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star wars VI luke v.s darth vader 1983 HD

this comes with audio clean up and (hope your listening disney)...WE NEED THE ORIGINAL 1977,1980 AND 1983 ON BLU-RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Don't make ...

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0:53 Me: come on Vader did you literally just WALK UP THE STAIRS I WOULD BE FULL OUT SPRINTING TO CHOP LUKE IN HALF 0:59 Me: MY DUDE
Luke never even really knew his fucking dad, why should he give a shit about him? So dumb.
watch star wars episode 5
he cut off vader's right prosthetic hand which means it shouldn't have hurt so why did he yell in pain??
The hands are attached to your nerves for them work, they are designed to be able to feel pain so you can tell if they are being damaged.
6:50 It was at this exact moment that Darth Vader ceased to be, and Anakin Skywalker was awakened again after more than quarter century.
+KazumaPrime The funny thing about this, is that Anakin predicted he'd do this back in ROTS when he was talking to Padme on Mustafar."I am more powerful than the Chancellor, I can overthrow him."Well, yes Anakin you did. You threw him over a railing into a reactor, so in a way you were right.
The Force Awakens can't beat this movie. Disney might have newer technology and new writers but they don't have the charm or the pure awesomeness of 1983.
+kobretti88 or will there? #JarJarForSithLord
+TheInvinsible Gamer24 It can since there will be no fucking Ewoks in the movie.
I don't get it how come in Star Wars Rebels Vader and Palpatine are still alive
+Seidina Doukoure It's set 5 years before ep 4

Medulla - O Faro do Bionicão (Videoclips Collection vl.1)

Track List: 01 - Prematuro Parto Forceps 00:00 02 - Gosto de Guarda-Chuva (WebClip) 02:58 03 - O Novo (ft. Anjella Grace) 07:40 04 - Lose Your Money (Áudio ...

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"Quando duas pessoas se AMAM , elas não se submetem e não se dominam, apenas se COMPLETAM." By JAPA] TRACK LIST 01.Chicago - Hard To Say I'm ...

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Tenho uma rádio na web e tocamos somente os flash backs que marcaram época, gostaria de saber como obter essas musicas no estilo que estão sendo tocadas aqui!! já tenho as mesmas na minha radio, mas no estilo original, abraço att : www.radiodestac.com a radio que toca voce
eu Luciana sou totalmente apaixonada por musicas românticas e internacionais são as minhas preferidas muitas fascinantes me apaixonei de novo são lindas de mais que ótimo. eu escuto e curto ate o dia amanhecer..
eu quando estou um pouco tenso é só ouvir essas musicas que me acalma o coraçao é só pensar nos tempos bom e ai tudo muda eu volto a ser outra pessoa euu curto de montaõ
essas músicas fazem até quem não estar apaixonado, se apaixonar, rsrsr
estou viajando, ai que músicas lindas, lindas, lindas.
só lembranças boas dessas músicas.
Me faz viver de novo obrigado.
muito bom bons tempos
lindas musicas!
Lindo Lindo!!

VL Christian & Oliver: Love is Worth Loss

I made this video after reading about the upcoming drama in Chrolli storyline. Despite being full of romantic scenes, it's a bit blue because it's about of a love that ...

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Olliegast, I don't know who you are, but you're a genius! Your video spoke VOLUMES to me because I lived exactly what this song speaks of! It was very painful to listen to the words, and the exquisite scenes, because it brought back such memories (painful) that I felt I crashed and burned! It made me cried, which I hadn't done in a very, very long time! Amazing what a video can do to move someone who thought they were unable to cry, let alone feel again! Thou I do know it's a soap opera!
Wow!! Wow!! WOW!!! What else can I say, precious? It is wonderful, beautiful, touching, loving, and you are right, it is blue, but it is definitely romantic. Look who IS romantic now.... I have tears in my eyes.. it is another of your master pieces, a great video made by a great video maker. It is perfect! We love Chrolli with all our hearts and when they are sad we are sadder... but let's have hope! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, DEAR! H&L You! MK
What say you, my guardian angel? You have done for us Chrollifans, beautiful, not a video sublime. It brings tears to my eyes. I did not know this song but it goes very well with the history of our two loves. AND, I still say that the kiss at 5:06 is definitely, one of my favorites. I really enjoyed watching your video and I think I'll still watch it several times. Well done honey. your videos are always great. love ya
What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL video. Very well done, and possess a dream like quality. I enjoyed this video very much, a real jewel. A+++
Breathtaking! The music was a perfect fit and gave me chills watching it. Christian and Olli belong together for always
Thank you friends for all your support and such amazing comments on my videos. CHROLLI FOREVER!!!!
truly beautiful! Very well done, thank you. CHROLLI FOREVER
this is great so heartbreaking, but beautiful
Amazing video!!

082 VL Christian & Oliver - (2011-05-04)

No spoilers!! To watch with subtitles, press the small CC button under the video. I distinctly remember people wanting Christian and Olli to break up. Well, see for ...

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Another great acted episode from our two beloved actors. They truly move me, be it bitter or sweet. I think VL writer cant be that stupid to lose Chrolli's uncountable global fans including me from Singapore. What Chrolli going through this time is a tougher test which will only make their love grow strongest & unbeatable. When their hands touch the door & lean on it at the same time, I know they're meant for each other. I have the faith in Chrolli, because their love is unstopable & universal.
olli is realllllly pissing me offff. I am afraid to lose you, hey, why don't we separate. Are you fing kidding me. He is afraid my hind legs i can't believe i am getting emotional i hate those kinds of half assed assessments of relationships if you love someone u can't let pride get in the way. If he wanted women and not you why is he putting up with you and having sex. Sometimes i think Olli is so selfish only what he feels matters i feel angry i feel scared its always about him a drama queen.
I think what they both need is a descent and honest conversation their relation is going to end up pretty badly if they keep on avoiding each other or if that's what soap writers trying to do i think deep down Oli is suffering from a fear that cristian is still into women turned into paranoia and this fear is not new its their from the start and cristian keeps on proving it right and i think the oli's fear is not pointless because he is the first and only man in cristian's life.
@MsNJS88 You're right and their version of that song hurt my ears. Ugh. I hope they stay together. Olli's preoccupation with Chris cheating with women is understandable, but its annoying. Your mate cheating with anybody should be a concern, but I guess since Chris has only been with one man (Olli), so his concern is not really with other men. Let's not forget, though, Olli identified himself as bisexual early on, so it can be a mess all around. Oh the agony!
You can really tell in this video that Christian is really trying to fix things with him and Ollie because he loves Ollie so much. And Ollie loves Christian too, but he's just scared that Christian will leave him because of the thing with Jessica. Christian is trying to convince Ollie that that wont happen but Ollie's too scared to listen and thinks the best thing is for them to have a break. I really hope things will clear up! Chrollie forever!!!
a bit of shagging!? JESUS, Olli was the one who started all by putting his hand on Christian leg! And then "When you touch me or look at me, I wonder who you're thinking of" what does EXACLTY that mean? How someone like Olli who supossedly love Christian and don't wanna loose him can say something like that!? can love just dissapear from a day to another to think like this? I hate the writers so much now! LOL ok no more Chrolli for today! u__u
and i think that's the main reason oli wanted to have a child so badly and cristian recent slip bring out all oli's suppressed fears and he don't know know how to deal with them and on the other hand cristian is also not making it easy he keep on telling that he love's oli but what he really needs to do is some thinking about his recent action he need to find out the reason why is always attracted towards a women except olli.
Alolt of people wonder why Christian always go to women for comfort and never another man. Maybe for Thore kissing one man is enough for him and that man is Jo. Remember he said it was hard at first and yes he got used to it but I just don't think that Thore want to kiss all these men that's why Christian always turn to women and I think that's why the writers write for Christian the way they do. Just my opinion.
@Smartass8504 And Christian's a respectable guy, sure, he's no ANGEL by any means, but neither is Olli. I just find it hard to believe that even though he was drunk, that he would cheat on him. And those pictures? C'mon both him and Andi were just about unconscience! She defintely staged them but apparently Andi and Christian need glasses. OMG! It absolutely infuriates me how stupid these two are being!!! >.
I feel so sorry for Olli AND Christian. I can't hate him for what he did to Olli. What Christian did was hurtful but I can't see two characters more perfect to be together than these two. It's never just Christian and Olli it's christianandolli; They are one to me. Also want to say thank-you so much for uploading these; we should be sending you presents etc for the amazing work you do for us Chrolli lovers!
I have watch this video time and time again,,,,and the scene were Christian say i can wait for you, i can fight for you just breaks my heart. I just hope in the long run that one day this beautiful couple can get back together again as they DO belong together. Thank you MercuryMay01 for bringing me this wonderful soap for me to watch. For at the moment the English soaps are rubbish. DANKE.
@Smartass8504 Look at it this way, if Chris and Olli break up for good, done. That's the end of the show pretty much (because i doubt if anyone else cares about the other characters) The show revolves around these two (at least, that's how i see it). I just PRAY that this show doesn't end up in the shitter like all the American ones >.< This is the only good soap out there, IMO anyway lol
@smurfboywv it's german not spanish, you can translate it to english or whatever language your country use (that's listed in caption list ofc) by clicking the CC button on the vid. If it doesn't work, follow May's instruction on a comment above or go to MercuryMay02 channel for fixed embedded vids, they r the same but with a bit lower quality and fixed font size
My theory of their relationship is that Olli has always seemed grateful that Christian fell in love with him so he puts up with a lot more than Christian would. At this point, if the roles were reversed and Olli had done to Christian what he had done to him (refused to ever have a family then have a one night stand) there's no way Christian would forgive Olli.
Hey guys i'm a chrollie fan but i haven't watched it for a while and now i am lost :S I know they broke up and i know that it was cause cristian cheated a. But are they really seperateded now? and do you guys think they will be together again? Can anybody tell me where i have to start watching the show so i can understand it again please?
i think oliver are exaggerating sometimes he does not help christian to remember what happened, plus I do not think he was cheating on him.Oliver want children but I think Christian wants to but is afraid to lose it again.To take a break with the Christian is okay, but i hope he fights for him to get him back..
Oh my god, this is so sad, I was crying throughout the whole thing. Please get back together soon... I really miss you guys together.. Does anyone know if the writers are planning to let them get back together? It doesnt look that way so if someone knows please tee me and put me out of my misery.
So they have broken up and Oliver has left what is going on the writer have a srew loose, the put christain with a woman , their no going back to that...... I really have gone off this show now it was one off the best but it losing it appeal with the break up with christain and oliver :-(

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They should stop wasting their money on steroids and invest in some braces lol
Well they still need to stopping with the roids
They both already did.. Lol
+Juan Garcia this video is 3 years old they did have braces at some point after this video
im sorry i was just distracted by their jacked up teeth they're funny tho
Lmaooo y you so savage
How the fuck did he make a clone?
They are twins
This video was so informative! I had no idea that stubborn areas have a lack of blood flow....that's science lol.
+Neisha Robertson you're really cute
are they twins?????
no shit
Is it safe? I mean. Our organs inside our body being pressed or not?? Answer me.. please.
The waist trainers/cinchers are what you're talking about

VL Christian & Oliver: With no Fantasy

Vimeo link: //vimeo.com/35381610 It's been a painful week for Chrolli fans due to an impending breaking up. However, even facing a tough moment in their ...

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WONDERFUL, AMAZING, LOVING, AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you very much, my dear friend... It is simply one of your best videos…You always surprising me.. This last episode was pure beauty, and you made it even more than beautiful a balsam for our hearts... Thank you again… so much... Love it, love it... And love ya... MK
Luca - such a romantic video - very beautiful, LOVE it! Thank you so much for including me in your dedication - that makes me so happy my friend! :D ~ The lyrics are wonderful - 'I want the greatest gift of all: Your caresses'!! Great job!! ~ CHROLLI FOREVER!!!
Oh Luca, another beautiful job by you!! But, "an impending breaking up?!" Perish the thought!! Don't ever let those words reach your computer screen again! LOL!! ;) But seriously, I loved it. :)
Thank all of you for supporting and commenting on my fanvids. This one is really special to me because of the song I used, one of my favorites love songs ever, and I am so glad you liked ...
Thanks a lot for this very beautiful video! Dedicated also to me? I really feel honored! Muito obrigado! The last scene is maravilhoso...
I love leila Pinheiro. She has so much heart and soul in all she sings. Muito obrigado, Olliegast. Keith in Brasil
um i rate this TOP OF THE LINE ! in both video quality and kissing/ALMOST sex quality!! love it sooooo much :D
What a wonderful way to start a day with these lovely images in my head. Thank you for your beautiful video.
This is Amazing!! I love Christian & Oliver:) Great job!
Gorgeous, romantic video Luca!! Added to my favorites!!
love it, love it, love it!!!!!! beautiful video!!!!
The beauty that is Chrolli! Wonderful video Luca :))
Awesome video and music, thanks for the subs too.
Sweet. Hopefully the breakup won't last long.
The best video on Chris and Olli!
thanks Luca, this is beautiful
** sigh ** luv the vid xx
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