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How to set up xray on nodus Videos

Nodus 1.6.4 | How To Install WeepCraft 1.6.4 On MINECRAFT 1.6.4

Nodus 1.6.4 | How to install Weepcraft 1.6.4 in MineCraft 1.6.4 and on-wards. Download Link: //adf.ly/WEIMY 101ByDesign's channel: ...

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Not a virus i have great anti virus software, i make most my own hacks, and i have made my own software that allows me to know where and who is hacking on a game so its no virus if it works for me.
To access the command console controls, hit your right Ctrl button To access the menus hit the left control or the right shift key
finally a legit channel . Anyway, your a good channel. I think you have potential, you have a clear voice and you talk straight
estoy en un lugar de gringos O: xD me siento como un ingles entre los que hablan español O: xD
when I put it in my versions I ran my MC I tried to press play but it didn't work what do I do?
what to do when you cannot find the file in the 'version' section in ur minecraft? plz help
Thanks man,You helped me when like 13 other videos couldn't,Subscribe and like,mate!
Just take a look at my channel. I recently uploaded my own Nodus 1.6.4 update :)
Well on the Weepcraft site it does say its for mac 2 but it isn't its a glitch
i hate fuckers like you that say it is for mac when it is for windows
i really wanna hack and get a king rank on the server i play on!
Do you have to make a new profile to play on your account?
Thanks bro.You very very helped me :-) i liked and sub :-)
thank you i'm so hapy 1 comment like and sucribe thxxxx
how do you open the disable thinggy for the no cheats
can you help whenever i go on multiplayer i crash
Can you tell us how to fix the vip failed thing?
hes doind the intro of blurred lines JOKE :)
It said "VIP Load Fail" what does this mean?
good tutorial, easy and it works :D thx bro
Link has been fixed sorry for the trouble

minecraft: How to install Nodus client for 1.3.1

Scroll down for the description... IMPORTANT MESSAGE HERE! I have a new video with ALL clients for Minecraft 1.3 and 1.3.2 !

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Instead of saying this doesn't work, you could also try asking for help... just like all the others I tried to help and who got it working now. Please tell me, you haven't read the whole description/tried the other limks, have you? I'm only trying to help you guys, and I have no time for haters ans/or trolls. If it still doesn't work, try doing it all over or tell me exactly what you did and what you see when you open mc.
What the hell I downloaded it and nodus works, but the language, for english, is jacked up its like ancient writing, i restarted my computer changed my files abita nd it still dosent work... im using pirate and im so annoyed :( plz help me
I tried to updated to 1.3.2 without forcing an update and i had optifine installed so i got blackscreen i tried to play it then i got the done loading bug and it wont fully load the game or update it please help :(
i have the same excact thing happening! :( the nodus works but the writing is like scribble on english! its like a bunch of periods commas and spaces and you can see some english writing
It stopped on done loading :3 srry I didn't reply Iwas on the most horrible trip to Texas....ugh.....seriously you stay wet even when ur out of the shower the humidity der is crazy!!!
Nope the saves and all your other things are stored somewhere else :) Only mods won`t work anymore. Mods are the only things that are stored inside the minecraft.jar.
Yeah I know :P But I just love the GUI of it and it has definitely more hacks than any other client. It just needs some more advanced hacks like obfuscating etc...
Do you mean you have the exe in your downloaded folder? Because that`s an application for something else, I think you have clicked the wrong downloadlink
What happens now when you open Minecraft? If you don`t get it working, open up your launcher and click options, Force Update and login. Itll be fixed now.
When you are on the logging in screen press "Options" and then "Force Update" then "Done" then log in :) PS: This doesn't work, I had the same problem.
i believe you do have to force update,before you do though,copy and paste a copy of your minecraft.jar and put it on your jar,then force update.Done!=)
When I try to delete the minecraft thing It says Th folder was opened in a something I had every thing closed! NOthing but only the bin folder
how come i always get kicked from hunger games servers with nodus? it says ur hacks were detected even though i disabled it through options
When I download it and open minecraft, it won't fully load, and I have to keep uninstalling then downloading the game again. What do I do?
Is it true dat if u download this mod i have to force update first to clear all my mods for this vid to work cab anyone reply this
hmmm how come you can only see lava water iron ore and dimond ore u used to see all the ores do you think he will update it?
I downloaded minecraft from the pirate bay. In the folder there is no jar just a exe for the program to install minecraft.
I installed it and i got "NodusUpdate(1).jar what do i do? i did that but didnt get the screen with download and skip
how do i download nodus for 1.2.5, because most servers are in 1.2.5. when i try, it gives me a black screen
Can you get rei's minimap mod working ASWELL on nodus? because i reallyy really really want the minimap mod
press y key and you can click on menus, otherwise search for tutorials :) There are plenty of them on yt

Nodus Tutorial Part 1

click Y to start the set up. Make sure you add Rearview! It is super helpful. Press X for xray. Press R for Flight. Press G for Fastbreak Press F for fullbright Press H ...

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Awesome vid man! Keep on the good work!

Minecraft 1.5.2 Best hacked client Nodus 1.5.2+ with Optifine included [HD]

Read First◅◅◅ * WATCH IN 1080p* ! Hi and welcome to my Minecraft hack tutorial (installing a hacked Client) works on cracked or bought Version ! Now with ...

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Too bad it will maybe be the last Version: Well... this is it. I'm done with Nodus. I've been programming Nodus for a very long time and I've seen it grow into something I don't like at all. The Minecraft community has fallen to shit and Mojang seems to not care. At one point there were 6, 000 people online the Nodus IRC channel (connected from the client) a year ago when we had IRC. That's rediculous. It's been a fun run but it's time to say good bye.
it says i installed nodus but whenever i try to join a server my minecraft crashes same with single player plz help :(
a graphics mod for minecraft. It allows you to Change morge graphic Settings and make minecraft run faster.
i wanna say that theres a redstone bug with the optifine in nodus
Jeb is a ginger prick... that's all I can say :(
Thank you and i subbed im your 7,666 sub
*Mejor cliente hackeado de 1.5.2 :D*
It somehow didn't work for me?
nice vid. u got a sub=D
he might still continue
whats your Problem ??
what is optifiine do
Nvm i got it to work
it dose'nt work
yeah thanks :)
nice, thx
ok thanks
Thanks :D

Nodus 2.0 Minecraft Hacked Client | How To Install + Download Link

Video tutorial on how to download and install the Nodus 2.0 hacked client for Minecraft. ☆ Download here: ➜ //www.mchacks.net/nodus2-hacked-client/ ...

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i cant download it! whit MEGA!
yes thank you, but i cant run it an minecraft can you help me?
+De GameBoys you download with google chrome??? download with internet explorer
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