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How to zip directory with subdirectories in linux Videos

Linux Terminal Unleashed E2-Files and Directories

Create Directories and Sub Directories (Batch File Programming)

It is about doing the basic things in batch file Programming. In this you create a directory with backup option (Simple One).

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Nice video :D

How To Use cp Command To copy files and folders In Linux Or Ubuntu Step By Step Tutorial

How To Use cp Command To copy files and folders In Linux Or Ubuntu Step By Step Tutorial Simple Copy $ cp file1 file2 Copy file1 to file2 preserving the mode, ...

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No sir, it should not be, your folder1 must be empty then cp -r source destination destination should exists
When i try to copy a file it says cp: omitting directory "name of file" I can't copy anything? Wierd
hi, Mr. Agarwal. i used your cp command. but it only copied folder to another folder but not files.
I don't understand your accent.
what the hell are you saying
thank u for nice tutorial!!!
Ubuntu Is Linux

C Programming in Linux Tutorial #098 - A Simple Web Server Program

C Programming in Linux Tutorial using GCC compiler. Tutorial should also be applicable in C/UNIX programming. This video shows an example on how create ...

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how can I download the GCC compiler for kali linux? I looked for it but I could not find it. can you please give me the link?
+rose9119111 I'm not familiar with kali linux distribution. You may want to check the website for this distribution on how to download the GCC compiler.


QuickRotate Download //www.turric4n.com/AppDev/App?id=QuickRotate&lang=en Is a robust Windows application designed to compress, clean and rotate ...

The Automated Membership Machine "Upload And URL"

//ebook-download-free.com/ Hi and welcome to video number seven, we're going to be talking about how to upload your pages, your sales page, your thank ...

Linux File And Directory Permission - Part 2

Subscribe to our channel here for notifications on new video trainings. For more videos on technology, visit our website at //www.techytube.com.

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English.... do you speak it?

Whiite Linux Installer Beta 1

Mini FAQ * Q: I'm a Windows user and I still don't get it. How can I partition my card and install whiite-linux on it? * A: Ok. Briefly, this is one way of doing it: ...

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When I try the loader can't see my tar files on my USB stick root. And it seems to be looking for the first release file name, Which tells me it doesnt even see my conf file on USB. Yet it does see the USB because it tells me its name. Anyone else have this? If so did you solve it?
i did everything in the description but it can't find the - debian-etch-4.0+whiite-0.1.tar.bz2 and the - whiite-linux-kernel-2.6.27b.tar.bz2 (it does find the usb stick just not the files) i did not decompress them. could you help please?
sorry, i don´t understand. You will use the ram in your wii for your own programms in the Linux OS? I´m not able to give you better information about that. I did not use other programms out of the WhiiteLinux installation packet.
Hmm... Do I need a usb keyboard in for the installation neccessarily? My only USB keyboard is connected to my PC and I don't want to disconnect it. Yeah, I have a load of PS/2 keyboards. Are there any special PS/2 to USB cables?
klkl i might upload it 2morrow c0z iv done half of the video now how to put it in your sd card n pen stick and stuff and the second video will b on me actually installing it and showing you how it looks like when its done.
oke ichhabe nun alles geshafft. xwhiite läuft, kann usb mounten. aber eine sache brauche ichnon. gibt es sowas wie nen datei browser oder so? womit ichsachen verschieben kann? oder kennt hier einer den befehl?
How much ram can we use and what applications can we use in it. Im thinking of using stepmania (DDR sim) on it. Is this possible? or would i have to end up porting it.
unter linux? keine ahnung. ich habe keinen ipod. aber ich denke bei anderen homebrew programmen schon. was hat der der pod für ein format? fat, ntsc?
for some reason we n i done this my sd card goes down to 255 and wen i put app files in the folder the wii cnt pick it up :( do i need a new sd card
Instead of booting into the gui my wii booted into bash, and i am just getting a message that says whiite:~# how do i get to the gui?
not al;l files are downloadable i cant find whiite-linux-kernel-2.6.27b.tar.bz2 and whiite-linux-installer.conf please help me
very nice and easy explain, but i had to read the readme of whiite linux installer first to find the bundle with the usb datas
1gb sd card empty is o.k only the linux installer in there is o.k. the sd was formated by installing linux ;)
ey ich habe es jetzt drauf aber was mache ich jetzt? ic hdachte es läuft linux? oder wie starte ic hdas
the mp3 wont b enough im g0oing to make a tutorial how to do it next week so watch me channel kll
amsome song its in the far cry 2 trailer and and im doing this right now hope it works
du musst den login und passwort eingeben. via tastertur. steht am anfang des videos ;)
the first song is Robot Rock - Daft Punk the last Bara Bara from Rachid Taha
ok but how to get into full debian desktop like ive seen many people do
i realy don´t know. well, no. The driver´s are missing on wii system
ppl iv done it i make a tutorial on how to do it propz next weeek
my information. you can, with the nintendo wlan stick for wii.
hi volks. The Download link isn´t broken. I've tried it ;)
what format does the sd card and usb drive have to be in?
the first is a 1gb usb stick. And the next usb keyboard
This song is so cool :O whats the name of it?
can i use a wirelese keyboard n mouse for it
Also. Fix the download links. Broken.

#HostGator: Installing #Wordpress In A Subfolder or SubDirectory!

//PressSavvy.com - Hundreds of FREE WordPress Training Tutorials. Updated Constantly! SUBSCRIBE NOW to get the latest WordPress Tutorials. MORE ...

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Thanks so much for the vid! However, I followed all of the steps, I too have HostGator, however when I visit my www.crystalcleared.net/blog I get a 404 message. Any insight on why?
+Crystal Whitaker You need to use the follow url //crystalcleared.net/Blog/ the "b" needs to be "B" if would suggest changing that to lower case. That will fix your issue.
when I open the url admin sent by quick install in my email this link can't open :( "safari can't connect to the server pleaase help me
+Youssef Fellahi Did you ever get this fixed? I know it's been a while, sorry I missed this comment.
Hi , i was trying many times to install wordpress ,at the first time it was installed but i can't customize the template chosen for my domain " lijassi.com" . another problem is that i can't redirect another domain to a new one . i have used also "web page maker to publish my pages via hostgator" is it a inconvenient ? i have deleted my domain from web page maker publishing and tried again , without any bit of chance . Please if you may help with this issue . thanks in advance Derek
+Derek Fox , i used finally lijassi.com/games.html and lijassi.com/Champioship.html links where to publish my works using web page maker . But what i need is when to insert lijassi.com , see the home page which i want to make using wordpress . I tried many times to instal wordpress and it does not . Or when i installed it first time for lijassi.com i can't customize the template , it keeps loading and that's all .
+Aladin Lijassi what is the link for your sub directory? I'd like to take a peek for you.
OMG You are a superstar. I have spent 3 hours trying to figure this out with numerous chats with Hostgator support with no luck. Thanks you so much. Well done for a very clear and straightforward tutorial
+Joanna Print You're welcome and I glad that it helped you out. If you need help in the future come say hi at //PressSavvy.com/
I was trying to set up a multi site / sub-directory on HostGator i already have a sub domain set up and when i went to set up the sub-directory it was not giving me that option. I did do the one click install was that the problem and what is the work around on that?
Where are you trying to setup the sub-directory?
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