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How to press quilt seams Videos

Let's Press Some Seams with Kelly Biscopink

Kelly Biscopink, Quilty columnist and fabulous quilt maker, shows you two methods for pressing seams in your patchwork. Which method is better? It depends on ...

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What brand of iron do you recommend? I'm thinking of getting an Oliso.
+Brenda Nunya  Thanks, Brenda!
I don't know about them but I love my oliso. Word of warning. If you use someone else's iron it is easy to forget to turn it up right once you get used to it popping up on its own. ;-)

Episode 27: Improvising Sewing and Quilting Tools... the pressing seam board

Sometimes we don't always have the proper tools to use or the gear we would like to have. Using the supplies already in your home can save the day. Lets look ...

Pressing a Seam

This video shows setting your stitches and how to press out getting a flat seam. I normally use a very hot dry iron.

Chain Piecing and Nesting Seams for a Patchwork Quilt

Get tips and tricks to make piecing simple patchwork quilts even easier! In this tutorial, you will learn how to chain piece charm squares so you can sew a row of ...

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Good tip about taking a photo of your block layout - so you won't forget the order when you are ready to sew!

Pressing for perfect patchwork seams

How to press seams in patchwork quilts to avoid twisting on the back.

Seams Pressing 1

Learn the proper way to press seams when making a four patch quilt block.

Get great pressing results with a Tailor's Clapper

Press your quilt block seams with a Tailor's Clapper to reduce bulk and get perfectly-flat seams. Or, use it to add creases to pant legs and pleats with no shine.

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oliso pro iron $99-$199

How to Make the Old Sawmill Quilt

In this Quilting Quickly tutorial, the Fons & Porter staff show you how to make the quilt block in the Old Sawmill quilt. Remember to press every seam on each unit ...
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