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How to summon kuriboh tokens Videos

Yugioh Kuriboh Deck Recipe: OTK

Extremely fun Kuriboh deck How to use Marshmallon Sprit Reaper and Arcana Foce 0 - The Fool are here to kill time and they will be a Tribute to Nightmare ...

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Oh Its time to D-D-D-uall, hey??
@Extra yeah it is

How 2 Make Custom Foil YuGiOh Tokens

I also should mention that this works with supers rares the best, some older ultimate rares tend not to work well, but try it and post a pic to my facebook page, ...

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harpies brother or as konami likes to call him Sky Scout, lame I know
with this work with a common +AznEyes WhiteDragon 
+Poke Link no

Yugioh Hybrid Orica Updates!!! Anime Tokens Ultra Rare!!! #14

Yay! This is the fourteenth video of Blueelephant180 for item updates!!!! Ultra Rare Tokens were made of real yugioh tokens :) The Tokens are from the following ...

Yu-Gi-Oh Trade Binder January 2013

UPDATED!!! January 13, 2013 at 1:42pm!!! UPDATED!!! Cards that are gone: x1 Lava Golem (Ultra) TRADED x3 Thunder of Ruler (Common) TRADED x3 Swift ...

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Ghost C32, 3 Super Genex Undine, 2 Super Tefnuit, 3 Flamvell Firedog, Super GaGaGa Girls, 3 Mask Change, 3 Hidden Armory, 3 Moray of Greed, Secret Solemn Judgment, All Ultra Gadgets, 2 Ultra Breakers, 3 Secret Hanzos, before I get the Harpie Pet Dragons can you check my binder? Thanks :)
hi there i am intrested in some of your cards but my trades are on facebook as i dont have a trade binder video yet my facebook group is called selling and trading yu gi oh if intrested please join cheers
if he doesnt mind , i will name the cards that he cannot supply you with, that i have in your needs. AND PM ME for trades bama164416 x3 gold toon table of contents x3 secret head of exoida
pretty sure i wrote back on a comment you wrote on a previous video. It all depends on the trade, send me a pm and we will see if we can work out a deal. Now first where are you located?
You trade list is too long so are Cyber Harpies, Red Eyes Black Dragon all arts, super creature swap, 2 seven tools of the bandit, 1 trap hole, ultra summoned skull
i was wondering if u had any Toon Table of Contents arms and/or legs of exodia (head aswell) trade in one day of peace gravekeeper recruiters and flamvell firedogs
promo mat is currently in trades but i value it at 35 cash 40 trade. c32 is still up for grabs i believe. any other cards interest you. Pm me
I cant Pm you cause your name has a space in it lol. youtube doesnt recognize if its one person or 2 lol so you have to pm me
value on the reckless? look up my binder if you want to trade for it. also, do you have any ultra upstart goblins?
awwhhh but im an original harpie player....i deserve it more than anyone here.... :( can i have or did u trade?
came in the abyss rising special edition boxes. You can either pull a super dark smog or super gagaga girl
i have: x2 common one day of peace x1 ultra gravekeeper recruiter x5 super flamevell firedog send me a pm
wing kuriboh 9 thunder nyan nyan multiply star dust dragon and what do you value the kuriboh tokens
I would be interested in trading so pm me and check out my binder and we can make a deal!
For my girlrl cards. 2 shining angles,super tour guide,and, and that zexal manga. XD
Sorry no i do not have them anymore. This is an old binder. I do have a new one up.


1) Summon lonefire 2) Summon other level 3 earth 3) Lonefire effect, grab dandylion 4) XYZ Into Meliae of the trees 5) Detach 1 material to Special Lonefire from ...

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if I have lonefire in the grave and have debris, can I still do it ?
oh no, nevermind, the xyz requirement is earth...
Nope, Power Tool dragon is a tuner. ''1 Synchro Tuner and 2 or more Synchro non-tuners.
Idiotic imposter
Nope, life stream dragon is but not power tool dragon. 
2 card quasar my ass. This is like a 7 card quasar, you need the two lonefire's, spore, dandylion, the lvl 3 earth, power tool dragon, and DDR
+FreshMicksMusic You only need 2 cards to pull it off... Lonefire and any of those other cards. They then proceed to use all those other cards.
The Purpose of Combos is to be a really cool combination of cards to get out monsters that are strong.Most aren't meant to be played in a real duel unless they use cards common in the archetype.Im not saying you can't adapt this to a deck like any variation of Synchros,but I'm saying you being a little rude for your response.
ai bro
I have this deck too. I know it's a 4 card in hand but some of these cards aren't in your standard quasar junk/plant deck. Stop trying to make me feel bad, I'm a redditor with 195 IQ
u talk like u dont play yugioh, get good first then try to be pro summoner. Big combos usually require alot of cards in hand, even 4 cards atleast. this two card combo is consistent because drawing 2 out of 40 is better than drawing a whole hand to make combos.
2 cards in the HAND
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