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Boil a t shirt Videos

JB's Crawfish Boil Tee Shirt

JB Crawfish Boil 2015 Tee Shirt

Made a Tee Shirt for the Crawfish Boil In BR. La //teespring.com/jb-s-crawfish-boil-2015.

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Your JB impression was pretty good. "Hey boay...crawfish burl" 
+Cookin with Surfin Sapo Hahaha.  He's obviously not responding.
He guards us!! Away from his food!!!
Nice shirt, now all you need is Crawfish boil-inspired Nikes, (Google it, they sell em here in BR)
Ok, I'll check it out!!!
Cool shirt. Sorry to see LSU go down in the tourney. Keep the videos coming. Cheers.
All the cool teams lost!!! 
Nice jb impression BOY!
I missed the order thingy on FB. Argh!!!!!! Cool looking shirt Sapo. Maybe you can talk JB into autographing it for ya? LOL
Yeah with a sharpie
You did that yourself? That's some mighty fine work! High five and tumbs up to you. Wish I could be there this year. 
I just have to talk nice and bring goodies back to my customers
I love the T-shirt design, SS... I hope this also means you will be attending after all!
I'm going to think positive

Pre 2015 Spring Fling Crawfish Boil Trailer

Event shirts are $45.00 each, shipping is $5.00 or pick up at the fling, Specify size when ordering! It takes 10 days for you shirt to arrive, so plan ahead if you ...

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I'll be there someday, this way I don't have to say next year......again:(
I do not know why I torture myself and watch this, then read the comments about a party I am totally bummed about missing this year. Have a grand time everyone!
+Tango Joe We'll drink a pop & talk about you, Lol
Sorry I can't make it this year. May is just a tough time for me to get away. We're hoping to make it down to your neck of the woods this summer for a family vacation. If you do, I'll give you a shout.
+Ballistic BBQ Understood, More importantly watch, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=389CLj1UtMw&lc=z12bx5xxsu3nyxnkm22wfzo4okzcg3rkm
Wish I could have made it JB, maybe next year. Have a blast and can't wait to see all the great footage and food!
I really wish I could have went too Andy, just can't seem to at this time, but we will meet one day. Please take tons of footage and I will be eagerly waiting, lol. Have a blast my friends, :) xxx
+Willows Garden Pam I sure wish you could have come, but I understand all the issues you've been having lately. I just think this would have been a great chance to meet you, and so many other youtubers. I will be sure to do my part in getting some minutes of this onto here just as soon as I can after the event. Maybe next year, the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise.
+Willows Garden Its gonna be Grand
Looking forward to it JB! All that food at the end looked fine, and I especially liked those fig preserves! Yum! Haven't had those in years!
+Smoky Ribs The figs were from last year, The tree is budding now...
Man! I tell ya JB, between you and Rus over at smoky ribs ive been cooking and learning up a storm! Gained a couple pounds in the process. Lol..but really just keep on doing this brother! It means alot.
+Ben Headrick Thanks Ben

big boil

//www.offtapbrewing.com Please join offtap brewing @ //www.facebook.com/otbrewing Bubbles and chalk's new FOURM ...

Boreal Shirt by Lester River Bushcraft

Boreal Shirt by Lester River Bushcraft that I won by completing the last and hardest challenge at the 2015 Pathfinder School Gathering. The challenge was: "To ...

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What size is your Boreal Shirt? Did you have to get it made special, with longer length arms? The reason that I ask is because I want one of these, but I am a little bit taller and bigger than you, I think.
Negative Bryan. Mine was custom made for me. But before it was made I tried on an Extra Large that was too small. Thanks for your comment though.
+Intricate Nature size tag is on the inside. I'm gonna guess you got a large.
+Intricate Nature Thank you! I will contact Lester River, to see if I can get something of similar size made for myself.
+wanderingwoods I'm not sure what size it is but I am 6'7" tall and wear an extra large tall with really long arms. I submitted all my sizes and they custom made it special for me. When you measure for a blanket shirt, wearing your winter clothes would be best.

Boiling water freezing in one second outdoors in Cold Norway

The best clip on how to freeze a cup of Boiling water in only 1 second. Watch the steam turn into snow. And the guy in a T-shirt at -30 degrees.

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I doubt the uploader was making a serious argument against global warming. That said, any scientifically minded person who doesn't understand the inherent fallibility of scientific conclusions, regardless of whether they are considered hypothesis or fact, is expecting more from science than it is capable of providing. If you use the word 'fact' here as it is used in common language (an undeniable truth), then you arent talking about science at all.
its probably not cool but i'm Norwegian hahahaha thats well funny :D i'm not sure freezing boiling water is proof of global warming, this planet has gone through many cycles its just part of the nature of this planet. we have gone through ice ages before and hot times too.. sometimes the plates move and water almost has a mind of its own... lol this planet is in constant change, hense why all life also changes and evolves
It gets Much,Much Colder in North America than Europe, all of Europe is warmed by the Gulf Stream all of it, In the Lower United States it gets down to -60 Celsius. Where Scandanavia is in Europe its Tundra, all permanent Frozen Ground, Where Northern Germany,Netherlands,and Scotland are Its Taiga/Boreal Forest in Canada. Its the Same Climate as Siberia.
Im afraid that is wrong, i dont want to start any discussion here. But the temperature in North of Europe is colder than in USA, or canada, even in Russia and Romania and so on. I have seen documetarys about this, Some of the coldest inhabited places on earth is Murmansk in Russia and Hammerfest in Norway, This is a fact and nothing i am making up.
Isn't that because when you put an equal quantity of boiling water and water which has room température into your fridge, some of the boiling water evaporates. This means that the warm water quantity is less than the room temperature water after a few seconds. And less water means less time needed to freeze it.
I highly doubt that this was -40 degrees. Norwegian or not , there was no way he would be standing there in a t shirt for so long. It's a very cool experiment but it can also be done around 0 or +5 degrees F. I believe it was around that temperature in this video. Not minus 40. Very cool video though.
and how many times did you try it, once right? I suspect that you didn't use distilled water, and boiling the water increased the amount of impurities per every oz. of water, and with more impurities like salt, the water took longer to freeze. moron
Global warming = climate change = average temperatures are rising. That's compatible with some parts of the planet getting colder and others (much) warmer. We're in December and it's 7°C. I live by the Alps. It's not normal.
Tried it. The cold water froze before the hot water. Go figure, the cold water was already colder than the hot water. Although the steam from the hot water froze to the rim of the cup. This may be why people believe this myth.
why do you not beleive it was -40? It is not very unusuall in norway, and standing outside in a t shirt for a short period of time is no problem unless you are a wimp and think its uncomfortable.
The reason why Hot water freezes faster then cold water is all about the molecules. i learned this in middle school long ass time ago. look it up its pretty simple explanation and makes sense.
@Cjohnsonmyer014 siberia actualy gets much more colder in winter then north america. allso lot hotter in summers. the coldest place on northern hemisfhere is on siberia shaka republic.
In england this is the worst snowfall we've had for 100 years. it also got to -25 degrees celcius somewhere in england this week, with the coldest ever being -28.2degrees c
@carbatt1 yea because the boiling water molecules are apart which makes it easier to freeze unless its the other way around correct me if im wrong
physics is strange but because of the Mbamba effect warm water actually freezes before cold water in a freezer. Just try it yourself and see.
If you convert -40 C into fahrenheit then it is still -40, it is the point where the two temperatures cross over and have the same value
Modus Operandi over where I live in Hawaii it's always boiling hot! If you tried to do that water would probably vaporise 
The guy has a fucking t-shirt on what the hell it's -40 Celsius I love in Florida I freeze my ass off in 60 degree weather
Im not gonna go into what temperature it is, but you can EASILY stand outside for 2 minutes in -40 with just a t shirt.
you know those moments when you know you're using the wrong word but you're too lazy to change it?
you measure global warming by taking the average temperature of the year, not one day. cool video

tip in five and under what to do if your boil pot has no tap

//www.offtapbrewing.com Please join offtap brewing @ //www.facebook.com/otbrewing Bubbles and chalk's new FOURM ...

Jason Derulo- Whatcha Say (Crawfish Boil 2010)

Video footage I recorded of Jason Derulo at the 2010 Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil in Birmingham, AL. He rips his shirt in this one!

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theyre all white girls, gay ass song. chris brown wanna be
That was awesome .!!!!!

Diplo & GTA - Boy Oh Boy

Hola! Shirts finally in STOCK! Want the beautiful design up there printed on a T-Shirt? Moomba Blasta Store https://mbs.mysupadupa.com/ I mean just LOOK and ...

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turn right. turn left. turn up. turn up?
Tsukyasama song ♥¤♡
*Tsuiyama-San ~¤♥
this is my outtro
+Dean Matthews Nobody cares u got one sub who is probably you
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 0:05 ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) 0:15 ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉) 0:29
JMX anyone?
yeeaa.. :DD
I'm gonna play this when I slap my crush that called me ugly and a bitch.
Do it when the beat that go bum dadadadadadadada then slap
When the beat drops I'm like: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
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