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How to improve ielts writing Videos

24 Tips you can use now to improve your IELTS Writing Score

//goo.gl/FuCS2P IELTS Writing Tips *********************************************** IELTSPodcast.com Listen to 24 valuable tips to improve your score, then go ...

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Scoring High in IELTS Writing. Tips from British Council !!

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Thank you

Improve Writing on IELTS General Training Task 1 Writing - Letter Writing

We write a sample IELTS General Training Writing Task 1 writing piece for the IELTS test using the free system //esenglish.herokuapp.com Don't know what ...

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Studyforexams,are rude to answer.Aff.Cagar no mato.And try to write in better English,please,team,because on this video,I saw a lottttt of mistakes.hahahaha
you cannot jump back and forth as youi are writting using youir hands in IELTS ...... therer are no jumps in there .
You have used bullet points which are not allowed on task 2, I am wondering if they do allow it on task one?
Does bullet point or numbering style allow in task one?
Thank you.

IELTS Writing Task 1 - What to write!

How to succeed in Task 1 of the IELTS Academic writing section. One question that often comes up in Task 1 is "What should I include in the report?" In this ...

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I got my result 7.5 overall and 8in writng i owe it to 2 people emma and adam i habe not taken any ielts coaching and.totally relied on u guys and the result is all what you taught i wish i could somehow pay you guys a favour thank you so much guys
Please sent me too [email protected]
+Kristine Valdez sent you a message hope it helps
+WORKOHOLIC seriously?email me pls, just any tips that can help me a lot. [email protected] ill wait for you :)
+Kristine Valdez if i cn be of any help ill be happy to cheers and best of luck sharing is caring
+WORKOHOLIC it sounds not so easy huh. im really want to take my exam this 3rd week of dec but im really having a hard time in writing because of those format, and some rephrasing.
+Kristine Valdez but yea they have two tasks in task 1 you have to write as per the given figure or flowchart or graph you have to make strategy as per the question and second task is using your creative as well as written skills so you can make it interesting
+Kristine Valdez my score was supposed to be more listening i got 8.5 reading 8 writing 7 but in speaking i scored terrible coz that day i couldnt reach ny center on time i was out of breath and lost my confidence but for writing i cn give u many tips but that is noteworthy is use simple mediatory vocabulary words and is they getting repeated again try finding a substitute for it
how did you get your writing right? they have a format in ielts exam right?
Hello everyone, Dear Adam thanks a lot for productive lessons and actionable pieces of advice. Could you tell us please, might we use that sentences for beginning paragraph №1:"Looking at the chart in more detail, we can see that, in terms of ..." or "According to the chart in terms of…", is that correct?
+Kristine Valdez thanks a lot.
using this is right "the chart presents, the table present ..." present is a comkor word that is used when youre writing or rephrasing
Give me your email
+arbinder singh  yes,pls send me 0ne.tanx
It's better to study by yourself or look for other videos to watch than listening to these complicated videos. 
you know whats better than that? is to attend to a ielts review center, in there youll have a one-on-one coaching in writing and speaking

IELTS Writing Task 2: How to Improve Your Writing

Share this Video: //youtu.be/MVp0LkHlX1M How to Write IELTS Writing Task 2 Need to improve your writing for IELTS. Are you having difficulties, especially ...

IELTS Writing Task 1: How to Describe a Bar Chart

Essential tips for a high score IELTS bar chart in writing task 1: finding key features, how to write the introduction & overview, organising paragraphs and how to ...

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how do they word count?
+Mariam M See this page: //ieltsliz.com/how-many-words-ielts-writing/Liz
incredibly well explained, Thank you a alot
+Esraa Hk You're welcome :)
I've got an improve on my Writing task after watching this video ! It's so helpful. Thank Liz
+Cooper DOER You're welcome :)
Great video! After months of preparation, now i realized how to write correctly task 1. Thank you so much Liz! You are the best teacher ever! :)
+jorinaki yasmin I'm glad it was useful. You can also find model answers for this lesson and other task 1 on this page: //ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-1-lessons-and-tips/All the bestLiz
Thnx it helped me a lot ❤️
+saeed saleh You're welcome :)
Positive Liz (^_^)
+Emil Veliev Glad you liked it :)
hi Liz, is it also possible to that in the first body paragraph i'll talk about one country on their expenditures and on the second body i'll talk about the other? if yes, which is more effective?
+Kyle Sia It is not a good idea to do that because it means you won;t be comparing them. Bar charts show information in order to compare and you must compare them in your body paragraphs. So, organise them by category rather than country.Liz
I thought that the overview have to be written in the last part as a conclusion.
+Fatih Faiz An overview is not a conclusion. This is a short report, not an essay. See my lessons on the writing task 1 structure and paragraphs to learn where the overview can be written: //ieltsliz.com/writing-task-1-report-structure/Liz
Liz I'd like to thank you for such a great information you provide us. Your work is amazing. Thank you a lot.
+Arlindo Oliveira Thanks for your support. I appreciate it :)

17. How to improve the logical progression of your writing

A very brief lesson on how to improve the quality of your IELTS writing. Blog: //www.ieltsielts.com Website: //www.englishryan.com.

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Hi Ryan, I'm finding your videos extremely useful but I'm not sure I agree with what you have said and written here. The example your student gives does not support his thesis as far as I can tell. The thesis is that a card is safer than cash, the reason why this is true is because a thief has to negotiate the security measures associated with the card if it gets stolen. No such problem with cash. The high denominations can exacerbate the problem but it isn't the cause. I would be tempted to write: Firstly, carrying money as banknotes is not as safe as accessing funds via a debit or credit card. For example, if a card is stolen the thief still has to negotiate the card's security measures in order to make a purchase and complete the theft. However, there is no security, such as a PIN number, preventing the immediate use of a banknote. Therefore, a victim of theft loses the full face value of any banknotes stolen but only loses the replacement cost of any cards stolen, which banks usually waive.This problem can be exacerbated in countries where the currency is issued in very high denominations. I think the counterfeiting is a separate point.Also, the last sentence seems a little superfluous and the paragraph would follow your 4 sentence formula without it. I'd be very interested to hear your opinion. Cheers Rob
Further to my earlier comment you can see why this exam can be so tricky. In the paragraph under discussion there is a certain ambiguity at the center. Does the student mean the money is safer, the carrier is safer or both. I rewrote the supporting paragraph again: Firstly, using cards for all financial transactions is safer than carrying banknotes. For example, if a card is stolen the thief still has to negotiate the security measures to use the card. However, banknotes can be used immediately making their carriers relatively more attractive targets to criminals. Therefore, carrying cards is safer because the money is more difficult to steal and the carrier is safer because they are less likely to be a victim of a premeditated crime. This problem can be exacerbated in countries where the currency is issued in very high denominations.
hey, I find his video very helpful...it's not too slow, it's filled with explanations and at a normal pace (not slow in my opinion), in order to be understood by as many people as possible (including those who cant understand him if he talks faster)....and he seems to think before he talks, which I can't say about you!!! so stop criticizing!!! when you can come up with something better , you can dazzle us with your infinite wisdom...but until then you should just BE THANKFUL!!! so thank u Ryan!!
Firstly, thanks for putting up your videos for public view. Can't thank you more! Have 2 questions and Q1. On the 1000 AED note sentence, shouldn't that be written as "For instance, the United Arab Emirates issues dirhams in denominations as high as 1000." The way it is currently written ".. the UAE's dirham issues denomination as..' sounds like dirham is the issuing authority here, while in reality it's UAE itself (actually their central bank) that issues the notes. Am I right?
I have written the IELTS today. In that I didnt include example for supporting my argument in tast 2. I personally consider i have written mature good english and a good essay. except i havnt added any relevant examples to support my answer. (I forgot to do so) I have written ielts for 3 times previously and now this is my 4th time ... all the previous scores are 5.5 , 5.5, 6.5 :) i need a 6 band in writing ... :( Any one tell me how much band will i get in this IELTS ?
Hi. Thank you for your videos. I have a question in this video about para 1 example. Is the example in para 1 proper? Stating the bank notes constitutes a large amount of money, to me, isn't an example of the topic sentence. Should the example also include the part about if this was stolen this would be large amounts to lose? I'm just a bit confused about the example. Thanks.
These videos are enjoyable. I'm here since my best friend without warning became extraordinary with women. He began getting women magically. He pretended he didn't realize. Then he told me when he was wasted on Tequila. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you'd like to know about it... He is on a date now with a sexy girl...
I have a question: how many words is TOO MANY? It says everywhere that you need to write 150 and 250 words. Nothing about the "top limit", BUT advisors, booklets and such say that you shouldn't write too many words either , because they won't even be marked and it's time wasted. So... what's the limit or advised highest number of words?
I will be very glad if you could please send me some past papers and marking scheme to solve through my email : [email protected] because I like your teaching..it helps alot as I'm now preparing for the test in June..Please kindly help me :( Thank you :)
Question 2: Can we write a common English phrase used in this situation such Cash is Passé Will an IELTS examiner treat the 'Passé' used here as french word and hence not being relevant for an English exam?
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Hello Ryan. First of all, your video is very helpfull. I recomend, however, that you should tell the grades that the example-essays had (or would have, if they were real).
brother ,first of all correct your english grammar ,you showed an eassay of a student but you were calling him as plural ,i.e,they ,what is this?
thank you for your great dedication of time and wealth. your videos are very helpful, and i wish you the very best of luck with your future.
are u always this slow ? u can make ur videos concise by speaking a little fast. u r doing to ur videos as that student did to essay.
Since it's a video, it can always be replayed, if someone doesn't follow u.... WHY R U SO SLOW ?? It's annoying u know !!!
Thanks for the incredible lecture, Ryan. BTW: Why there are so many weird named guys showing ignorance down there???
I think this could be a very helpful video, I did not get throught it. The pace of the explanation could be sped up
I would like to see u coming up with something better...untill then, keep your pathetic comments to yourself!!!!
Many thanks for your contribution. I have enjoyed every lecture of yours so far. Looking forward to MORE!
Hey Ryan, between 9:12 and 9:22, that pause was like.. "That's it, I'm done being part of this world" :D
Hi Ryan your videos proved really helpful to me. I scored 7 in my writing part. Thank you very much.
Hi Ryan, all videos are very helpful to improve writing skills...thanks a lot !!! great work !!
I was laughing so hard when u started reading the student's para...
o man that was realy benificial but extremely slow any how thanks
Very good analysis example of a sample essay Thank you Ryan.
Dear Ryan, You are a wonderful teacher! God bless you.
very much helpful.can we write in running handwriting
Your video is very helpful to me. Thank you so much.
I like your teaching. are you in Christ? God bless
Pathetic ... very slow pace , time wastage.
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