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How to lose some weight Videos


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That's scary why if they beat her up?
+cookie54189 in my world theres no race or hate
I have second hand anxiety watching these videos, like how can people just walk up to others? Ugh I'm socially awkward lol
+Danielle Avalanche all pretty girls will hate each other because each one feels like they have to be the prettiest one in the room and each one that fights for that deserves to be, because each girl that fights is fighting for her life to find the guy that will take care of them forever because if they don't they will not get to experience love, and love is the one thing a girl should only do for everyone... so they should feel beautiful and each girl deserves to feel true love, they are special, and big cat is special because she is the only one saying this to every girl that doesn't think they're beautiful and together we have to love her and everyone like her. you have mines and her hearts -k3
Oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooosssssshhhhhh
+Randy Hoang why?
I can't gain weight, I have a fast metabolism.
Fat is wack! Anyway, there is such a thing as too much excess weight, but that has nothing to do with body image. I know I'd rather be lean, muscular, and energetic, as opposed to fat, flabby, and lethargic. Thank goodness I prefer running to watching television, and only eat when I'm hungry around noon. Intermittent fasting does a body good.
+Sandy Lewis fasting is amazing! please subscribe!
im just really surprised that no one was rude enough to say "lose weight? you're the one who really should be losing weight"
Yeah same
As a big girl I have heard this my whole life !I love Big Cat she is a bold and bad ass female !
+Linae Branch It's called "gestational diabetes" and it causes infants to be born a little late sometimes, and overweight. The syndrome usually only appears during the stress of pregnancy. You may want to research that to see if that is affecting you now. 
My mother doesn't and never had diabetes...... So try again +Sandy Lewis​
You weren't born fat, your mother had gestational diabetes. I know, because I had it with both pregancies. it was caught early and I learned to eat healthy so my kids weren't affected. There's no reason you can't eat real food. And there's no reason to starve yourself.Look into a high-fat, low-carb meal plan, and talk it over with a health care professional.I have a tendency to get fat, which is in my genes, but only when I eat poorly. Wheat and fruit goes straight to my stomach and bloats my face--I don't like the way it makes me feel, as in tired, puffy, and awkward. Greens, high fat nuts like avocado and coconut, good proteins like salmon and free range eggs, and I'm not even hungry anymore. I'm not fat, and I'm definitely not "skinny", nor would I want to be. But it is very disturbing to see obesity touted as something to be proud of. Who really wants fat rolls? I had them when I was pregnant and it was horrible. Never again!
No you fucking idiot, people can be "born fat" , the average baby is about 8 pounds, I was 11-12 pounds. And Idgaf about what you ate today. I had a pear on Monday and an apple at school , that's all I've eaten in the last two weeks dumb ass. Not everyone is going to be skinny and look like fucking tree branches, and people, like you, need to stfu and accept that, and stop being heartless fucking cunts. You people irritate the hell out of me. But when someone kills themselves over a dumb ass comment from people like you , you wonder why and act surprised and shocked. And then you want to break down crying wondering why the took their lives.Shut the FUCK up and let people be who they are and let them be comfortable in their skin
+Linae Branch Nobody is "born fat". That's just an excuse for some people to eat too much, exercise to little, and choose bad things to eat. I'll bet you consume soda, fast food, wheat, sugar, and junk food. Personally, I never touch it.Today I played with my greens and garlic, that were fresh from my garden, and sauteed them in coconut oil with sunflower seeds, tomatoes, and brocolli, also from my garden. Then I made gluten fee rice wontons and baked them with parmesan cheese. I served a salad of avocado and apple cubes, with a lime/flax seed oil dressing. I washed it all down with fresh made iced tea and fresh squeezed lemon juice.That was the only meal I ate today, because I practice intermittent fasting. My husband loved the meal, and for dinner he had the leftovers with some quinoa, and a 6 oz salmon fillet, barely baked. For dessert we had a coconut milk chocolate nibs pudding. We are actually on a high-fat, low carb meal plan. It does a body good. You should check into it.
+Sandy Lewis you do know that some people are , included myself, are born "fat" right??? So how about you shut up and play with your fucking catMaybe Big Cat is fat , but atleast she's confident, unlike you who has to make her profile pic a cat instead of your actual face and bodyShut up and stop being a cunt
+Madam Vonkook Big Cat is fat. Being a big girl is just an excuse for poor eating and exercise habits.
+madam Vonkook Thankyou :) don't forget to like and subscribe
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It's time to lose some weight! Use this video to kick your butt into high gear and work that booty out boo. :) HOLLA AT THIS CRAZIE GIRL Follow me ...

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Now I agree that some people need to lose weight and that this is the space to express your opinions, but this is quite offensive. I'm not saying I'm perfect in any way shape or form. This stuff always pisses me off to no end, yes it is unhealthy to be overweight BUT you should also feel comfortable in your own skin and no one should tell you different. This stuff is why people who are fat or otherwise feel terrible. Also if someone comes up to you and says you gained weight tell them to f* off.
I was waiting for u to say something abt health because at the end of the day, thats what its all abt. On 1 video u talked about insecurities & standard beauty, yet on this 1, ur making fun of overweight ppl. I think if it was funny AND informative, ppl would be less offensive. Ppl being overweight isnt ur fault, but u cant make it seem like ur encouraging them if ur making fun of them at the same time. Ppl need to realize that even if they lose weight, MFs still gon talk shit regardless tho.
Not going to spam because but listen to this. Fatlossfacctor.info is one of the leading sources and fastest ways to lose weight. The program has over 100k Facebook likes and even more customers. Stop buying into all the hype of diet pills, body cleanses, and 2 minute workouts that promise you everything and then give you nothing. Weight loss takes commitment and if it was easy I don’t think 35% of America would be overweight. The program speaks for itself I don’t have to.
Wanna know a secret to losing 30 lbs. in only 20 days? 1.) Drink 8-12 bottles of water every day 2.) Have 1 smoothie every morning, but don't make it harder than it is. Just put 2 fruits you like in there and throw in some milk. 3). Excerise 20 minutes every two hours. It's not too hard when you have a Pug :3 4.) NEVER eat white bread and don't eat too many sweets. Don't have anything fried, either. 5.) Make sure you love your plan. You'll most likly succeed if you love it.
Its funny how SO MANY PPL don't want to be judged on anything, yet those same ppl judge ppl on petty things. A person's physical appearance shouldn't make u assume shit about them. U not finding someone or certain ppl attractive doesn't justify disrespect. Ppl get being real mixed up with disrespect. U can tell ppl the truth without being an asshole to them. WE'RE ALL FLAWED, yet SO MANY THINK they're perfect...
Seeing how over exaggerated all of these things are (such as your stomach touching the floor or your scale having 5 numbers) I don't really see how this is mean. If any of these things apply to someone watching this, then yeah it's time to lose weight.
Just because someone finds something offensive doesn't mean its directed towards them. It just means they have compassion for others & doesn't make jokes at other people's expense. U can be truthful with someone without being a disrespectful asshole.
LMBO.. I'm laughing HARD! .... If your bathroom scale shows your zip code...... If your rubber ducky can't fit in the tub with you...... If your stomach is the first to enter the room.... If your man thinks your panties is a parachute... TOO FUNNY!
Hey everyone, for the past weeks I have been following this simple weight loss program from FATLOSS.COMXA.COM , I lost 27 pounds so far! Its 100% natural weight loss solution. Follow FATLOSS.COMXA.COM for best results.
Hi there, have you experienced Fat Blast Furnace? (look it up on google) You will discover the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Fat Blast Furnace, you will discover how to shed fat fast.
actually sometimes it is their fault, and people will walk about you because they're saying how you look damn fine after you lost all that weight I hate people who find EVERYTHING offensive.
the way you said 'girl.. its time to loose some weight.. okay..'after you said if your boyfriend thinks your panties are a parichute,you said it really slow and it was hilarious
I was telling her that people being overweight isn't her fault. Who are u referring to when u say u hate ppl who find everything offensive??? I KNOW ur NOT talking about me...
she does make fun of girls with big bootys though. i mean just because your booty is big does not make you fat. look at jloand beyonce
It would be a shame for you not to melt fat when other people shed fat so easily with Stupid Simple Slimming (go google it).
oh my gawddddddd!!!!!!!! she said when your start walking and you're stomach does the Harlem shake hahaha lmfaooooo
is she saying "its time to loose some weight cunty" ?? sounds like it lol she is incredibly beautiful though.
If your man have to pour flour on you to get the wet spot while making love...IT'S TIME TO LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!
Have you heard about "Shatter Weight Loss"? (Go google it) It is a quick and easy way to burn calories fast.
I keep trying to watch her videos because she's really pretty and has a lot of views... but she's not funny
Have you made these dangerous mistakes in your diet? Just go and Google Fat Blast Formula to find out.
im overweight... im losing weight... this was fucking hilarious.. some people have NO sense of humor!
I'm Arab, no matter how big my stomach is, my nose will always be the first thing to enter the room.
oh look now she's body shaming and making transphobic joke! A truly morally deficient human being.
I dnt thnk there's nothing wrong with being thick or a little big. But it depends on your health.
If you were offended by #fatshameing week on twitter...YOU NEED TO LOOSE SOME WEIGHT HUNTY!!!!!
i lost it every time she did the slow-motion "it's time to lose some weight HUNTYYYY"
Lol but Latoya's mother is fat, maybe she should of played this video for her mom.

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ok thank you but how like whats the prep work for it is there a difference between dry or normal im sure theres more people wondering this I wanna use there door and fender and trunk and hood carbon peices but not unless I can paint it ? make a video of it please brahhhhhh it would be sweet
Looks clean, I have. 97 integra same in white, I'm thinking about ordering parts from the website, but kinda effy, how long would it takes to ship to fresno ca?
This video was awesome love the bits on comedy that just got thus in please don't over do it this was just fine.
You guys continue to amaze me with the quality and effort of your videos
Andy, Nice Video and nice Girl!!! La Chica está muy Bonita!!!
love these vids, very informative, keep em' up!
Nice vid and quite funny, Who's the new girl??
Haha, great video. Is siebon a us company?
That was actually a pretty funny intro...
Refreshing to see a different side...
You sure can! Thanks for watching!
great videos enjoy them very much
Any shaved door videos??
can you paint over it?
Lol nice intro
walter white
Pop she HOT
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