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How to lose weight if you can't exercise Videos

No Weight Loss No Matter How Much You Exercise or Workout? Try Intermittent Fasting! | Lose Fat Tips

Low Carb Cory is an entertainer, fitness & nutrition aficionado, and intermittent fasting (I.F.) expert from Wisconsin. If you like the videos and find them ...

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my experience: ate anything i wanted for 20+ years, decided to eat right/get in shape over a year ago, now i cant even eat a bowl of oatmeal without blowing up like a balloon and having awful bowel movement. since most of us have been eating foods with gluten pretty much our entire life, maybe your body becomes tolerant of it over time, then when you discover fitness and begin eating healthy for a while, and THEN reintroduce gluten, the body becomes more aware of how bad it really is for us?
The body definitely stops responding so severely to things it is intolerant to if it's constantly exposed, but this is not a good thing. The word "desensitized" would be appropriate here. It's like if you're a boxer and you get hit in the ribs a lot; you would not be hurt as much by a rib-shot as someone who doesn't box or has never been hit in the ribs before. The desensitization of the body to gluten is like an animal being beaten with a stick to the point where it no longer fights back.
Brown rice prohibits complete protein, phosphorus and nitrogen adsorption. So I went back to my jasmine rice which is only once in awhile. This video reminded me of this fact because we must listen to our bodies and realize if something isn't working educate yourself and change things up! Great video Cory, I always wonder to myself at the gym if the cardio bunnies ever stop and think......is this it?? Is there another way???
I actually do have a question. My eating window is later in the day because I can only work out in the late evenings. 12 to 8 or 2 to 10.... Should I eat all my carbs in the first meal as to avoid glycogen burn instead of stored body fat burn?
This is the low carb legend, starving himself for 36 hours and then binge eating processed foods, full of mercury fish, ice creams and sugary drinks. It makes sence. Good luck convicing people to follow this unhealthy lifestyle.
You might think I'm a troll but this video is really good. It has some solid, no-nonsense advice that anyone can follow. I'm a share this on my Facebook page
I eat no red meat , no pizza , no alcohol, no sweets, no wheat , no white flour. Eat all natural and working out daily . Still fat still weigh over 230 
Hey low carb cory.. how many calories do u roughly get when u break ur fasting periods?? Thruought ur eating period window??
Thanks, even though it's almost ten minutes long, and there's no way you've watched the whole thing already. lol
Good advice. I will send you a pm and ask for some advice...thanks.
Why is whole wheat being promoted so much as a health food? :(
Great points! I can relate to a lot of what you're saying.

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awesome video thank you so much! I think the hormonal imbalance is my problem. but I'm on birth control so I really don't know what to do and I'm scared to switch. but I work hard eat right but I'm always bloated. I'm not sure my body type but I know I definitely need some help to fight against my hormones or work with them ..I don't know. but thank you so much for this video it was very encouraging!
+Joyce Ojofeitimi There are so many different types of birth control that have different levels of hormones it can be really frustrating to find the right one! I would talk to your ob/gyn doctor and see if they can recommend maybe a lower dose hormone to give you, that's what I did and I didn't have that weight gain or bloating problem, maybe it can work for you! Good luck!!
Thanks! I feel bad about myself sometimes because I can't stick to eating right. 
+Katie Ruiz I totally understand how you feel. It's completely possible to turn it around! Breaking those bad habits will give you confidence too!

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This is very true. The times in my life when I was a workout junkie but had a normal diet I was constantly hungry and looked bulkier and the times in my life when I controlled my diet I was slim/streamlined. Diet>Exercise..

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It's hard to believe you when you say you lose only 350 calories when running half an hour, when you actually lose 450 calories for a new runner (that mean at 11 minutes per mile for 30 minutes). And considering you do this two or three times a week, after a month you run about 40-45 minutes at the same pace or faster !
And by the way, you're telling your little story for people who seek fitness to be pretty, but being a little chubby doesn't mean you need to lose weight to be healthy.
Eat less to lose weight. Exercise to look sexy.
+Lord Vivec It's not weight people should be concerned with anyway, it's body fat. Of two people with the same height one could weigh 15 pounds more but look a whole lot more fit and healthy while the other is just flabby and still what society would call "chubby". Not to mention the fact that the former person will be more healthy overall and probably feel better and have more energy.Don't starve yourself to lose weight. 1.) You won't be as healthy. 2.) Presumably you're doing it for looks, and hint hint, you won't get the body you're after sitting around all day and only eating 1000 calories/day.
Helps me lose weight of 12 lbs within a span of a month. This Weight loss green store tea supplement suppresses your appetite and avoids me to eat more because once you drink this tea you'll have a feeling of a full stomach always. Now I'm back on my shape!
+Carla Finley I do like this product. This biggest drawback for me has been an upset stomach. I will definitely be continuing with this product.
+Ebbey King These pills are helping me to not be snacking all the time and I can tell that the weight is starting to come off.
In 60 minutes, I run 7 miles, and that's more than 800 calories burned based on my weight/age/pace. At what pace do you burn 300 calories in one hour of jogging?
+Martin Ortiz I do. I burn 300 calories 'running' for 30 minutes. To be fair, I have just started so it's more like running for a minute and then 90 secs fast pace walking (repeated 8 times)... so that's how. I think it will increase once I pick up the pace and get used to it and get more muscle mass :) But yeah, that's how.
+Axiarus Yep that's what I meant.
+Axiarus that's what he meant, I'm sure because 300 calories is nothing.
+Efemral The bigger you are the more calories you burn with cardio, not the smaller you are.
+Martin Ortiz I think he said 30 minutes exercise, but it takes 1 hour for the gym junkies to do all the surrounding activities as well. 30 minutes for a slow jog might be 300 calories, especially for a small person.
My workouts have been more intense after taking this product for a spin. My diet, coupled with ample sleep, has made this product more potent than ever. Weight loss green store tea is a must-try for all those who want a supplement that does wonders.
+Mark Elwin Great product no jittery side effects and I would definitely recommend to my friends and family if looking to try a Weight loss green store tea product.
+Good Consumer I am really into appetite suppressants right now. This one is very effective, you will notice that you are not eating anywhere near as much as you used to.
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