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How to make me yawn Videos

How to Make a Move on a Man!! (Yawn Technique)

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Ben that was a great prank!!! Loved it!! Sorry to here about the school thing.
do you know what time it is? itsss cudddllee timee 

The yawn test

Our topic is Healthy Me! Nikola asked 'why do we yawn?' We found that there are two reasons: 1: to cool our brains, by taking in cooler air and increasing ...

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The 5 was just weird 

Making People Yawn

Duh guys, oh geeze, oh boy, *stretches* oh gosh *yaaaaaawwwwwn* Duh guys Also, check out //facebook.com/WheezySoup for our possible secret projet ...

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you are correct, i know alot of people who think it is fake. i can tell you one thing, i get sent a list of high paying surveys every few days and easy make around $60 off each list. you can get it from here: bit.ly\14p2f5y
He said before he uses a Canon EOS 7D for the main channel and the mic looks like some kind of Sennheiser but I'm not sure. The daily vlog is just a little pocket camera but I don't know what brand.
"WheezySoup is a new company currently devoted to creating secret and awesome projects for your enjoyment! Founded By: Craig Benzine and Matt Hogan" Wheezy Soup Facebook 07/31/13
i am going to israel tomorrow thx for this ha bisky vlog i enjoyed it a lot i cant believe you are ending these soon but i wont be able to watch them for 10 days anyways
Dammit, every time I see this thumbnail in my subscriptions feed, I yawn.... Even reading the word 'yawn' I yawn. What is this incredibly contagious thing???
I HATE MY LIFE I tried so hard to not yawn and I made it all the way until the end but then I yawned when the annotations went up lmao. See you at VidCon! :D
I started masturbating to distract me from yawning, but then after I finished I got real sleepy... and yawned. :(
I had the urge to yawn through the whole video because of the title... just READING the word made me want to...
Can you give details about the equipment you use to record and edit? Love the videos on all of your channels!
I was scrolling through the new video posts when I yawned I had passes your face didn't even notice.
I didnt yawn. I did however get glimpses of a pretty new couch. Sadly there were people on it.
Reading the tittle of this video made me yawn and I don't know how I should feel about that x.x

How to make someone YAWN in A MINUTE

This video will make you yawn within a minute. Challenge your friend to take this YAWN test. If this video made you Yawn then Hit LIKE and Share the Video and ...

Hear me ROAR, yawn, sleep cutest white tiger cub

Cutest white tiger cub. Hear me Roar. Hear its first fierce roar. Its exhausting and cute, yawn then right to sleep.

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He says: Where is my mum? why are you doing this to me? This cub looks recently born, taken straight from his mum, and still blind like a very young kitten... This is not roaring, this is not cute, this is a disgrace.
I think he wants his mommy. C

Why Does Yawning Make You Cry?

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Thank you. You have NO idea how long I've wanted to know that.
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