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How to ollie over a pyramid Videos

How To Ollie A Pyramid(Hip) With Orion Lynd

IT"S trick tip Thursday and Orion Lynd is going to teach y'all how to Ollie a pyramid.

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thank you

Andrew - Huge ollie over pyramid

Andrew is fast and crazy rider. Footage is from spring 2008 KM skatepark.

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Holy crap!!!! That was soooo sick you got like 7 feet off the ground (for people in Europe that's about 1.3 meters) wow
Thats Amazinngly Fun To Do! :D It Feels Like Your A Bird. :D
@fbmaniac27 that's 2 meters man.. hahaa..
How do you get so much pop?
great, but bad angle
noooo!! zabil

Ollie over the pyramid at Chattanooga Skatepark

Just another session at the park.

Ollie over the pyramid (Skating it up.)

sean ramped ass ollie over the pyramid

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thanx, and im usin sony vegas
nice job duds

Ollie Over A Pyramid

The first time I ever landed on the skateboard, clearing a pyramid at my local skate park.

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SKECH eeeeeeeeeeeee
that sucked ass
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