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How to get x ray eyes Videos

Bodyshock The Girl With X Ray Eyes 1 of 4

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Mohzhr here شواطئ ✌
✋the squad is here
مي تو✋
مي تو✋
مي تو✋
one thing is understandable that she might has x ray vision. But it doesnt explain how she knows medical problems and solution. Like how would she know what is cancer and what she had see nis a cancer? she is nota doctor... and she a child
Maybe she was able to distinguish between the normal cells that she sees in everyone else, from the abnormal ones. These could only be cancer or some other condition.
i wonder if she can see how bad I wanna fuck her? my guess is 'no.'
LoL, chump? I never hear that one, but I'd take it any day over an egotistical dick-swagging predator of a boneheaded douchebag.Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but at least I consider a person's feelings over their fucking appearance.
+Otto Beumelburg i wonder if you can see what a chump you look like? again...doubtful.
I wonder if you can see how bad I wanna punch you? My guess is the same.
She has been debunked on a program. I've seen that program and she wasn't able to "see" what the patient had. Not even the prothetics in some of the bodies.
+Goe Bann how do you know it wasn't rigged because they don't want to have to rewrite the history and science of mankind?
Real life byakugan 
Quirkology is in this.
+zach horan He comes off like a complete asshole in this documentary... Not an impartial observer at all, but rather who is hellbent on showing that she's a fraud.
So where is the testing? What were the results? Thank God for fast forward.
The report also fails to describe exactly what they discard (I assume it's X-ray vision) and alternative explanations that they couldn't or didn't rule out, beginning with outright fraud, but also including the possibility that she has some kind of extremely acute but not paranormal sensorial ability (e.g. she might be a tetrachromat). The number of cases involved is also very small, I expected to see 30+ cases
0:49 thats the dude from quirkology.
12:07 Shows the name so you are correct.
His name is Richard Wiseman. He IS from Quirkology channel. I searched Richard Wiseman up and I saw Quirkology videos.
+CT2507 You're an empty-headed moron. You're not deep just because you believe in nonsense.
+Tim Alexanderwhy dont u make me sweet mouth, or is all u are good at taking selfies and communicating in one-sentence primal cry-outs?
+CT2507 You fuck off too, Dumbass.
+RACHEL MILLINGTON i think this is true. this thing of looking into cells has happened to me on a couple of occasions in my life, but only in dreams or meditations. once i dreamed that i was getting a psoriases attack on my left leg. in the dream i zoomed in and saw things happen on a cell-level. i saw the sick cells exploding like cauliflowers in my skin ruining my skin. there was a person in the dream explaining me what and why it was happening, but i didn't pay attention when i woke up cause i didn't really believe in that dream. a few days after it happened in real life. i had psoriases on my left leg for 5 years from that day.
+RACHEL MILLINGTON Fuck off you dumb cunt
Is this true, cause my daughter is experiencing the same thing

Babylon Zoo - The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes

The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes by Babylon Zoo.

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they made Spaceman the first single ... in the review ... so stupid to release this song as a third single... This song is the real deal... Its the essence of Jas and the Sandkings ... But if you build a fanbase upon a levis spot and spaceman, you shouldnt expect this fanbase to be tolerant... If you listen to this song ... you can see what Jas wanted to do... but he never had a fanbase like ie thom (yorke) ... ...
But if you think about it, this wouldn't be a succes at first when no one knew about them, because this is something you make when people know who you are, because it doesn't got the 'mainstream' sound. Spaceman is, an awesome song too, but more mainstream if you get my point.. This is a more special song, better if you ask me.
tbh, if he released this and animal army before spaceman then they probaby would of been hits but the problem was after having such a big hit with spaceman then if it wasent as big then he was lablled as a one hit wonder!
It's sad this band never caught on. Their music is fairly derivative of others at times, but that's not to say they weren't good. Would love to see how they could have developed.
Only ever really heard spaceman the original not the mix so decided to look for more songs by bz, let's just say I'm thoroughly impressed, very underratted!
Sam Bechler - arsehole French teacher at Pendeford High School: Jas Mann is on record as saying this song is about you, you fat psychotic cunt.
love this song, thanks for posting, love the pic with jas mann's eyes, wasn't sure it was zooming in at first, thought i was going mad, ha ha
@rendofarend Only way this is more Beatles is if it was recorded by Beatles. So yeah, pretty much Oasis from space . :D
You know what? Shut the fuck up! If you don't know anything about the good music, don't open your mouth, please.
@NestorVangeli Anyone who can say or understand 'chak de phatte' has to be an Indian. Jay Punjab! Jay India!
@bishoycrouch yeah animal army for starters, then this and then spaceman, just to top off the awesomeness ;]
great song!! sounds like it should be played at the beggining of a movie for some reason though lol
omg...i used to hear it over and over...."what is love? is it something inside my brain?".....
oh sweet memories, nostalgic, hanging around the CD store listining to this album every day lol
SPICE ! its not a suprise... nothing really matters to him... Enjoy your lifes. Best `Chris
Sounds really Beatles esque. V. good, pity more people didn't appreciate them more.
@jcSoco He started founding media companies. He appears to be a record label guy.
i will dance with u
It's as if David Bowie himself were there. Simply excellent.
@Hollandia777 hes not indian hes english believe it or not
They had two albums and a few singles, my friend.
hai beccato in pieno il binomio comunque non male
yeah,Mulder haha ☺ sorry i'm insane i'm insane
nothing to do with beatles, this is much better.
@NestorVangeli from wolverhampton XD, local manz
l think they were very infuenced by david bowie
Don't know why but i really liked this album...
sounds almost bowie-ish at the start, like it!
@mmoberst666 i hope you get prostate cancer
Definitely my favorite band of all time!

Psychic University (Episode 2) How To Have X-Ray Eyes/ Natasha Demkina

How to have x-ray vision, and see through people. How to diagnose illnesses. I am also going to reteach how to see energy, beings, ghosts, spirits, spirit guides, ...

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Kelli, I attend "teletraining seminars" for continuing education credits on the internet. The presenter has a laptop she looks at, where people can e-mail questions on topics she is discussing; it's a paid for class. We get breaks every hour. It's something the presenter can do from home and have live interaction w a wide range audience. This is an inexpensive way to have a Psychic School and charge for your time and be quite successful. I am ready to sign up, as soon as you get it set up.
Kelli, do your own psychic school through teletraining, it's so easy for you to do! Just get a Pay Pal Account, download some software and you are good to go already. You will make MORE than a million dollars in 2013, if you do your own training. Why do you want to give your talent/gift away and partner with anyone? They need you. You don't need them. Hey, I'm a Houston, TX gal and just looking out for you. When can I register?
Gwizz that Very intresting, I see double vision some time when I am, unfocusing my eyes, I can see through both images and see what is directly behind? what is happening am I seeing around the object or throught it? Some time I see static on the person or object and again I can see through parts but it changing all the time the parts I can see static on? Thanks for all your great wisdom, love and peace of mind to all.
I wish I could attend a psychic seminar/class from you, Kelli! You've taught me so much just through YouTube and meeting you face to face would be so amazing. You're more of a celebrity to me than any of those actors and athletes and musicians we see on the covers of magazines. Thanks for being so helpful and for caring about all of us so much. Samantha is lucky to have you as a mom! I wish you could adopt me! XD
Medical Intuitive is cool seeing through people and seeing illness. It's like remote viewing but ablevto see inside the persons body and detect illness. But at times it shows up in the aura. Definitely open a Psychic School we need more people doing this to help people open there ability it also gives them hands on experience, and confidence! :)
Very excited for your new journey! You are receiving so many positive blessings since your energy is so positive and your light so bright. Can't wait to hear more details and it would be awesome to attend one of your seminars. Perhaps someday in the future...
side topic. i have accidently seen myself through other peoples eyes like 3 times in my life. the last time was for like 5 secounds. any ideas or know how to turn off and on this gift? thanks for reading i love you ^_^
Congrats on the psychic class at the university! When are you going to have another Google Plus Chat with your friends? Please let us know the time of your Live Chat beforehand. Thank you Kelli!
If you are able to start a school in the future, i would love to go to it. I'm 19 and not really sure what i wanna do with my life, but i'd love to study what you teach :)
Awesome video! Congrats on Teaching. You are such a good teacher. It's gonna be cool to see what people do with Kelli and Samantha School! Keep up the Awesome Vids!
i think the best way to explain it would be like how you told us how to heal by seeing the body as clear and by manipulating the energy
Thanks Mike! I did not know what you called this gift. If you have time later, maybe you can educate me on the terminology. :)
That is a fantastic idea! If it does not work out with this university, I will check that out! Thank you for the information!
I would be really interest in a class I want to learn about past lifes, and third eye techniques.
I wish I lived closer... I don't think I will ever be able to attend psychic classes here :(
i think id enjoy skyping with you LOL kellee.. love your vids thank somuch for your time !
Check out spirit science ! I want to know what you think about it. I think it's amazing.
kelli for the next video can you do a tutorial how to move objects with my mind?
You should go over inner earth andthe insides of planets! It would be so cool!
please come in Italy too ..please please... I will reach you wherever you come
the school idea is such a great idea! Good Luck on all your plans =D
You are getting older and older but everyday you become more cuter!
i think that would be awesome to see you having your own schooll!!
yes.. great idea:) i'll also sign up (fr Trinidad and Tobago)
what was that at the top left corner at around 0:58 - 1:00
wwwweeeee XD thanks Kelli, Im really excited to learn this
You can see people´s illnesses just by looking at them?
can you make a tutorial about how to blur your eyes?
For sure I can teach you some of the terminology. :)
Hi Kelli! Have you done a video on empaths at all??
When are u go start the x-ray vision series Kell?

Bodyshock The Girl With X Ray Eyes 2 of 4

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This girl has the ability to visualize and notice different shades, colours or depressions that engulf certain parts of the body, and all this is possible if one allows oneself to drift inwardly using one's mind. She sees with her inner eye ... something anyone can train themselves to do ... so I personally would not call it "x-ray-eyes." I could be wrong of course ...
+paulitza9 stop
People lie for attention all the time. She's obviously just deducing information from people, the same way "psychics" do. I bet you morons believe psychics are real too, though...
+The KillaKlown  Why so harsh, bro? Seriously, you sound like a Nazi. Should you be killed simply because you're a jerk? I say no, but if you insist on weeding out the unfit, perhaps YOU should do us a favor and put yourself out of OUR misery. Not hating, just saying.
+The KillaKlown A simple test would be to stand her in front of somebody who had a part MISSING like a kidney or something or a person with a tumor and then see what she says, either something is there or it isn't,  But even if Natasha is lying, she's a regular Sherlock and the medical profession needs people like her. She has no medical training but diagnoses maladies accurately, so yeah, I hope she does become a doctor, I think the world needs her.
+paulitza9 LMFAO you people seriously crack me up. Honestly, just kill yourself. You don't belong in this world.
+The KillaKlown Reading the comments strewn across these and other videos demonstrates so much want/need that confirmation bias occurs. That eliminates people's ability to identify things like cold reading, which most of us do to a limited degree daily, because they already "know" that psychics exist. Moreover (and unfortunately), the law also protects frauds. Take this case and the "ambush" technique. She can sue/win for that because of damages to her reputation.
+The KillaKlown Some people are unable to visualize in their mind ... but with practice all things are possible. Some people visualize in black and white, others actually see colours. Close your eyes and think of an apple, and see if you can differentiate it from being either green or red ... practice makes perfect. Other people are naturally introduced to this ability due to some illness ... and are able to visualize once they have recouperated from whatever they had ... Your mind is able to achieve many amazing things, if you allow it to and still be rational and logical person when you need to be. Believe me, it works ...
+The KillaKlown Obviously you do not have any psychic or other intuitive abilities that would enable you to be able to do other extraordinary things in your life. There is nothing wrong with that, but perhaps you should consider that you too can harness any gift that you wish to have ... all it takes is to relax yourself in a comfortable position, and to allow nature to infiltrate your whole being ... perhaps you'd like to lie in the grass and look up to the tip of the trees and be aware of the rustling of the leaves and feel the gentle breeze just as the leaves do ... don't think or try to be logical ... just allow yourself to feel nature around you ... and the ability of visualization will enable you to see amazing things ...
Did anybody else notice that her pupils get huge when she is doing the xray vision thing? It's either drugs or she isn't faking it that's my conclusion lol
+Evelyn Hartsel Why is it so difficult for you to accept that she has a genuine gift? I don't think that she has x-ray eyes, rather, she sees with her inner eye ... something anyone can train themselves to do ...
I really think Natasha's gift is a godly one, it's supernatural nowonder it's defying hard line skeptics and medical science, 
+teya asu Not really I figured out the possibility well before the video got to the point of the hypothesis of the psychologists, I'm not claiming to be super intelligent it's basic deduction.
when the scientist do not know whats going on, they said people lie , fake something !!
+Antony Yap hes creating hypothesis.

The Man With The X Ray Eyes! (1938)

Titles read: "THE MAN WITH THE X RAY EYES!" United States of America. C/U of the eyes of Kuda Bux, an Indian man who claims to have x-ray eyes. Before a ...

Boys With Xray Eyes - Play Misty For Me

Boys With X Ray Eyes first started out in the midst of 2006, when five friends realised they all had what it took to enslave the Welsh Nation with a face full of Metal ...



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Thank you, after Larry Cohen was so dismissive of Ray Milland last week ( to paraphrase "he never did anything good beyond uninvited and lost weekend"), I instantly thought of this movie and the big clock. The ending stuck with me as a kid watching the 4:00 movie, and the religious bits made it far better as an adult.
Don Rickles was in the AIP beach movies around the same time this was made. Ray Milland was hanging around AIP too, having both starred in and directed PANIC IN THE YEAR ZERO the previous year. Look for Dick Miller and Jonathan Haze as a couple of smart asses.
One of those films that always seemed to show up late nights when I was a kid. The end of the film always creeped me out, and still does. Ray Milland was just so good in everything, even in lower budget material.
this looks nice, i think Corman's ability to make such entertaining titles despite the obvious limitations is such an overlooked aspect of his style
Awesome cool movie ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Cacophony - Go Off! (1988) Full Album

01. 00:00 - X-Ray Eyes 02. 05:10 - E.S.P 03. 11:17 - Stranger 04. 14:42 - Go Off! 05. 18:31 - Black Cat 06. 26:15 - Sword Of The Warrior 07. 31:26 - Floating ...

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I used to listen to this on Grooveshark and the track order was different - 1st track was Black Cat and last was X-Ray Eyes. Worked much better that way IMO.
+Jephso ok, agreed, queens a kind of magic album starts with one vision and this song stars with mysterious sounds, so such sounds must have a bigger effect, i listened to this for the first time in 1991 and this is qhy i consider the entire album very mysterious, on top of that a few songs were written for the highlander movie and it added to the overall effect. Were talking about special cases here :-P
+Various Things Hmm, I know what you mean, but in my order the album started with the mysterious sound effects of Black Cat and ended on the killer outro riff of X-Ray Eyes.
+Jephso no its just a matter of being used to a different order, I remember this from listening to different pirate cassetes, especially Queen albums, we didnt have official releases until early 90s, i can remember the Innuendo album on a pirate cassette without The show must go on, when I bought the original cassette I couldnt get used to to fact that this recording was from this album, i cannot get used to it even today, 24 years have passed, there have been a few other cases like this, even less disturbing :)
1 dislike....yngwie...is that you over there???? Got Krispy Kreme for ya....
Watch the home video..the 1st one..Cowboys from Hell one..
It's a story Phil told ..about how they were at same hotel,as yngwie and were filming for Pantera home video...and offered 3him donuts..here man..have a donut,,Dime said..and yngwie like."Get that fuckin thing outta my way..I dont want no fuckin donuts!!
Dime and Vinnie reference?

XRay Eyes - Oceans Ate Alaska Vocal COVER

Um, Austin and i tend to cuss alot. Forewarning :p GREAT FUCKING SONG.

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I suck soo bad, i know. LOLOL. Thats why i won the vocal cover competition from this band and why they messaged me telling me they thought i was pretty great and that if they ever came out to where i live, they'd think about letting me do guest vocals. Think what you want, brooo. But i know i don't suck. Take your jealousy somewhere else xD
No it's just my friend Austin's room. It's paint hahah. And about the cleans, i only sing because i have terrible ADHD and it kills me sitting there waiting to scream again. I know the singing isn't great, but it's just to fill time. :p
I stress this in EVERY video i upload. I only sing during some of my covers because i have terrible ADHD and standing there waiting to scream again just eats at me. So i sing, as a filler. I know its bad, but i do it anyways.
You sound amazing in every way...The people who say you suck are just jealous that they dont have a good talent and wont get anywhere in life...I absolutely LOVE your screaming it is just simply outstanding!
thanks.. i think? xD and, tshirts? no. unless i find a few guys to finally start a band with. ive got a drummer and another vocalist. i need a bassist and a rhythm guitarist, and maybe even a synth player.
i never said that nobody could do it better than me? i just said that if im so fucking terrible according to you, then lets see you do it better than me.
Your screaming is pretty nice but you're bad at the cleans though. If you decide to open up a band, you better have the other vocalist sing :p
did you murder someone in the name of satan? theres blood (or ketchup) all over the wall. btw should have just not done the cleans...
hahah no, its not. Its my friend Austin's room and he just took some red paint and flung it everywhere xD
@Jordan Jacobsen, if you read this I want you to know you scream like a fucking BOSS. Great Vocals Bro!
Thank you guys for the support. It really means alot. And i mean it. Like, honestly. Thank you.
You have nice screams, I just didn't liked your cleans. Anyway, you don't suck, keep up ^^
Wtf dude? No offense but you suck. Constructive criticism bro. You need a lot of practice.
lol dude your screams ate fuckin insane, might wanna work on the vocals though
amazing scream but gotta work on your cleans, but you did a great job here bro :)
Your really good!!!!! great choice i love Oceans Ate Alaska they are awesome!!!!
i actually love the cleans and everthing amazing cover
Dam dude great cover...And fuck those haterzzz!
Good screams but need to work on the vocals
i literally played this aleast 12 times..
awhh thanks.(': lets see you do better.
Those cleans xD i think it was a joke
Your screams gave me eargasms!
Is that blood on the walls? Cool.
nicee man keep up the good vocal
you need to learn cleans......
make a scream tutorial :D
great cover check mine?
holy shit, cocky much?
I liked, amazing =]
yeah sure man! :D
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