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How to crazy quilt pattern Videos

Sew Easy Lesson: Crazy Pieced Blocks

//fonsandporter.com: Use this quick and easy method to make blocks for a crazy pieced quilt block. For more videos like this visit FonsandPorter.com. To see ...

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Putting the glove on and off every time I cut would drive me insane. I've used rotary cutters for a long time and I've never had a problem. I take my time and I make sure my hand and fingers are out of the way.
+Miss Lucy Makes me nuts just watching her put it on! If someone needs one of these gloves, I think that they should just put the rotary cutter down and walk away.....forever.

tutorial como hacer puntada decorativa en crazy quilt.wmv

Aqui les dejo un enlace que encontre en espanol con fotos de puntadas en blockes de crazy quilt. No encontre mas sobre puntadas decorativas para crazy quilt ...

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Que trabajo tan hermoso. Gracias por darnos esas ideas tan lindas, para darle terminados a nuestros trabajos a mano
+Fendipetroleo Tolima y Girardot Muchas gracias por tu lindo comentario y alegre de que este video te haya inspirado y gustado. exitos con tus proyectos!
Hola!!!! Me gustó mucho tu video, tienen razón algunos comentarios respecto a las puntadas pero eso se puede encontrar en otro sitio, lo importante es que explicaste la importancia de todos esos puntos en los cuadritos ya que lo hacen ver bellos, me gusta hacer muchas manualidades estoy con la motivación de hacer una manta pero no entiendo si hay que cocer las puntadas con la manta ya terminada es decir unida con el relleno y la tela de abajo ???o se va cociendo parche por parche antes de pegar a la colcha grande?? Muchas gracias por el video un abrazo desde Antofagasta, Chile.
+Lidia Montenegro Muchas gracias por tu bonito comentario.Con tu pregunta: Yo solo tengo una maquina de coser corriente que no me permite hacer la manta completa, asi que voy haciendo tiras, hago el pactwork con el relleno y la tela de abajo de la tirra con el ancho de la cama donde la voy a poner, luego le hago las puntadas que sirven para sostener las tres capas y una ves terminada la tira, la voy cosiendo, tira con tira, hasta alcanzar el largo de la cama donde voy a poner la colcha. Ojala, te haga sentido lo que te explico, sino me avisas.

Crazy quilting a la Lele - tutorial

Sorry I got 2 minutes of sound distortion from nine to eleven minutes I think it was. This was my second attempt to do this and no way I am doing it again. need ...

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You did a great job! Lovely heart. TFS. Where did you get the flatback pearls and the bling in the center? Love the tip of defining the edges to be pleasing to the eye. What the name of the blue tool that you tapped down the lace and glue with? One minor suggestion have the camera closer up while you are working. Also when you hold things up to show it is difficult to see. If might be better if the camera was closer for the entire time. Love you work, please keep doing tutortials.!!
WOW!!!! Very very beautiful Lineca!! Love it!! And I think you did a fantastic tutorial for it being your first time. You did a wonderful job. And the Crazy Quilt is GORJUSSS!!!! Very beautiful. I'm really getting onto the Cream and Silver colors too. Just seems to feel so clean looking but vintage at the same time. Very elegant colors mixed together!! I watch another ladies in here and her home os cream and silver and it's beautiful! TFS! Hugs! Linda
LeLe your crazy quilt heart is stunningly beautiful as is everything that you create . I lo've that you keep to the three colours in your design. It always makes your work look so pretty and so delicate. I love all York work LeLe and I must try this one out for myself sometime. Thank you for a fabulous tutorial. Much love Jan xxx
I loved them and your turtial.I SURE HOPE TO SEE YOU DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol pretty please.And I wouldn't want any 2 the same anyways.Here's sending SUNSHINE in your heart and soul today and love always.Merry Merry Christmas. Jequettea Tennesse USA
Thanks for the tips:) The blues are modelig paste "brushes" I got them from a norwegian shop. The bling you can find on etsy or ebay. search rhinestone bling crafting and you will get hits. Hennytj I think one etsy shop is called. again thank you!
Great tutorial! I saw everything just fine and loved the way it turned out. You, Virginia, and Rosanne have inspired me to try my hand at making something with the crazy quilt technique. I absolutely love the look of it.
Lovely...really lovely Lele. Great tutorial and I will def try to make one myself. :) I came across your channel via Tricia's channel (alittleshabbychic) & I'm so glad I did. Loving the things you make. Thanks Sue x
Awesome tutorial Lele! Love your work and the heart is stunning! I need to find somewhere I can buy laces to try this! I love anything Victorian and shabby chic! Keep the tutorials coming my dear! Hugs, Maggie
Fabulous technic and a super tutorial. It got a bit scary when your voice became possessed for a while there, lol. I have added to my fav's to give it a go when I have time. tfs Margaret X
I can't believe it took me so long to watch this !!! I love this, this is on my list to do. Thanks so much for the tutorial and for the inspiration!!!!! Its all so beautiful... tfs...Annie
Gorgeous project my friend and a great tutorial!! Love the flowers too!! I've been making som hearts too lately, not as beautiful as yours though :) tfs, hugs and smiles, Linda
Love this! So beautiful! Just might have to incorporate into some Christmas stockings I hope I have time to make, lol! Thank you for showing the process! TFS :) Hugs d.
Lineca this is absolutely stunning. This was a fabulous tutorial.....even with the funny big deep voice at one point, heehee. Both are absolutely stunning. Lee xx
Your crazy quilt hearts are gorgeous, you make it look so easy to make them so I hope mine will turn out half as pretty as your's :) thanks for sharing - Jeanette
Thanks Loops. Phew. I dont know where that voice came from again. it has been so good for several months. need to reinstall the camera again I think.
Oh thank you ever so much for your sunny comment. it sure brought a smile to my face. So glad you liked them. Merry christmas to you Jequetta.
Cream white and silver never goes wrong. it is very classy but still vintage. Happy you liked it. So glad you are happy with my tutorial:)
So pretty, love it! TFS! So funny, your voice was distorted for a few seconds then you cleared your voice and it was normal...lol. HUGZ!
OMG how gorgeous Le Le. I wish I could find some beautiful lace like you used on these hearts & stockings they look so cute. TFS xxx
OMG LeLe the hearts are just STUNNING! I loved your tutorial, you did great it was fantastic :) TFS hugs Tricia xxx
Awesome tutorial, Lineca! I love, love, love the heart and all of the yummy goodies you've added! Hugs, Sabrina
These are absolutely gorgeous!! Great job at the tutorial!! I will have to try making some of these!! TFS!!!
Love Love Love this. I have a whole box of scrap lace. Thank you so much for all that you share. Genny
Love your tutorial but unfortunately I think too much lol Found this really hard :S tfs, Tracy x
What a great tutorial!!! It turned out so gorgeous. I love the stocking too. Hugs and love V
Hay Lele! Loved your tutorial! You did a great job and such a beautiful project! =D Janet
It is easy, Give it a try it's lot of fun. Thank you so much for your compliments. :)
What a lovely heart, and you did a great job on your first tutorial tfs hugs, Mirjam
You are hooked LOL And yes of course you can use acrylic paint instead.:)
Oh my goodness they are gorgeous!!!! Awesome job...thanks for sharing....
You did a fabulous job on this tutorial and have certainly inspired me

Video Tutorial: "Plane Crazy" Quilt

Watch these simple step by step instructions on how to assemble the plane in our "Plane Crazy" quilt. You can also view and purchase the quilt pattern at ...

Charming Crazy Quilting with Hope Yoder

Hope Yoder teaching at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Atlanta, GA March 2011. Charming Crazy Quilting Workshop is based on "Vintage Charm Hope Sew ...

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A very clever way to show us how you make a cq block. Easy to see, easy to understand. I also liked the end where you showed how to troubleshoot a couple of common problems.

How to Make a Quilt - Crazy Ann Quilt Pattern Video

Free quilt patterns - eyecatching crazy Ann quilt. Full pattern: //wp.me/p3QfQH-3WK.

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I like this pattern.
+Carol Hallett Thanks, Carol. It's quite an easy pattern.
Very pretty! I love the pattern the turning of the stars make.
+Karen Lautzenheiser Thanks, Karen. It's amazing how much difference it can make rotating the blocks.
SO Clever!! Love it I'm making that one I'll be sure to post you a picture Thank you Rose!
+Deb C Thanks, Deb. I'll look forward to the photo.
I love the quilt, very interesting. The fabric choice is also very good. I have some in stock and it's a top quality fabric with a lovely feel. Nice to see it being used.
+equitime77 Thanks so much. I don't use much green normally, but it seemed to work well for this quilt.

Pink Ribbon Crazy Quilt Purse

I created this beautiful Pink Ribbon Crazy Quilt purse in honor of some special women in my life who have lost the fight to breast cancer and to those whom I ...

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Pam so nice to see you again and still doing your designs. We go way back to the days in chat in "the Kitchen." Dee Mooney is still with us. have been admiring your work since you began with the cross stitch patterns. Your work is lovely. Labby
Labby! I do remember! Does the Kitchen still exist? Thank you for your lovely compliments on my work. I don't design cross stitch any longer. Crazy Quilting is my true passion! It's so nice to hear from you! Pam
That is so beautiful!! The video is touching and your dedication is truly inspirational! Amazing, breathtaking job!!

How To Make the Crazy Eights Quilt

//video.fonsandporter.com: The Fons & Porter staff shows you how to create the Crazy Eights quilt featured in Quilting Quickly Spring 2014. To find materials ...
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