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How to put youtube on psp without cfw Videos

Tutorial PSP Play Snes on PSP without CFW Hacks or HBL signed Homebrew

Hello YouTube In this video I will be showing you how to play Snes on your PSP without having Custom Firmware. Please give this video a thumbs up.

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I keep getting a message that says it is corrupt or not compatible. Thoughts?
What update are you on?


Hey youtubers this is my first video showing you cool things that a PSP can do without custom firmware (CFW). LOOK FOR MY OTHER VIDS I'LL BE POSTING ...

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This is sortta irrelevant, but I have custom firmware 5.00 m33-6, and I was wondering if anyone, especially Sam, could reccomend if I should stay at 5.00 m33-6 or upgrade to 5.50 gen. I have heard some rumors about gen crashing and m33 works fine. Anyways can u tell me your opinion?
you should try using a program called "Dreamweaver"; you can create webpages HTML etc. then the webpage can be saved onto the memory stick of the psp console. and psp windows xp can also be downloaded on the memory stick. - no cards in the sleeves :)
@coolcatz6199 Unless your need to play a game that requires a higher firmware and don't want to crack it manually I would suggest staying on 5.00 m33-6 if you don't want to go through process of updating.
Dude it's real. It's just a portal though. It doesn't turn your PSP into a touch screen or anything. So next time make sure you know what you're talking about before you post a negative comment.
u said that you would show us but u still havent told me that game site and i watched all your videos and none of them have said what it is
hey every psp is hackable just search around on Google. even the psp go. so just search and read and be sure is the right o do it.
Whoah dude you're young :D but at least you're not annoying and actually have a good camera. You're also pretty helpful! Thanks!
@abdullah7891 Well if it is a PSP 1000 or 2000 than you might be able to hack it with a pandora battery and magic memory stick.
Nice video. :3 All of that cool stuff makes me want to watch your other videos. I'm a slow learner though. :) Thumbs up!
@GATORS6DC yes u can do this on the psp 3000 i did it but to open the pspWxp thing u have to have access to the internet
Just search on youtube "how to get 131 flash games on your PSP" click the first video and it will explain everything.
Ya, this was my first video. I have CFW now. But this video is just for people who don't want to hack their PSP.
stupid kid wen u brick ur psp u can still save it whit pandora battery and mms how i know i brick my psp befor
Ay bud can u get CFW on a 5.70 yet or like a crack (Downgrade) Coz i have a GT Ver 5.70 and i need CFW!
those "apps" are just flash files which you open by internet browser from your ms. Evenif u r offline
dats illigal dude :) and its called addition man AD-DI-SION LOLS why does eveyone make that mistake
its bullshit had both of them portals on cfw is much betta just search the right vid on youtube
this is not dangerous its simple and safe and you dont need to put this stupid cfw firmware
@gabow94 its not you dumbass . i have it and its cool so dont say nothing if you dont know

Make an Easy magic memory stick without CFW PSP

this video woll show you how to make a magic memory stick without a custom firmware PSP send me a message if you need Rains Ultralite MMS maker or the ...

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okay i have a psp fat with a sony official 1800mah battery and a sony 4gb magicgate memory stick pro duo. with official 6.31 firmware. so to install custom firmware i need to downgrade my firmware and in order to do that i need a magic mem stick and pandora battery and in order to make those you need to have custom firmware unless you buy them which i cant do. and the only way to any of this you need something else to do it aghhhhh!!!!! its just a never ending circle!!!! WTF SHOULD I DO!?!? HELP
@jordog12 well you dont need to downgrade your firmware as this will erase your current firmware and install 5.00 M33, as for the pandoras battery i have finished making a video for it but im just finishing up the editing so i will have that up ASAP, and to make the Magic memory stick this video will help you, as i have provided all the files and the video to help you along the way, i hope i helped :)
@Dannepivot sorry for the confusion, but no you dont need to downgrade, this will do it for you, and i will have the "How To" for making the pandoras battery up ASAP, but its only how to make it for the PSP phat since i do not own a slim, and to make the MMS, this program can help :)
@4439190893 then either A: it doesnt have a full charge so you should plug it into the charger B: if you made it your self be sure the little leg in the component isnt touching anything at all C: it could also be that your MMS was made incorrectly and finaly D: the battery is bad
okay i have a psp slim 2000 with version 6.30 firmware non pandora battery a sony memorystick PRO duo magic gate 2gb but u'r saying that i need to downgrade and i ahve no idea to make a pandora and i can't buy magic and pandora so idk what to do bcuz it's boring without CFW :/
Project thank you so much! I gave up on this a year ago because I had to downgrade to get the battery to work, and to get the downgrade i had to get custom firmware which i didnt have. You helped me so much, thank you.
@HaridasMoodley be sure your MS actually works as one, if its not booting into recovery then try it with a different PSP, and make sure you have a Pandoras battery, if it still doesnt work then your MS isnt compatible
@MechaNintendoMast i knew it i wasnt the only one who thought that the other videos were crappy but yea i too hate the file sharing sites that make you wait but i was kind of in a rush when i made this video
@vanguardboy123 you put in the MMS first, then put in the Pandoras Battery, and hold the "L" trigger, it SHOULD boot up into a recovery menu, then from there the options are self explanatory
ummm not sure what you mean but if your saying that you can still use the memory stick to save things,then yes you can but i recommend that you format it so you get the extra space back :)
@caseykidtwo you go to any site with PSP iso's for download and stick them under games then on the home menu on your PSP press select and switch UMD/ISO Mode to SonyNP9600
@survivalairsoft451 not ANY OFW some people have only had success with OFW 6.10 and below, unless someone hasnt told me that it worked with anything above 6.10
Thank you so much! After so many crappy vids this came alone. The download works great though I don't like file sharing sites that make you wait. 45 seconds???
@ThePSPMONSTER dont worry it could just be your Memory stick, if you can try to get one from Sandisk, they have the highest success rate out of all MS's
@wasimkhan34 unfortunately no it does not since the PSP 3000 only works with ChickHen and also requires, i think, firmware 5.20 or something like that
@ThePSPMONSTER i really dont know, :/ but if it does then tell me so i can post it in the description, you recieve all credit if it does work
@PROJ3CTBM is it possible to make a pandora battery without cfw or opening it? cuz i dont have cfw yet and i dont want to open it. thanx
well the only files you will have that are visible will be a 500.PBP file and an update the only thing that wont show up is the IPL
@PROJ3CTBM nvm it's cool now i found another video and now i have cfw 5.00 m33-4 :) but can u make a video of some good apps? :D

how to put ofw games in psp without cfw


how to put any video on your psp without custom firmware

ok now to download the film to your desktop this is the link //www.videodl.org/ wait for the video to fully load and then copy the link to the website above and ...

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Thanks man, I could care less about the logo, I so needed to figure this out, there's so no need to downgrade or risk the chance of bricking my God of War PSP. Thanks again!
damn man thanks your the biggest help i got on anything of this type ever. thanks i appreciate it and keep up the good work man!!!
your welcome it took me a while too ya have fun with it thx.
okay tis is fucking hard....
dis sounds complicated

how to put movies to your psp without cfw direct to psp

the link is //www.pspicy.com.

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sorry you guys psp decoder has moved i forgot my pass i have new chanel now its this one please look into it
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