is good bb).
Hey Oddy! If you have the time, could you please check out the SRC G36c gen. III and see if you could get you're hands on it? A buddy of mine told me that (i have yet not try'd a SRC) SRC was a great brand and that i should go for one... sp i look'd up a SRC G36c gen. III and i still wonder if it is any good or not. SO IF YOU GET YOU'RE HANDS ON IT, PLEASE REVIEW IT!!!
My v3 jg g36c is still my fave gun its rof is fast it is insanely accurate it never let's me down people are afraid of it the quality is great it is amazing I have to say one of the best guns out there for reliablity in my opinion I always use it and I have several guns I love the thing it never let's me down atleast not yet.
I have seen well over a dozen of these guns smashed as a result of being used moderately hard. Same poor quality plastic is used for the ASG AUG which I have also seen fail really poorly due to the plastics. I saw one guy using one of our hire guns drop it about 6 inches and the stock smashed like it was made of glass.
Hey i've been playing Airsoft for about 2 years now and My Echo1 M4 that i was running a 10.8 v battery in it just died. i am looking to get a G36 and my price range is 200 usd so is this a good buy another question is should i start over and get G36 Mags or should i get a Magwell converter and use the mags for my M4
@Cravona Mind you it was one of the first gens. I fully agree about the body thickness though. A friend of mine purchased the K version (a few gens/batches later) and I was fully surprised and deeply disappointed with the thickness and robustness of the body.
Well I did try to be fair to ASG/JG - but I thought I did spell it out loud and clear that whilst this model had a lot of positives - there were way too many faults - and I would avoid the at all cost until things improved!
I've had mine 2yrs now and not a single problem. not once have I serviced it I haven't even disassembled mine and it's still going strong haha so I don't know maybe I just know how to not abuse a gun 
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