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How to lower gti Videos

2013 VW GTI: Episode 44 Vlog: How To Remove Lower Side Moldings + Paint

How to remove your side moldings from the GTI to paint them or plasti-dip them. It is a simple 1 minute process. https://www.facebook.com/Lasthumansvideos.

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Used nothing but this video for doing the same project with great results. Thank you for sharing!
+sonnytos sweet

How to remove your lower valance on MK5 GTI Vlog

How to remove your lower valance on MK5 GTI.

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did this yesterday... video helped alot thanks only thing I will note is that when taking it off use rags around your hands to avoid cutting yourself..pull as close to the bumper as possible to avoid tearing the plastic...also when putting back on it's easiest to drop the whole bumper on one side so you can clip it back in.
Hi is there a video on how to remove the upper Valance....ive just damaged mine with park sensors in it. :( Thanks Michael
easiest way to reclip the valance is by removing the top part aswell and whacking the clips in with ur hands on both sides
@TheLastHumanOnEarth dont replace it...paint it white....genious !
dont lose those screws !!!!!!
Very un-useful video!
To replace it.
great DIY!!

Ford Escort Wishbone replacement - Ghia, GTI, rs2000, cosworth, Fiesta, Mondeo Lower arm

Each wishbone will take about an hour. No major mechanical experience required. Video is for educational purposes only - common sense must be applied!

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The trained eye can tell. It's more a case of the nuts rather the bolts are they pinch up tighter and tighter as you wind them up, if the nuts goes on with the hand = replace them. I will put it in the annotations. Cheers for the reminder!
reading Haynes manual it says finger tighten the nut and bolts tighten fully when car is on road wheels..was going to do my escorts got an inch of travel back and forth on the rear bush when you hand move the wheel while on the ground.
So, Going to try my and do this job myself. I need wishbones for an N-reg Megane coupe- Any suggestions on where to get them nice and cheap? And do they also come with the ball joints?
Mint, im looking at replacing these on my mk 6 escort, as well as doing the track rod ends,anti roll bar links and new rubbers for the anti roll bar.
ebay and picked them up as they were local. Wishbones don't normally cause banging noises - just make the car feel like your driving on ice.
Thanks very much for this very informative video. I now have the confidence to have a go at doing the job myself (SuperScrimperStylie) :-)
where did u get the wishbones so cheap?. my car makes a sligh bang noise over bumps, so think its something to do with this end.
could be my anti roll bar bushes then on mine. does feel like its drifting some times round corners,lol.
One thing tho buddy! Apparently the bolts are stretch bolts and become unsafe once removed
Thanks. Very informative pal!

Polo 9N3 GTi - Lowering Coilovers - Mini Edit

Put together this quick edit of when i lowered my polo, might start bringing out episodes of the work done on our cars. I do not own the rights the any of the music ...

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Wich brand are those?
appreciate that :)
Awesome video!

Peugeot 206 GTi vs Proton Lotus GTi - With Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond compares two hot-hatches - the up market Peugeot 206 GTi, and on the lower end of the budget - the Proton Lotus GTi. He tests both car's ...

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satria gti is more powerfull than neo now , satria neo look beautifull but quality is none , the engine is bad
It was the sunbeam not the horizon that got the lotus treatment
F*ck me but the 100 pop-up annotations are REALLY annoying.

Installation of Auxilliary Lights Behind Lower Grill on 2015 Volkswagen Mk7 GTI

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