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How to ollie 180 snowboard Videos

How to Snowboard Tricks: Frontside 180

The 180 is a stylish trick and a good first spin. You'll pop and spin ½ a rotation to land switch. Many riders prefer spinning front-side—which, if you're regular, ...

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here's the thing, AS a long time Snowboarder and expert, if you're going to be doing 180° Spins (or experimenting with doing spins & spin tricks in GENERAL), you're gonna want to adjust your bindings for it. Doing a single 180° in the air is going to make you land "Fakie" (board backwards from natural) so if both Bindings are tilted like +20° & +10° towards the Nose, it's gonna make Fakie HARD, so you wanna point your Front Foot at for example +20° & then your Back Foot at -20°...
i used to skateboard from age 6 to 12-13 and i was really good for my age. but i have never ever stood on a snowboard. and id really like to snowboard sometime. can anyone tell me, do i have any advantages when snowboarding for the first time (cause i do have the feeling of standing on a similar board)? these basic tricks do look really easy to me but i cant tell as i just dont know... anyone in a similar situation? let me know please
PLZ ANSWER MY QUESTION!! In competitions etc you see the snowboarders jump of a hill , do a cool stunt where his/her foot isn't on the board any mory , and then when they land the just get back on their board , now what I'm wondering is ; How can they remove their feet from the board while it is normally strapped on it ? and ofcourse when they land how do they get there foot back in strapped! ? thank you :)
@Nadie194 Its called skating. You just go down the mountain without your right (or left if your goofy) foot strapped in. I know it seems impossible but with alot of practice and a good stomp pad you can ride the whole mountain with one foot strapped in. Then they just take their foot off and then land skating again.
@SkipSkipSkipToMyLou You're going to first get on it and probably fall because you aren't used to the slippery surface. I don't snowboard, I ski, but I used to skateboard too and I definitely did pick it up quicker than average people. I would say you have an advantage, because you're used to balancing on a board.
look for features on the mountain itself... usually on the side of tracks there are piles of snow that can create a good ramp to start your first jumps... and its a side jump which means no increase in speed... much easier start ;)
@rastablader try SMOOTHSTAR in a youtube search. they are australian skateboards designed to practice surfing. it's not quite like snowboarding but it helped me build muscle strength and improve balance. no hill required.
LOL same problem here man! well.. i waited for spring boarding and hit da big jumps the mental state kept me thinking i would never get hurt because the snow is too slushy! so i gaped that shit! try spring boarding
Here my tutorial how i do that: 1. Find a jump 2. Jumping the kicker knowing nothing about the trick 3. Eating some snow... 4. Try again 5. Eating some more snow... 6. Try again 7. You can imagine whats next....
@ChartheShark if your board is made of lead, buy a new one. if it isn't, train your muscles (e.g. jump a lot and ride or simply work out) until you can get the hight you want.
Hello. I've seen all your vids and they are great ! i have one question,whats the asphalt sport most similar to snowboarding? skating?landboarding? or others? Thank you.
none of the places around me have small jumps like that. I am currently learning how to hit jumps, but on ten foot gaps. I'm in a constant state of pain this winter :(
Yes they do. They were talking about FS, but in the video they were doing BS (turning outwards and pushing that back foot with toes forward).
Wish i could save these videos to tale with me on the next snow trip. You should consider doing a DVD or a downloadable site for these.
Thanks alot guys you've really inspired me im only 11 years old;Its my first year boarding.What board do you think i should choose?
@cckid566 No, its a frontside. If you are always looking downhill it is a frontside; if you have to look uphill it is a backside.
@AwHiTeKiD69 he asked what kind of board he should get, not for a report on when you started and how amazing you think you are.
i find that i can't do this because i can't jump high enough, as if my snowboard is as heavy as lead. how do you jump higher?
Naw the front of your body is opened up and pointed at the landing FS rather then your backside going pointing down hill.
go out and fucking try. 180,000 losers fucking watching this. this fucking poons prolly cant get off a lift. go practice!
@rastablader saw them, thx. The only problem is that there's no dealer in my country or shop to sell these things.
thanks for the invite, but I probably won't fly from America to New Zealand to learn how to frontside 180.
youre wrong. theberrics. (com) /trickipedia / stacy-lowery-fs180 .html ? autoplay remove the spaces.
@theGlitcher852 i just started this year, i have a ride kink and i can already 360 in like 7 weeks
yeah, I'm, at the point where I've felt the most pain im gonna feel, so I just fucking do it now.
I bet it actually snows where you live, not here in new York or massachusets or maine or vermont
no it's a backside, even according to your definition; she's looking uphill during the trick
Your vids are soooo much better than vids from expertvillage i learn better from yours :)
@rastablader yeah but.it would probably cost me double with the transportation from US
Thanks guys this was the most helpful guide i could find, its really motivated me

How to Twist 180 on a Snowboard - Snowboarding Tricks

Tips for doing twisting 180's on your snowboard. These are essential for your snowboard trick list because they're a very quick way to 180, you can do them off ...

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Omg, I'm kind of a beginner and I get chills watching you spin like that. It looks like it would be too easy to catch an edge!
+superdupe8 You get used to it with some practice.
I find snowboarding easier than skiing is it better to know skiing first or snowboarding? Help.
+SnowboardProCamp thank you. :D
+SnowboardProCamp I went snowboarding for the first time in my life having been a skiier for 12 years. I hadn't gone though since 2006/7, and when I tried it I was already able to at least turn on my heel edge and a little on my toe edge (a lot harder to get used to coming from skis). I found that even though I hadn't gone skiing for years, it did help me remember how to catch an edge when you want to turn, and how to maintain good balance. Other than that it was a lot different, by my next time for sure I'll be able to board no problem. It's fun watching videos like this as someone just wanting to get back into winter sports.
+TheCrazy Guy I actually think that skiing can make snowboarding harder in the long run. You can pick up bad habits in skiing that don't translate to snowboarding. Try and stick with the one you have more fun doing!
Great video quality! I love the smooth 60fps
+Sunwakka Thanks for noticing! Trying to get used to this new camera.
Your videos are the best, but could you help me? I'm a 5'2 15-year-old guy and my weight is 100 pounds. I want to get a snowboard for the park because my snowboard is 149 cm and I find it too big for spins, I have a hard time landing a 180 on a easy slope. My board is also really stiff, so I would like something a bit more flexible. I currently am riding the Firefly Furious and I don't have that much money, so what do you think? Tell me if its impossible to understand or else, but I would really like to have a freestyle type board. Thanks!
let me know how it goes :P
Yeah, might check that out. I prefer buying in stores because you can check your snowboard before using it but hey, you have to give it a go to see how it goes!
no problem man! i'd say check online stores tho.. best bang for your buck imo.
I live in Canada and it looks like it's nowhere. Thanks tho!
Check out the DC Focus! rocker with mid-soft flex. It's one of the most fun boards i've ridden, and its only like 300 bucks!
+SnowboardProCamp what resort is this
man theres like no snow
Whistler, B.C.
I am going to snowboard for the first time soon. Any tips?
I got free lessons
Allways lean before you turn.
In Montana, they have a deal called Learn To Ski/Ride in 3.  For $150, you get three days of lift tickets, lessons, and rental gear.  They have a two day program at Mt. Hood, Oregon for $100.  By the time you get done, it's easier, faster, and cheaper than any other option that I know of.  Call the snow sports school of the mountain that you are planning to visit, and ask about beginner packages.  Also, wear a helmet and get knee pads; you'll fall a lot the first couple of days.  Lastly, pack lunch and snacks.  Food on the mountain is always overpriced and usually pretty bad.  Don't forget to have fun!
Just NEVER put all your board on the snow, always left or right sides. If you do you'll always fall :)
Go with a positive group of friends or a friend

snowboard tips tricks :: ollie 180 bs (how to ollie 180 bs.)

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This other guy clearly has never skated hahaha, this other guy can't even spell skating.... I actually skate during summer fall and spring and snowboard during the winter. When you skate falling hurts much much MUCH more, skating was a lot scarier for me personally, but thats different for everyone. Snowboarding isn't harder or easier than skating, its different. YOu get more frustrated at the beginning snowboarding and im sure that you know when you skate you get frustrated later on.
ya thats kinda what we did, the 7 foot jump we made easily cuz it was in the parking lot where the snow plow put all the snow lol, it shot you straight up, and the owner of the hill said that he didn't want us there, we could go anywhere on the hill, just not in the parking lot, so w.e. i listened and made a 5 foot jump at the bottom of the tobogganing hill lol, no lil kid breaks his neck off it, and if the owner breaks it i will freak, since the cops said i could do it there...
you neeed to follow the rotation of your upper body and head, from the wind up is looks like your going for a FS 180 rather than a BS, on flatland its not really a problem, but when it comes to the bigger jumps and bigger rotations you will under rotate and consequently bail..... nice pictures at the emd though looks goood =D
First thing you need to do for mid-air rotations is getting air. So pop it hard! An rotation close to the ground will result in eating snow or something like that. So ollie like ur life depends on it. A fun thing to do after a bs180 is a (tailride or switch noseride) and then fs180 back to your normale stance.
Nice tutorial... this is going to be my 2nd season snowboarding, I got really addicted on my first season last year. This season I want to get better at switch and 180s and start doing 360s. This video helped me see how the movement is for the ollie on ground. Thanks!! :)
here's a translation in the way i know how to do a 180 bs. get some speed. turn a bit before you start, like 10 degrees. this is backwards remembers (bs = backside) after your small little turn, use it to jump into. Swing feet all the way around. land. extremely simple.
man fucking hell!! stop saying shit to the learners!! everyone has been in the same position as someone worse than you at snowboarding!! so shut up!!! kidding, y is everyone getting their undies in a bundle? has anyone actually said any shit..? who cares anyway
people don't just jump on a f*&^%ing snowboard and go flying doing everything like a pro TARDS!!!.......it takes practice..... and everytime I read comments there's some dickhead trashin' on someone who is learning............get a freakin' life cowards!!
well at the local snow hill, we had the jump going right beside the parking lot, where they put all the snow from plowing the parkinglot, so it was perfect, and we landed on a big pile of snow, but i guess it was unsafe??? so they called the cops on us..
That tutorial is WRONG!! Bunch of morons.. For every 180 you must start your ollie in the moment when your arms and torso are straight to your legs so that means WAY ERLIER of what you are doing. Its clearley seen that yours is unnatural.
man, what is WRONG with you people?.> I'm finding out more and more how many ASSHOLES there are in the world.....why does everyone have to shit all over everyone else's stuff?......to make THEMSELVES feel better I guess?.........
I know what you mean dude... if this is web 2.0 then they can have it back. Almost every vid theres some guy who probably can't tie his own laces saying that the person in the vid sucks. I'm fuckin sick of it too
lol i made a 7 foot jump with my friends it was sick!!! but thenthe stupid police came and said it was to dangerous... so i made a 5 foot one haha owened : p i did a 360 back side off it, its alot of fun!
i agree i see these tutorials and theres always some little punk bitch thats shit talking...i would love for these little punk bitches to talk shit to me in my face...i would break their faces inward..
actualy lol i went back today and it was made perfect, my friend was getting like 9 feet of air, and the jump is only like 3 feet tall, maybe a bit bigger, but its perfect, it shoots you so far lol
@jaksanen Snowboarding is way harder than skateing. when you fall you cant bail and catch yourself cus the board is attached so falling hurts more but the brightside is its way funner
i'm a skateboarder and im pretty good at it and i am going to try snowboarding for the first time in my life and i'm wondering is it harder? Can someone please answer to me
This guy sucks.... he;s not following the rotation of his upper body when he does it... he's simply ollieing and then scissoring his feet around. Lame.
@kevinhahahahaha I forget to tell that the snow eating part is for the beginners. Because of not knowing how to land correct when landing wrong XD
So dick in ass all idiots ! ! ! Ok jak dla mnie ten poradnik to fajna sprawa bo opisałeś dokładnie co trzeba zrobić :) You have 5 :D
Yep thats true. :D I said that its unnatural. On the other hand you got nice style and all. xD Keep on ridin and havin funz!! Peace!!
you have nifty style but a great taste in music. i love indie rock and i love editors. we should meet up and shred it sometimes
@siiidewayz usually the ppl that talk shit dont even got vids so they cant say anything i would help you siiidewayz beat em
wow germans ahah jk im not racist but u dont have to post how to do this. 4 year old snowboarders could do this. just wow
you need it to be translated into english for you to do this trick?... time to give up on freestyle if that's the case.
@becktorkelson so true snowboarding is style and havin fun ppl need to chill everyone has to practice so dont hate
i think we all suck at snowboarding if were watching a video on how to bs 180 ON FLAT cmon now people
next time maybe do english subtitles because thats a main-language wich most people can read.
Ariel!! Piękne wideo z fajną muzą!! Do zobaczenia na stoku..zima się zbliża i u nas :)
Ï CAN'T WAIT ALL THE WAY TILL ITS WINTER! I HATE AUTUM*! (I know i spelled that wrong)

Snowboarding Tutorial: Ollie and a 180

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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In what way do I look Like Justin Bieber.
i didnt know justin beiber snowboarded
Good vid Justin

Ollie 180 snowboard

Come si potrebbe chiamare questo trick?

Long time ago: how to ollie 180 fs

Lame tutorial how to 180 frontside on snowboard fresh stuff: www.inarisnowboards.pl.

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it snowed in my village and i have never snowboarded before in my life jumped on my cousins board fro a laugh and built a jump i was doing 180s indy grabs etc and i used to skate so the natural flow of a board was there ^^
i did not know i was talking to a retard....you obviously dont snowboard much if you didnt know there was such thing as 450 ... you are what they call a poser ...haha...stay off the mountain please
Oh go to sleep.. That clearly is 90 as also weetsie said.. Go out and better do some snowboarding you mothafucka, stop filming asshole tutorials for youtube. xD xD Peace bro!!
dude you suck it might have been sick if it was a 180 to fs bs but a 180? You blow and if u post this and think its sick i dont even want to know how bad you are hahaha u suck
lol i started snowboarding a day ago and these are so easy and alot of grabs are easy too but when your going from skateboarding to snowboarding its not that difficult
ten trick jest na tyle prosty ze mozna samemu dojsc jak go zrobic przy paru lotach na twarz (fs) lub plery (bs) :P no ale ladnie opisales ^^
hes allready turned 90 degrees before he even gets off the ground. thats more like a 90 to ollie to 90 lol.
Very nice! Don't understand your language, but the video at all is nice to watch and nice to understand
its not even a complete 180 cus hes not ollieing he starts moving before he gets air. . . bla!
thats an fs 90 you can only include the rotation where your actually in the air -_-
its funny hoe he has to turn into his ollie fs 180s, i thought there easy enough
does this work if you do a two foot take off or does it have to be an ollie
more like a frontside 90 because you turn back up the hill so much.
there actulally its a 540 theres no such thing as a 420 or 450?
haha u should stay off if u dont have anything worth watching.
w porządku porady, mogą się przydać. Zobaczymy na stoku.
why would you make a video telling people how to do this ?
i think u should learn how to ollie without spin first...
vaya mierda truko...aces la mitad del 180 en el suelo
spoko fajny film i dobrze ze zima się juz zaczyna
shu up wannabee cool kid im so tough loser freak
wear more colour white from head to toe, is lame
these look so easy but theyre fun to do. thanks
i can 360 nad almost 420so yea i can talk
cheers mate looks better ollie though?
not really a hard trick ... nerd :)
If you can do better....show us =)
wow wtf this kid isnt evn that bad
yea if u can do a half spin loser
OMG YOU CAN 360 ... and its 450

Snowboard Ollie 180°

Primi passi verso i 180° :)

Lv3⑫★OLLIE FRONT180 SW TAILPRESS オーリー180 SW プレス 基礎 ジブ グラトリ 3D SNOWBOARD GROUND 13-14

ライダー達が愛用しているNWRアパレルはコチラ⇒//qq5qq.info/lH6S ☆Northwestriders:今大人気のNWRステッカーはコチラ⇒//qq5qq.info/lH6X その他...
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