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How to lower lfts Videos

Medical School - Abnormal LFTs Lesson 1 Part 1

How to Assess a Patient with Abnormal Liver Function Tests.

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Hello Dr K, I very much liked your succinct approach to the topic. Providing a useful quick reminder when cramming, thank you. I was just wondering when was part two to this lecture was coming, please? Or maybe I might have missed it if so would you send me in the right direction, thank you.
I will be updating this lecture soon to include a complete review of what to do with abnormal LFTs.
Thanks! The pictures were very helpful!
very informative for beginers
basic and informative
Well done!

Liver Function Tests - What You Need to be Aware of

LFT (Liver Function Tests) is a group of blood tests performed to measure various chemicals in the blood created by liver. Dr. Pratibha karande illustrates various ...

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Symptoms of #liver disease include, weakness, vomiting, nausea & yellow #discoloration of the skin. How to find out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hlv89evb58

liver function tests.mp4.mp4

//www.labtestportal.com/liver-tests/abnormal-liver-function-30.html When there is abnormal liver function, proper testing is required to monitor the health of ...

Liver Cirrhosis Song *Part 1*

FULL VIDEO //www.SimpleNursing.com 850+ Videos TOTAL Over 20000 Nursing Students HELPED!! 92 Videos Pharm Videos ...

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Michael LOVE your videos... was dreaming about your lecture last night (really!) and had an epiphany -- the better name, in my opinion, for the name of the liver recycling company is D.U.M.P.S. !! (not PDSM). You take your trash to the dump; you use dump trucks at the dump! not sure what the U could be but I think it is easier to remember. Thanks for all your help.
Hello Irina, yes I do tutoring only for 20 students max & unfortunately its been sold out for 4 months now, usually it always is during the semester. My next best option is our E-tutoring with our staff of RNs we just opened that up 2 weeks ago & have 5 spots left out of the 40 we had available. Please email us at [email protected] for details
Absolutely amazing, I wish more professors could use your approach. When you explain topics it makes so much sense and seems so simple! Thank you! I just joined your site, final in 4 days, this is has been a life saver.
your lectures are like extremely helpful. you explain it in a way that easyy to understand. I've been watching almost all your videos for the pas month now to help study for my NCLEX. Thanks so much
Eh Sorry I meant its the same as Metabolism...but you can also say that M is metabolism of stored products. S can be for Sugar.....as the liver is important in maintaining blood glucose during fasting
In one of your videos you state that calcium goes up in cirrosis. My question is If albumin binds to calcium wouldn't calcium go up in liver disease because it isn't bound to albumin?
I was on the fence for a month. I finally decided to get the NCLEX75 and its totally worth it. Don't hesitate if you are a visual learner, this is it. 
Just came upon this website. In my second semester of nursing school and loved the way you explain everything so it's easily understandable.
U can be for Urea. Urea synth occurs in the liver. I know that is like Detox but I think it is important enough to say twice
hi i just found this site i love it.of the topic do you utter international student for nclex in NY?
I really appreciate your work but the macrophage cells are called Kupffer cells and not Kumpfer....
I have a question. Why would a liver failure patient get Norco for pain which has tylonel in it???
You just saved me from failing my nursing interventions exam tomorrow. Thank youuuuu
You so good...helped me a lot in my nursing degree. ..and now back refreshing
ha ha lol :D i love it!!! DUMPS!!! hmmmm, U, i wonder what that U could be :)
Basic recognition here... passing the exam the mnemonic of mr. comfort helps.
Thanks micheal. I have a presentation on cirrhosis. This helped me so much!
Bro, that 82% guaranteed is no joke. I got a 86% on my last Patho exam!
hmm, they should get morphine or dilaudid or another IV medication
Thanks a lot for helping understanding nursing study for LPN:)
Scarface is a little more than ok. Great lecture. Thank you!
Would you give adavan to a person with liver failure? 
He lectures very well and reviews it all at minute 28
Love your videos! Thanks so much, Do you have instagram
thank you very much , you are the best. thank thank
Kupfer Cell vs. Kumpfer Cells Illeum vs. Acetabelum
This video ROCKS! your the best!! Thanks Mike! :-)

CBD stone on EUS

85 year old gentleman presented with recurrent upper abdominal pain of 2 months duration, detected to deranged LFTs. Under open cholecystectomy for gall ...
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