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Why there isn't an Ammo Shortage in the UK

One of the biggest topics down to range or online is why there is an ammo shortage in the US. Although getting better, some rounds like CCI MiniMag can be ...

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3:50 - 'Over in the UK we are not allowed pistols'. This is not true, as the authorities in Northern Ireland, also part of the UK, DO allow modern-style cartridge-firing handguns of all kinds. tac
+tacfoley *most of the UK
The shortage was after sandy hook right?
Yeah, it was the panic buying in the States.
I've only been able to buy 2 boxes of Remington .22 lr (325 rounds per box) in the last 2.5 years because I refuse to pay 2-4 times what it is actually worth.
+VolksPrepper We've been lucky so far in the UK but it's now caught up with us and there's been no Mini Mag or HV .22LR for a few months and delivery of more seems to be pushed further and further back.
How much does ammo cost if it is a fair amount I see no problem in this law. If you can't go shooting for a while like maybe you just had a newborn child and you don't have time to shoot would they decrease the amount of ammo you could have or would it stay
+EnglishShooting What calibers are allowed in the uk to shoot with?
+SixShooterBlake .22LR is £50-£70 per 1000 and full bore .223/.308 is around £50-£75 per 100. Ammo isn't a significant cost in shooting, depending on how much you shoot of course but I get through about £20 a week but I shoot a fair amount.No they wouldn't change it,if you don't use the guns or don't have a need for them then they could take them away.
so how to you raise the ammo limit on your FAC? and what is the maximum?
+laurence couch There's no set maximum, it's all about what you need and what the FLO thinks you need. If you have one single shot .22LR and shoot 3 times a year then you'll be lucky to get 200 but if you have multiple .22LR, shoot regularly and shooting in competitions then I've seen people get 10,000 limits as they need to batch test. For .22LR anywhere between 1000-2000 is the norm and full-bore will be 200-500 on average.
i read that with a SGC their ant a limit of shotgun rounds that you can buy and store, is that true?
+michael fisher That's true, you could have 10,000 shipped right to your door no problem and just keep them in you garage.
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