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How to know lower or upper berth Videos

How an Upper Berth is made on a Via Rail train

I found it pretty cool how the bed changed to two seats on a my trip with Via Rail.

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Might be an odd question, are there "sleeping times" in effect? Do I have to wake up at a specific time to have my berth stowed away?
+tattoomagoo I don't remember any specified time to wake up, but you do want to wake up at a good time because otherwise you would miss your breakfast. There is a limited time window for meals and meals are just enough to get you to your next meal. In other words, if you have a habit of sleeping in, you will be starving the whole trip.

Chai Sutta Chronicles - 'The Middle Berth Aversion' | Episode 02

Gaurav's girlfriend Ipsa books a Tatkal ticket for him as a surprise gift, only to find out that the berth she booked might not be ideal for him. Like us ...

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Upper berth! Bcoz 1.lower berth is often ethically donated to the senior citizen(specially aunties)! and Middle obviously sucks! 2. It is Independent.. u can make a joint, watch porn and so many other "stuff"!
agli baari tereko pakad k le jaunga apne saath train mein
+VaibHav Krishna Next time I go to Goa, I'm rolling a fucking joint on upper berth. 8)
+Viral Mange In a minute it will be stinking weed and you'll be high as fuck to make the difference! ;)
You can roll a joint but where would you smoke it..? The toilet is stinky as fuck
if girls like lower berth.. gaurav got middle berth... and gaurav's priority is upper berth cuz he can see the cleavage of girls siting at lower berth.. but shouldn't this be the case with middle birth also,,, i mean u can see the cleavage from hat berth also,,.. just saying...
+Crazy Videos plus he can see th cleavage more closely from middle berth
lower berth having full authority of window seat
+hiren parmar are you a ppor guy, bcoz 3rd ac doesnt have open windows
any seat except side upper or side lower taller guys will agree with me
+Mangesh Bansod Not really. You can bend your knees and sleep. But if you want to sit on your berth with privacy, side upper is the best. I got cramps in my neck trying to sit on the upper berth.


A very clean 3 Tier Sleeper Ac coach of 12215/12216 Bandra Terminus Delhi Sarai Rohilla Garibrath Express taken at Bandra Terminus. The coach was very ...

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heard that bedrolls not available and need to be paid extra to get them
+honi aditya Ok. Didnt know about it

Indian Railways Sleeper Class seat/berth layout and interiors

The seat/sleeping berth layout on the conventional second class sleeper coaches on Indian trains. Each bay has 8 seats/berths. Conventional coaches have 72 ...

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It's awful. Railways in one of the sectors where we can provide awesome services to general people . No curtains. Lack of stainless steel . In my opinion there shouldn't be any non AC compartments and if there is give them the full service except the air conditions. Why are they not getting bedsheets and other things . This type of disgraceful nature is what kills the Railways. Indian Railways never tries for excellence and always settles with mediocrity
lots to improve . this looks really awful
+sanch Sanchayan Second sleeper is supposed to be economy class. Generally, people not expecting bedsheets in non ac sleeper coach. The fare is comparable to bed sheets so Railways can't afford to loose in case passenger lift them away :-) unlike AC where the fare is much higher compared to the things they provide..But yaa... people expect SL class to be more cleaner especially the toilets !!
First Subscriber,Hope You Do the Same!
+Shivam Naik K man K.
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