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How to put my quilt together Videos

How to sew rows together on a rag quilt

Angel from Fleece Fun (//www.fleecefun.com/) has a special mini tutorial to help you understand the steps to sewing rows together of a rag quilt.

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Thank you for this fun and educational tutorial. I am a beginner and looking forward to making my first rag quilt.
+Deborah Harmon Best of luck with your project!

How to Make Quilts : How to Sew a Quilt Together

Learn how to sew you quilt and its patches together in this free video series that will have you creating the perfect quilt in no time. Expert: Jeanette White Bio: ...

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I'm sorry, but I disagree with the above. I've learned a few important things on piecing quilts and enjoy the series of videos you have on YouTube! I really do. I've watched several of them now and have learned something different from each one! Keep the coming! I find myself looking for them more and more!!!
lovely lovely i just enjoy making little things i do like to design doll drsses i have made some would call "couture" dresses and then a full collection. i love to sew and machining is so fun!! tanx fr the posting of this vid :D
expert village isn't very 'expert' the instructors may know what they're doing but i don't, who cares what it's called just say, pin this sew here etc and tell us a LITTLE why to do it this way...
You are not nice Reishka! Not all of us are computer wizards! This is a very good video. Thanks for sharing Janette! Keep the videos coming.
Great video, but you should NEVER run over you pins with your machine, you should pull them out before you get to them.
where are the rest of the videos to finish this quilt
cannot see video. written words get in the way.
I think you did a lovely job!
cant see very well

Basting a Quilt with Safety Pins

This video tutorial demonstrates how to baste a quilt with extra-large safety pins. Melanie Ham shows how to put together a quilt sandwich, tape it to the floor, ...

Putting the Memory quilt together... (It's comin'......!!)

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Great idea! 
I'll send you an email later....
+Sandy Grogg Thanks!!

Quilt Twelve - Putting it Together

More on my process as I develop my twelfth quilt. My first eight quilts can be seen here: //quilts.bruceseeds.com.

DIY Quilt Along Review and Project share

DIY Quilt Along Review and Project share Today I made a quilt using techniques I learned from the DIY Quilt Along course at Curious.com //bit.ly/1xrKDU2 I ...

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Hey Lindsay, Joann's is having a 40% off sale on rotary cutters mats and rulers and I have no experience with any at all and was hoping to get your input. For the cutting mat I'm torn between the Omnigrid and Olfa. Also I'm having trouble deciding what size to get. I dont have alot of table space and not sure if the 24x36 is going to be way too big...(I'm a visual person) also I dont want it too be too small and worried having a 18x24 may be troublesome for cutting longer bits of fabric for quilting and i would hate to have to return it since ill be buying online and then I'll miss the sale. When it comes to the ruler I'm pretty sure Im going to get a long omni grid because it seems to be easier to see the markings on different fabric....are the squared rulers a necessity? For the rotary cutter Im leaning toward an Olfa and wanting to get one that has a safety feature where you have to hold down the button or handle for the blade to come out and it retracts when your not hold it because i can be a bit accident prone and memory is not its best so Im kind of terrified ill forget to close the blade. The olfa with that feature seems to have a few people on the reveiws having issues with it also do you know if it takes a whole lot of strength to get the blade out because my hands can get weak at times. (I hate making decisons can you tell? lol) So any input from you or a viewer would be so appreciated. 
+Sydney Doe yes the ruler, not mat:)
+thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich Oh and the omnigrid you were talking about to get the clear with yellow and black....was she referring to the ruler or mat because i havent seen a ruler that was green or a omnigrid mat that was clear but then again joann may not sale those
+thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich I went ahead and got the omnigrid mat 24x36 because the olfa got sold out minutes before i made my order :( ....got some assorted fabric quarters where you get 5 packs marked down for 1.49 which I have no idea how far that will go but i thought it was resonable....went with the olfa cutter that has the safety thing where you have to squeeze the handle...the 6 1/2 x24 in omnigrid ruler and then got a 12.5x12.5 "cutting edge" ruler to square up blocks which is suppose to sharpen your blades everytime you cut with it which the reviews say it actually works so hopefully it will save me money on blades....Im so excited to start...I hate waiting for online orders to mailed lol
+Sydney Doe Well, I am not an expert but my sister says the Omnigrid is the best, get the clear with yellow/black letters, not the green ones she saus. I thingk going wiht a bigger mat is better and the square mat wil make it easier to square up corners and even trim your block square (they need to be trimmed the same size. I might get a 12.5" square gird ruler now I know it is on sale! I only have the mat and cutter my SIL left me so I have no advise there, sorry:)
Congratulations on making your first quilt :) Quilting is so much fun, isn't it? Are you going to make more quilts?
Great :) Crazy quilts are wonderful.
+Joyce Scheeren I have another one started, a crazy quilt! I hope to finish it this week so my girls can each have one;)
I think this was a great help i had no idea where to find classes. Im a quilter and you did great on the quilt.thanks for the info
+Anne Loder thank you;) You might prefer a more advanced class on curious.com then:)
wow...that is awesome...did you do the batting and the back part of the quilt with just a regular sewing machine? 
+thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich well so happy you did it!  its great :)
+Meli Isen I did but I should have started quilting in the center, I started at the edges stitching in the ditch and did not get too far because the materiel wanted to pucker. I know it is all held in placce though. I think I will hand tie the one I am working on now and also hand sew the binding because it is really messy but it is sewn down well and will not fray or come apart at least and it was made to be used;)
yea for you. you did a great job !
+lucinda monger Thanks, I just started a crazy quilt today! Gotta make one for each of my girls LOL!
the person in that video is a youtuber her channel is The Crafty Gemini e
+Poisoned Apple Crafts Yes, she is great! 
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