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How to lower and flare 1911 ejection port Videos

Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 Review, Crucible Arms

A quick look at the GI version of the John Moses Browning legendary designed 1911. While adhering in many ways to the original A1 style, there are some very ...

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Is your impression still high of this firearm?
+dnhman For the money, yes.

Springfield Armory "Operator" 1911: Going in Heavy

Yep it's big and it's heavy but sometimes thats just what the doctor ordered. The Springfield Armory "Operator" model 1911 is a superbly made, full size, full ...

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Nice vid, just wondering why the cost is not included in your review.
+Jay Dee Mine was $1167 +8% tax (CA)
+bibet santos @14:14
+bibet santos As of this message, the video is over 6 years old. Whatever the price was at the time, certainly wouldn't be accurate now. Also, prices can vary extremely, depending on timing and location.
Great Review! I bought one yesterday from Buds for $958. I can't wait to try it out
New, Love it!! I would recommend it 100% but if you can spend the extra cash get the TRP.
+BIG ERN Used?How are you liking it?
This gun actually comes with 7 round magazines, at least according to the one I bought and the website. 
I actually just received one of those from my bud who owns a shop. Ran great in mine. First 10 rounder I've ever had that didn't create a stoppage.
+Gene Cardwell The only 10 Round 1911 magazines I've found that work 100% of the time reliably are the Chip McCormick Power+(Plus) 10 rounders, they're standard power (non-plus) magazines do not have an anti-tilt follower and are not built to the same standard, the power mag plus's are superb and function phenomenally. I recommend them highly. 
I don't think I'll invest in any 10 rounders, and so far I do love this thing.  Great gun.
Also, you'll have guys push you to buy 10 round 1911 mags. I would avoid those. I've experimented with a lot of them and even the better ones don't work right.
I have the Range Officer original (.45ACP) and I'm about to get a TRP operator for work. Trust me man, even when you get into the thousands of rounds you'll still be completely in love with your purchase choice. On the side I'm a firearms instructor and help bring business to a shop so they hook me up with deals. I've managed to get 5 XD's, the 1911 and I plan on continuing with Springfield. My other guns are nice, but Springfield is flawless. My XD9 Tactical is my comp gun and has over 12k through it without a single stoppage or malfunction. Expect 1 or 2 to happen rarely with any 1911, but mine has still never seen it :)
I just bought mine a few weeks ago.  I do know they will work well with 8 round mags, but still comes from factory with the standard 7 round mags.  Great pistol!  I have 300 rounds through mine and love it.  
The review was done in 2009. Springfield has done some changes with accessories over the last few years. As far as I know the Loaded Operator and higher Springer 1911's like the TRP and whatnot were coming with the 8 round mag until 2010. Don't quote me on that, I just think I remember that being the last year. I prefer the 7 round anyways.

KIMBER PRO CARRY .45s: 1911 Carry Perfection, Part 3

PART 3 OF 3: The Kimber Pro TLE II (LG) and the Pro Carry II will give you authoritative big bore capability in a smaller package. Yes the many designations and ...

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YOU CAN I can walk 4 mag dumps around the 1/2-1 inch edge of my target and then dump two mags, one in the head and the other in center mass. - LOVE MY GLOCK but it wont do that - and to be FAIR the sights are NO comparison - THAT ALONE could be the key, however on the 1911 side is the EASE of the trigger pull and against GLOCK their design that IS MORE DIFFICULT for people to shoot, you've got to be very proficient and under STRESS as in MOST SHOOTING ENCOUNTERS - that's one thing you don't need
I really hesitate saying this, because I'm probably the only person with a bad Kimber Ultra II Custom Shop, but mine isn't reliable. It has failed to eject and stove piped since the day I first took it to the range. The selling dealer gave me alot of remedies: put 500 / 800 rounds through it; factory mags are bad, use Wilson Combat/ McCormick mags; won't run right for a limp wrist ( this isn't my first 1911 45); the local dealer's smith tuned it up; then I sent it back to the Kimber Custom Shop
How about owning guns to defend yourself from the criminals that you were talking about? How about owning guns just because you enjoy target shooting? How about owning guns because you like the history behind them? How about owning guns because you like the fact that your government still trusts its citizens to own guns? I think I am the winner, I get to enjoy a wonderful safe hobby/sport that has taught me the skills to protect myself and those that I love if the need arises. You seem bitter.
something for everyone to thing about, I went to a gun store and held the Kimber Crimson Carry which is pretty much the same as the Kimber Pro carry w/ the laser, the gun felt great as kimbers usually do, HOWEVEr, i have large hands and when my finger is off of the trigger and down the side of the gun, my finger obstructs the laser so i have to consciously move my finger which might not be good in a stressful situation, still a great gun though and i will probably be picking one up very soon!
I'd like to know how Obama is going to screw over millions of gun owners. We would NEVER loose our guns, there are far too many gun owners, both liberal and conservative. Not one person has brought up a good argument for this reason other then "Obama is bad, blah blah blah" like freakin Sarah Pailin and McCain were such great choices...Health care reform and the wars we are fighting will be taking up most of his time. I'll eat my own words if our gun rights become an issue like health care.
Well my guess on how he would accomplish this is just make the cost of owning and maintaining a firearm so expensive that the majority would not be able to afford a gun. He has been caught lying about his stance on gun control and private ownership. I don't trust him and I think he may have a pretty good chance at accomplishing his goal do to people who think his legislation would be "the" way to get rid of bad guns. In the process all private guns would go away. I'd still have mine anyway.
I recently got a Kimber Stainless Raptor II Custom. Yes it was expensive, yes it is heavy, yes it is full sized and not easily concealed, yes it doesn't like to feed hollow points when dirty. But man that gun is the nicest gun I have ever owned. It is loaded with tons of custom features straight from the factory. I recently bought the 22LR conversion and it shoots accurate as well on my frame. Only mods I would like is a few different pairs of grips and perhaps a set of the CR laser grips.
...all to no positive avail. So, if I'm the only guy with a poor Kimber Ultra II Custom Shop, no problem. But be aware... this Nutnfancy viewer has posted this comment to better inform you, the viewer of this one experience. Because I highly value Nutnfancy's review of this manufacturer's other guns, I trust you will most likely have a positive experience also. But I won't spend high dollar for a Kimber Custom Shop pistol again. Just my experience. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
Ur right to an extent and I think shooter technique trumps make and model of gun, but manufacturers definitly make some more user friendly than others, and I'd say kimber does a great job. I still feel safer with my kimber, than glock 22. Maybe that's more me, but any idiot can tell there is a diff in quality just by holding the 2 together. I do think SIG makes the best modern handgun on the market. I have a P226 on layaway!! I won't be suprised if my groups are the same as the kimber.
But I do expect my groups with the SIG to be better than with the glock, and I think that's a fair expectation considering SIG. Only a new shooter with little experience won't notice the difference between the two. I have close to 9000 rounds through my glock. While its never failed me, its not the easiest thing to shoot accurately. It takes skill to shoot these polymer rigs well. Most people would agree 1911's tend to make regular joes shoot great. Its just the nature of the design
Man, Fuck the NRA. Join JPFO, or GOA, ...TODAY! ...But I see your point. Most of America is even more pussified than the NRA. (And I have to admit that Wayne LaPierre is a good writer who has some balls.) Most importantly, buy copies of "Unintended Consequences" and "Molon Labe" and read them. Determine that it's not only gun freedom but ALL property rights that deserve your avid protection. Be a libertarian, Vote Libertarian, don't let the LP get hijacked. Free State WYOMING!
"Low Value" regarding firepower, accuracy, and reliability... Then moving on to mention that it is also intrinsically and intangibally enjoyable to hold/own. Seems like a self contradiction. Expensive? Yes! But for good reason, if I were to produce a weapon that had recieved such wide-spread acclaim, applause, and "jizzums", I would probably charge a premium for it too. Regarding shop owners talking shit about them, its no secret that theres almost no margin for Kimbers...
$785 if you find a dealer that isn't out to rip you off... that's how much mine cost, including markup and an extra mag. vwbmw93: I carry mine all the time. I use a defender holster, though. It wraps around your waist and holds an extra mag. You can put it anywhere around your waist so it is always comfortable, IMO. Pull it up so that it clears your belt high enough for an easy draw but it still keeps it firmly inside. It comes with a thumb-break strap but I never use it.

KIMBER PRO CARRY .45s: 1911 Carry Perfection, Part 1

PART 1 OF 3: The Kimber Pro TLE II (LG) and the Pro Carry II will give you authoritative big bore capability in a smaller package. Yes the many designations and ...

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My dad uses the Kimber as his carry gun in the finish is wearing off anybody have any ideas what he could do to make it look better
+Dean Crail Will my stainless UC do?
The kimber finish is total trash it will wear off after minimal use. Source my dad has 5 kimbers. Buy a Dan Wesson their fit and finish and everything else is much better their duty finish is similar to the Smith and Wesson Melonite finish on M&P's


Taurus PT1911 is a clone of the US Military model 1911 single-action recoil operated semi-automatic pistol. It was designed and manufactured by Taurus in ...

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@fagfocker69 yea cause everyone knows it is sooo important that the hammer looks the way you want it or the gun is trash. All joking aside. Really!?! It isn't that difficult to buy a new hammer and replace it if you are going to PMS about it.
sweet. i have the parkerized version; i bought it about 4 years ago, and it's been awesome. i want a stainless version, and swap out parts between both, so i can have two two-tone 1911s.
Those are hogue grips. I have them on my 92-FS and they feel way better than the factory plastic ones it comes with. I got my for $17 on base in forthood TX.
VERY nice gun! Obviously the grips aren't stock, and if it is, i need to go where you shop. where you get them from? Excellent Vid by the way.
Sweet Video, I mean besides the cool gun. Cool editing light and fading and transitioning between shots. Looks like a professional commercial
man i should be getting mine around christmas or a little after i want mine to look just like that yours looks [email protected]%[email protected]$%[email protected] :D
This gun is gorgeous, but is it reliable?, because I really want a 1911, and I don't don't have that much money to spend in one.
The more I see the stainless ones the more I'm kicking myself for buying the blued lol
@Mr45Bullitt thx bill i have a cold start video of my truck to if you midded it
Awesome as always Dennis I almost missed this!5*s Happy Thanksgiving my friend.
Damn you make some good videos. I need to up my quality to keep up with you!
What grit sand paper did you use and what polishing compound did you use?
@heavensarmory thx peanut butter lol its man hair hahaha how are you man?

Springfield Range Officer 1911 Review - FateofDestinee

The range in this video is Fletcher Arms. Check out their page, and tell 'em I sent you: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fletcher-Arms/134064856998 This video ...

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great review / thanks for the vid.
+Jacob Smith / Brownells is one of many outlets were you can find the appropriate screw drivers to fit gun screws. as well as ebay., just put gunsmith tools into you're search menu, and you will find whatever you need.// screws on guns, are not of common thread or slot sizes. so almost always the only correct fitting tools will be found only in gunsmithing tools which are specific to match tapper, width. thickness ect:  they aren't bargain shop tools, so when you get some, I would recommend that you only use them for there intended purpose. you will have no problem finding what you need and they will serve you well .
+Guns Gear & Fitness particularly the windage
+Guns Gear & Fitness whatever do you use to adjust the sights? I can't find anything to fit.
+Richard Main My pleasure. Glad you liked it :] Thanks for watching! I have more gun reviews like this in the works.
I also have a Range Officer. Great gun and have put at least 2700 rounds through it. One thing you didn't mention though, is that it has an adjustable trigger. Small allen wrench and you can tune it down to a 2 lbs. trigger pull. Otherwise , I watched several vids about this gun and you know your shit. P.S. I'd hate to be down range of you. Great grouping. Happy shooting.
The trigger overtravel screw has nothing whatsoever to do with the pull weight of the trigger.  All it does is limit the amount that the trigger travels beyond the point that the hammer drops, and if the screw is adjusted to the point that the trigger doesn't overtravel enough, you'll damage the sear, which can lead to hammer-follow, doubling, etc. 
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