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How to pronounce th Videos

Pronunciation - TH - through, weather, lethal, breath, breathe

//www.engvid.com/ Did you know there are two ways to pronounce the "TH" sound in English? Find out the difference in sound between words like "three" ...

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Sir , thanks for all your useful videos . I wanted to ask if there any precise rules concerning TH Pronunciation i.e. When to pronounce it "th" as in "myth" and when to pronounce it "th" as in "mother" . Sorry for not being able to write "th" in the transcriptional manner. Please answer my question as soon as possible. best regards and best of luck for you Sir .
+Alaeddine Boutamine At the beginning of a word, I can't think of a way to determine this. If it comes somewhere within the word, it will be said as it is in mother. If it ends the word, it will be said as in myth.EDIT: I just noticed, there may be some exceptions like lethal and panther, which he has on his board, but for the most part, th in the middle will sound like mother.
Should bathe and brathe be on the other side?
+MC germanpusher No. He has them on the right side.
learning foreign language is not easy...and they say English is the easiest language to learn!;-)
Its actually is pretty easy to learn for a german because there are many similarities between the languages and you speak it almost everywhere, but the really hard thing is the pronounciation.
+Anna K It all depends on what your native language is. Spanish will be easier for an Italian to learn, and English will be easier for a Dutchman or Norwegian to learn. Both languages would be hard for a Korean.It may be hard for me to make a judgement on this since English is my native language, but if I had to guess, I'd say for a European English grammar is easy since it's not as complex as most European languages, but learning the spelling is hard. The borrowing of so many French and Latin words has really screwed up our spelling, and it doesn't help that it hasn't been updated in something like 400 years.
Hi Alex! Why do I usually listen to British and specially American people saying the ð sound as a d? It's very hard for me to say sentences as "is there..." or "is this..." fast using the correct pronunciation and, in addition, it seems that the major part of the population doesn't care about this sound. Why? Do I just have to do more exercise?
+Alessandro Serra It is important to get this pronunciation right. If you are hearing native speakers say it as a d, my guess is that it must be certain accents that are doing this. A native speaker saying it this way would come across as being uneducated.It will just take some practice for you to get it. One thing that may help is that you don't need to put your tongue as far between your teeth as the teacher is. Only the very tip of the tongue is needed. I think he was only doing it that way so it could be seen more easily on camera.Let's use 'is there' as an exercise. Say it slowly, and let the s sound be drawn out to a long sound (isssssss). Now while still holding the s sound, slide your tongue forward till the tip of your tongue moves between your teeth, becoming the th sound. Keep practicing this, and start doing it faster as you become more used to it. Hopefully this helps you. Good luck!
I am British and I can't pronounce th, I say v or f.
+Dan M British is not unlike cursive writing in spoken form, while American is closer to german, and harsher.

How to Pronounce "TH" Properly in English

Visit for more English learning! //gonaturalenglish.com/ Did you know that there are two different 'Th' sounds in English? If you have trouble with listening for ...

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I can't stop pronouncing "TH" like "Z". It's so annoying.
Okay, thanks!
+Mr Brightside Keep practicing! For individual help, check out our VIP course! You can join here: //bit.ly/1Q8lXY7
I've been having difficulties with pronouncing th and your video really helped, thanks!
+lipa lowinger Thanks! Share the video with your friends!
Thanks for your advices! You explain very well.. thank you very so much.
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Great explanation video! Thanks!
+Luiz Carvalho Thanks so much for your message. I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying learning as part of the Go Natural English community. To get free tips, a free eBook, and see if the premium paid Go Natural English courses are for you, please visit //gonaturalenglish.com
Whenever I say three I say trreee with a heavy r
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The TH Sound In English

//EffortlessEnglishClub.com/7rules The "TH" sound in English is difficult to pronounce for some people. In this video AJ teaches two ways to pronounce TH ...

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A.J. Where are you from? Thanks.
He is from south of united states, he mentioned that in the previous video
Next time explain how to pronounce when the 'th' is at the end of the word [ like tooth, teeth, mouth ] (There're one of the hardest things to pronounce, at least for Brazilians).
+Marcelo Lima Use the first way that he demonstrates for those.
I wasn't even aware that there were two alternatives. Now comes the panic: when do you use one, when the other? Are there any rules? Or every word has its own rule? THHHHank you.
+Fabio Spelta There are not many rules to this kind of things.
+Fabio Spelta and of course there are some exceptions to the "rules" I wrote before…you could check the pronunciation in a dictionary and make a list of the words under two headings "buzzy-TH" and "soft-TH" and try to learn/memorise their pronunciation from there.
+Fabio Spelta honestly… there aren't any "real/written" rules. yet you could say that :1a. words related to family (father, mother, brother…) plus their derivatives (fatherly…)1b. words that have grammatical/syntactic function (that, further, rather, other, the…)are pronounced as "buzzy-TH" sound.2. all the other words mostly of greek origin (theory, theme…) and all those indicating something real/existing in the real world (thing, think, thought…)are pronounced as "soft-TH"sound.hope this helps you…
I cant :(((( somebody help me :((( pls
+Tus Nguyen In order to make the softer TH sound make sure the tongue is relaxed. Keeping the tongue relaxed will help create a small space for the air to go through. I find it may be harder to stick the tongue out very far so just stick it out a little bit. Then when I make the sound, I do a slight curl of the tip of my tongue towards my top teeth and then drag the tongue back into the mouth. The tongue will just slightly scrape the top and bottom teeth while making this motion. This soft sound is made purely with blowing air.The buzzing sound is similar, but the tongue is more stiff and scrapes the top teeth slightly harder. Start by making a normal z sound. When you are comfortable with that try to make it with your tongue between the teeth.
How about "health" "stealth" or "myth"? Help.
+Keith Deneke Park Daren Just say the voiced part of the word first, and then add the quiet 'th' to the end. The quiet 'th' is the first one he demonstrates.

How to pronounce TH, S, F sounds in English

//www.engvid.com English is confusing! So many letters can be pronounced in different ways! In this free English pronunciation lesson, I teach you how to ...

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I've tried really hard to pronounce the th sound all I could do it's a bunch of faces with my mouth. The video is interesting and funny though :)
I find it bad that I was born in Britain and actually learned some terminology :D I wish my teachers in school had as much enthusiasm.
Thanks you so much, I have been struggling with those sounds since 5 years old ._. Finally at the age of 12 I actually learned them.
Im english and have been pronouncing th as F and V all my life. I just realised and I'm finding it really hard saying th :(
so why do you read the paper all the time? ja ja always i get founded reding the news.... im kidding dude! ja ja
Although I'm not a native speaker of English, my ability at English is better than uneducated native speakers'.
Good Video but the problem is the voice is not that clear hope you`ll put a clear video next time n thank you .
Thank you very much James. I had confused how to pronounce th sound before I watched your video.
Thank you I have trouble with my f and ths , this video really help me fix it kinda
thanks for your lesson,now i know how to pronounce th sounds :D
@JamesESL How can I make the difference between THr and THv ?
it seems impossible to me to say the Th... in both cases @[email protected]
very interestning useful video ! Thank youuu so much engvid
He is funny teacher ha! :)) Nice. I like your actions.
6th! It was about time teaching that, man! Thanks :)
best lesson and so simply explained - thank you
@mitsubishi777 Cool story bro! I highly doubt it!
Thank you very much! This was really helpful!
Very helpful. Thanks a lot and keep going!
Awesome as ever ! Thanks ! Thanks a lot !

"TH" Pronunciation English Meeting ESL Lesson

Free pronunciation lesson (North American English). Pronunciation of the voiced & voiceless "TH" sound. EnglishMeeting.com video with Dave Sconda. I hope ...

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This is so funny, i don't know
+Ana Carolina ikr... i am laughing like an idiot here
probably the hardest sound for romantic language native speaker to pronounce correctly.
+MXM ya you can put [something]-isation to a thing and tada! it's a verb! also my father says it doesn't much matter where the vowel goes because proper english is difficult, bad-but-understood works ok (ps still can't do t-h, it is unnatural)
Great class, Mr Sconda! It helps a lot, congrats!
Bonjour. Nnmhn b b vbv xv chccv c ggfv c c c xgg hi I Jo pl knowPpog
i really like your video,i saw this first in esl school and i couldn't get over that's why i watched it again..you're a good teacher and a funny one,..
+Switzel Bencolado kayyaaaah!!!!hahahahah may skype ka?just add me,myself and I -hahahaha Joan Calubiran skype id ko..
+Joan Calubiran joaaan ! cant belive na makikita kita dito ! hahahaha

How to Pronounce the "Th" Sound | English Lessons

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At least half of the UK can't pronounce 'th', including some teachers! It's mostly laziness with a sprinkling of ignorance. 
I wouldn't exactly say "laziness", but you're right, ignorance is a key factor.

English Pronunciation - Th & S

//www.engvid.com/ Probably the two most mispronounced sounds that cause misunderstood communication in English -- TH and S. Now learn how to sound ...

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Entonces "th"se pronuncia casi como "D"?? Sólo es una duda, gracias por tus vídeos me ayudan mucho :)
+Alejandro Mendoza tambien esta la otra "TH" es en poniendo la lengua entre los labios y expirando aire
+Alejandro Mendoza no se pronuncia como una "D" ese sonido se produce con la lengua detras de los dientes el "TH" se pronuncia pronuncia poniendo tu lengua entre los dientes y haciendo una vibracion cuando "dices "dedo" hay una vibracion en el "do" el sonido es similar, espero poder ayudar
Thank you for the video..
who wants to practice english with me? Please comment here(I'm Brazilian).
+SJ Gamer ceday96 skype/// Help me
aiko altubar
yes, tell me your skype
+SJ Gamer I a little english almost nothing, I´m Dominican and and I want to practice, do you?
+SJ Gamer I'm vietnamese (skype: van_hieu_le). Are your skype name ...??Thanks you very much.
skype please
.me.I want to know more how to speak english
Kik: yago_chaves
of course
I thought your english is good enough?
Me. 4396499102 whatssap

How to Link the TH Sound: American English Pronunciation

ESL: How to link TH. TH can be a tricky sound to link to other consonants. Mailing List: //eepurl.com/gjjNz Course link: ...

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this is like the best channel I've ever watched on YouTube. This video is recorded like 3 years ago so do you have classes now?
And do you think it's possible that a foreigner can finally speak English as good as American? Like, I'm calling someone and he can't tell if I was a foreigner or an American just based on my English.
+Harry Whatever I still make videos every Tuesday, and just recently published my first book! //rachelsenglish.leadpages.net/american-english-pronunciation/
Hello Rachel, I've been watching your videos for 2 years and my English pronunciation has been improved A LOT. However, I've had trouble linking the "z" sound with the "s" or "sh" sound recently. I wonder if native speakers often tend to drop the "z" sound or they pronounce it but more softly. For example: "She's showing off her shoes collection." or "He's sad." I hope you will reply my comment. Thanks in advance.
+An An You're exactly right. We will drop the Z when linking into an S (or you can think of it as changing the [z] to an [s] sound: hessad. Same with SH.
I read and write a lot of English as a computer engineer, but I always dread living up to the expectations of foreign clients since my Swedish pronunciations shines through. I'm so happy I found your videos!
+Pontus Ekholm Awesome!
Hi Rachel, I'm very confused of speaking "asked' in sentence. Can you make a video how to speak this word in sentence naturally?
+Doan Nguyen Thanks for this suggestion.
i tried and tried to tried to master it but i can not. its driving me insane , help me Rachel plzzz
Have you tried to practice while watching yourself on the mirror? I do this and really helps. :)

How to Pronounce 'TH' - English Sound Practice (Heather Hansen)

Visit //englishpronunciationcourse.com to sign up for my FREE, 8-part English Pronunciation Short Course! Learn how to pronounce the TH sound in this ...

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'With' in English is voiced. Not sure about American English?
Like the town "Atherstone", it's pronounced "A...The....stun".
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