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How to lower mx5 mk1 Videos

bbr turbo mk1 mx5 lower deck of bridge.

My mk1 bbr turbo, running a bit strange at the time but still a quick wee car. Only 'mods' are some shitty cheap cone filter and decat powerflow exhaust.

Owning A Supercharged Mazda MX5, Modified Car Review

Engine; 210 BHP supercharged 1.8 5th gen MP45 twin-scroll supercharger 15% kavs reduction pulley (9psi of boost) 4" x 10" barrel charge cooler TR lane ...

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I sold mine three years ago..worst decision I ever made..I need another one
+Gino Retina thats a shame mate, get another one for a summer toy!
Great vid! I used to laugh at these cars till I drove (and then bought) a factory-turbocharged Mazdaspeed MX5. I can't believe how great these cars are to drive. As Jeremy Clarkson said "I'm giving it 5 stars 'cause I can't give it fourteen!" Very addicting.
+Mazdaspeed mx5 thats it mate i thought the same thing until i drove this one!
you should do a review of an rx7
+Rafael Ldn if i can get my hands on one i shall do!
Is there a link to a build thread on your mates MX5. Planning on going forced induction next year with my MX5
+AmygdalaSalad ill try source it and put it in the description bud
what's your opinion on supercharge vs turbocharged mx5? what would you prefer?
+Justin Ko i haven't had the chance to drive a turbo one yet but fingers crossed i can get my hands on one soon!
How much would one like this cost?
+JUNAID187 i would say a good clean example seem to go for around £4500/£5000 but i have seen the mk1 turbo ones go for around £3000 or there abouts!
Supercharged MX5's are the best, I love mine.
+Nick Horne they are awesome to drive, really was impressed by this one
My old MX5! I hope you like the work that went into it. In the words of Blink Motorsport, "if your going to build one, build it like this!"
+David Jones thats awesome! they did such a good job, you must of had so much fin in this car! it has really made me start to look at buying my own one haha

My Mk1 MX5's (eunos roadster) debut outing on the track with Mark Knockhill Track Day 24-1-14 3

Final session of the day. Apologies for the audio, I forgot to use the external mic. Car is a classic red 1989 Eunos Roadster 1.6 with a decat pipe, twin cone air ...

Camber Kits - Presented by Andy's Auto Sport

//www.andysautosport.com/camber_kits.html On this episode of Andy's Auto Sport TV, we're going to show you how to install Camber Arms to adjust rear ...

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Hi i have a 1996 Toyota supra that I am wanting to "slam", I'm probably going to go with my stock struts with coil sleeves, I'm wanting a lot of negative camber but I can't find any rear camber plates for this application, I was wondering if u had any suggestions for my future setup or any tips
The Camber bolt for Toyota Solara 99-03, do you guys sold as 1 piece or a pair for front and rear ? i really wanna place my order for a friend but not sure if PAIR or just 1 piece.
Hello sir, you got and kits for the rear of a 2000 Volvo s80 t6, its about a inch or two to low my tires wear in the insides negative Camber I think .... It's slammed.
thats a pretty cool idea I also have a 98 supra ima leave at a street track car idk but I put down 600-650 on the wheels
how much weight can I lose using an aftermarket camber kit on my integra?
Do you still get camber when you lower your car with coilover sleaves?
I need a set of camber kit for my 09 honda fit cant find it no were
not much probably. why?
The was good

My Mk1 MX5's (eunos roadster) debut outing on the track with Mark Knockhill Track Day 24-1-14

I let Mark have a go and we did a back to back comparison of his and mine. Apologies for the audio, I forgot to use the external mic. Car is a classic red 1989 ...

My Mk1 MX5's (eunos roadster) debut outing on the track Knockhill Track Day 24-1-14 2

Picking up the pace a bit now I have some trust in the car, Apologies for the audio, I forgot to use the external mic. Car is a classic red 1989 Eunos Roadster 1.6 ...

AutomationTV: Mechanical Work - MX5 Suspension Swap.

Kinda unrelated to Automation, but figured some of you might enjoy it. Last weekend we finally got around to fixing my MX5s extreme ride comfort issues.

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I have some suggestions for the game once it comes out. Personally i would like to see a transmission designer, but with the option to just buy or select pre-made transmissions for those who aren't interested in those parts of the car. Personally i think that if you take the time to make a game like this, I think you should go as in depth as possible to satisfy all the desires of the people who would play this game. But I trust you guys can carry out this game the way you think it should be. :)
Cardboard (box fx.), paper, wood plate. WHATEVER over the drain! This was like watching a horror movie, u know something is gonna go down the drain.. :P Anyway, good to see you guys are human. ^^ Any chance we will get to see you guys doing an open track day in those mx5's fx? (If thats possible where you are located ofcourse)
My friend Pam, she's a fellow MX5 owner, and works as an MG mechanic, so she can always be relied on to come help work on my leaky crapbox with questionable electrics :P
It is rather low, but the compliance in the first bit of soft spring makes it a real pleasure to drive still :)
Lucky the grating comes off, we have had to fish stuff out of there a few times now :P
next time put a board over the drain dont want to see you lose bolts to the sewer rats
I was thinking the same thing... put a towel or something over it lols...
Wow you have got it really low. Many hands make light work etc...
Watching y'all place small parts near that drain made me cringe.
make a cover for the drain. or even throw down a groundsheet.
Me (Andrew Lamb/Daffyflyer) its a pretty fun little thing :)
More suspension travel and lower ride height? Good deal.
good to see moar Aussies interested in a smooth ride :)
I'm one guy and it only took me 5hrs to do a swap
Nice, it kinda shows how little I helped :P

Supercharged Mx5 Drifting Santa Pod Raceway 10.12.2014

Some footage taken of the day - which just so happens to be my second time on a drift day, and the first time on a track in this car. The car is a Mk1 Mx5 1.8 ...

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would you have to forge the engine internals to cope with the hp because I've heard the mx5 bottom end 1.6 and 1.8 can handle under 300 bhp stock? Does the diff need welding to drift?

Mazda MX-5 Project: Episode 2 - Interior Removal (Weight reduction bro!)

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Can i ask what for ur building? just daily or racing? :)
+Mike Blackwolf I'm debating whether to keep it as a daily once it is done or sell it.
I really enjoy your mx5 videos, keep it up man. 
Thanks very much, there will be many more to come!
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