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How to mount zip file Videos

The Longest Zip Wire in Europe | Euromaxx

The longest zip wire in Europe is located in the Snowdonia National Park in Wales. It is around 1750 metres long and visitors can travel at speeds of up to 100 ...

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Bè, niente male! Peccato che il Galles sia troppo lontano, qualcosa di simile in Italia sarebbe molto interessante Massimo
Just did this and OMFG - what a rush!! It doesn't feel as if you are going that fast.. once you go over the cliff WOW!!!
Check out another pov of both the little and big zippers on my channel, just click on the image to the left :)
zoom over an evironmental disaster. Ugliest fucking view ever.
The link doesn't work, is there a website, would like to book!
done this twice yesterday best thing i have ever done
Hi, how do I book?? It looks great!!

How To Make A Zip File On A Mac

Do This On your Mac... p.s. turn up your speakers.

MiNeCrAfT kelais's mount hous + download

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You know how to get loads of subs? Scream so loud in ur vids.somhow it works lol

LoZ Minish Cap Ep.3 "Mount Crenel"

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awesome game

Raspberry Pi - Mounting devices and transferring files

Mounting devices and transfering files www.raspberrypi.org Raspberry Pi.

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Thank you for a very helpful video. I had never heard of winscp but tried it and it's great. I am a little confused over mounting/unmounting on the new raspbian image. I tried inserting a usb thumbdisk into the usb port on the pi, and it appeared to be mounted automatically??? But when I try removing the drive and reinserting it after copying some windows files to it, the pi cannot see them until I do an explicit mount....? Is that correct? thanks!
I just tried this with an Integral USB stick. You use 'sda' after checking it with the 'dmesg'-command. I tried that too because I got similar output but it didn't work. (I got errors to specify my file storage type when using the 'mount'-command and 'vfat' didn't work although I formatted it to FAT32) Apparently, 'sda' should have been 'sda1'. I figured this out by checking the /dev directory. Maybe this could help someone. :)
Yes in line with your guide. It looks like its possibly some sort of network issue, where the connection to the Pi just goes down, would explain perhaps why its forgetting the NAS and then also me being unable to SSH. Plugging a monitor and keyboard into it is a bitof stress considering where I put it after setup :)
Would you consider doing a video showing how to go? I have one SDcard with Debian running Apache and im trying to build the website to be GUI for the file sharing. The othe SD card has ARCH in it and it has SAMBA in it, but im failing to connect to my external har drive and share it online. Thanks in advance.
/dev/sdx means the entire physical storage while sdx1 and sdx2 are partitions of it. Even drives with only one partition should be mounted as sdx1. My dmesg mentions sdb for my harddrive but I have it mounted as sdb1 and sdb2. Perhaps mounting without the number works for the first partition.
Hi! First of all, Great video! I've sucessefuly mounted a usb pen but i'm having some troubles with the network drive. I did exactly has the video but I get this error: mount error(115): Operation now in progress Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs) Any help? Thanks.
hey, nice video. I just have a question because I've been having some issues. After I checked to make sure that the jumpdrive was called sda, I typed the sudo mount /dev/sda /mnt/usb and it states "mount: you must specify the filesystem type" what else do I need to do?
I'm having an issue where every so often my Raspberry PI seems to drop its net connection, I can no longer ssh into the machine. I have to unplug the power and replug, and upon doing so, it forgets the mounts everytime. Is there a way to make it remember whats mounted?
Good questions, I personally expected it to be sda1 when I first made this video. But when I looked at the command "dmesg" it saw my drive as sda. The system picks the name not the user, unless a more experienced Linux user can tell me otherwise.
Unfortunately the mount commands in the video didnt work for me. The following did however sudo mount.cifs //IP/folder/ /mnt/NAS -o username=username,password=password Using Debian Squeeze and a Netgear stora
FTP and SCP are for transferring files, they use different network protocols (not SCS is secure/encrypted FTP isn't). VNC is remote desktop (viewing your desktop without a keyboard video and mouse.)

Make a GoPro Tripod Adapter

In this episode from Switch & Lever we're making a tripod adapter for GoPro cameras, as their mounting system may be amazingly versatile, but doesn't quite ...

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I don't think it would be much harder to just carve that thing out of a solid piece of plastic or even aluminium considering all the clean up you have to do on a 3d printed part with overhangs. You would just need a chunk of material, a file, drill, chisel and a pair of calipers. If you were to use aluminium you could even cut the threads with a tap. I just never quite caught on to that 3d-printer hype.
+swiss Touché! That would indeed work! It won't win any beauty pageants, but it's a functional piece alright. It proves what many people have complained about my videos in the past, that they don't have access to fancy tools so they can't make anything like what I do. Case in point, you don't need fancy tools! Thanks!
+Switch & Lever I agree, 3d printers definitely have their place in prototyping but are not the answer to every question. You are also right about the plywood, it isn't the perfect material by any means but it is cheap and available to anyone, plus a layer or two of varnish or spray lacquer would make it much more suitable for outdoor use. It can also be substituted by pretty much any material you'd like using my method. I quickly dug through the bin and found a nasty looking piece of old plywood. Took me a little over 10 minutes to throw this thing together with the most basic tools. You can actually see everything I used to make this on the picture. It is very crude, ugly and I didn't care for the dimensions but if an M5 screw fits the GoPro mount it should work. Also the nut in the bottom is just an M5 nut since this is all I had laying around. I'm never going to use this since I don't have a GoPro nor do I have a tripod, so I just made this because I told you I would try. Here is the picture: //imgur.com/w3EtIkU
+swiss Nah, the design time shouldn't be included, you need to spend that time regardless what material you make it in. I see some immediate issues with your choice of material though, plywood won't last as long as plastic, especially if exposed to the elements which the GoPro was designed to withstand. I love FDM printers for what they are, it's when people see them as a solution for everything that we have a problem. You wouldn't use them as production machines. It's not something that grandma would have at home to print gifts for her grandchildren. They're great for prototyping, especially since you can have the printer make parts faster than you could by hand, and you can work on other things while it's printing. Therefore I think they're an exciting technology. If I wanted something to make production parts I would go for a SLS or SLA printer, but then the prices start going into imaginary levels.But yes, make something and document it, would love to see what you come up with!
I'd really like to give it a try but I don't have the materials and tools on hand. Also you should add the time it took you to design and print the parts to my deadline ;-) But seriously, I thought about it again and I think the fastest and probably cheapest way would be to use plywood that already has the right thickness for the "fingers", drill the holes, cut out the three pieces and two spacers, glue it up, drill a hole a little bit undersized for the nut in the bottom, add glue and hammer in the nut. Pretty much the same for the smaller nut, maybe add a layer of plywood on that side. It wouldn't be as pretty but I think it would work just fine. Don't get me wrong, you did a good job making that adapter and you showed that you know what you are doing. I'm just not a huge fan of filament type 3d printers and I don't think they make everything faster and easier. If I get the chance to make a little proof-of-concept prototype the way mentioned above, I'll let you know!
+swiss If you think you could make that in less than five minutes (that's about how long the cleanup took, add another five for gluing) please do so. I would love to see the result!
I used the base plate coming in the packaging : a block of wood shaped to fit inside, a T-nut, and you're good to go. But I guess your solution is much sexier.
+Alexandre Bourgois I considered doing that, and it's a pretty good solution. I was mainly motivated by size (this is much smaller than what one would build from the base plate) and not wanting to have to carry another part, i.e. the clip part, with me as well.3d prints are sexy!
wanna save even more? go to aliexpress and buy one for 0,44€ with free shipping! no joke ;-) but I do like the DIY mentality!
+remmidemmi Sure thing, I think with material costs it's about the same as with a Chinese knockoff, but with none of the accomplishment of making your own. I don't see making as just a way to save money (heck, often its more expensive than to buy premade) but as a way to sharpen my skills as well.
Nice work man..! try PVA filament for the supports, it's dissolved in warm water, it works wonders..
+jimbit22 Indeed, that's a good method if you have a printer with two heads, I unfortunately don't.
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