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How to pronounce gyllenhaal Videos

Jake Gyllenhaal speaks out on his 'ridiculous' name

Beautiful beefcake Jake Gyllenhaal sets the record straight on how to pronounce and spell his absurd surname. Follow us on Twitter at ...

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Lol. Not even Jake know how to pronounce this... I speak swedish.
+Jazmine Ahmed It would actually be pronounced with a long "a"; "hal" rather than "hall" (yes, his name is basically "golden slippery" in modern Swedish). Haal or Hahl (both variations were attested at one time) derives from the name of his forefathers farm; Hahlegården. When Nils Hahl/Haal was ennobled for his service in the 30-year war he just slapped a "golden" infront of his surname. One of few times that "Aa" in any scandinavian name or word would actually be pronounced as a long "A" rather than as "Å".
+hiruqer he's not, you larva
+cloned81 he's joking you maggot
+LifeAsIKnowIt : You are from Norway. You pronouce names differently than us, so TRUST ME when I say that in Swedish, you don't pronouce Å in the name.
+Jazmine Ahmed Bestefaren kom til Norge etter andre verdenskrig. Litt usikker hvor fra...startet med Alv tror jeg, men nå bor de i alle fall i Trondheim....lol
+LifeAsIKnowIt : Gyllenhaal is an adel last name, I'm positive your friends last name isn't that. Vars e din kompis från? It doesn't matter. Å doesn't fit in anywhere in the name :)
+Jazmine Ahmed actually i do, my best friend have the same last name...
+LifeAsIKnowIt : You must not know how this name is pronouced if you think that Å fits in somewhere. Yill-en-hall, that's how you pronouce the name. Even if, as cloned81 said, the Y doesn't really exist in english. But it is NOT Jill-en-hål or Jillenhulahei.
Eh, no, it isn't at all...
+cloned81 well its still closer than jillenhaal
lol. Jake said, jillenhulahei...
+cloned81 in the end of his name it is two a's, so doesn't it make it to a å. If so it's pronounced almost the way jake said it - jill-en-hål
+Jazmine Ahmed thank you so much
+Jazmine Ahmed Well done, Jazmine. The Y sound doesn't really exist in english. But as one can see, the name is pretty straight forward. Not as convoluted as Jake Gyllenhaal makes it out to be.
+Andrew Garfield Yill-en-hall. That's the closest I can describe it to Americans who have never heard the name pronounced in actual Swedish.
+cloned81 LOL How is it pronounced then?

How To Pronounce Jake Gyllenhaal

This video shows you how to pronounce Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Carmilla brought me here
+Teddy Pearyeah xD
yes! LOL
Hav u heard the swag and tsú one
Alfie bought me here
Same, I swear to god though if Felix hears this he will be amazed!

How to Pronounce Maggie Gyllenhaal

This video shows you how to pronounce Maggie Gyllenhaal. SUBSCRIBE for how to pronounce more //full.sc/13hW2AR Margaret Ruth "Maggie" Gyllenhaal ...

How to Pronounce the Name of Jake Gyllenhaal in English

Learn how to say the name of Jake Gyllenhaal in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded.

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lol "whatthehell Amy", he's joking in that video.
One of the most difficult names!

Maggie Gyllenhaal Interview Learns Her Real Name

Five Questions: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal answers five questions from USA TODAY.

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Such a beautiful, intelligent woman who can really captivate her audience. I remember seeing her back in 2001 with Donnie Darko My favorite part from her: "Donnie: You are such a fuckass. Elizabeth: Did you just call me a fuckass? You can go suck a fuck. Donnie: Oh, please, tell me Elizabeth, how exactly does one suck a fuck? Elizabeth: You can go suck a fuck! Donnie: Oh, please tell me, Elizabeth: how exactly does one suck a fuck?" Sorry for the language, I just that part. :D
Stupid bimbo bitch ! A grown-up airhead valley girl. Like 'Totally Tubular !" Why don't you just giggle, and roll your eyes a few more hundred times. So glad to hear that given up smoking, andgotten thru 30 pages of a thick book. and you asinine comments re: the 9-11 Attacks "I think America has done reprehensible things and is responsible in some way..." Like, G.W. Bush giving feedom to over 30 Million Iraqis and 28 million Afghanis ?? You idiot !!
@fraxus She's actually gorgeous in person. I got the opportunity to watch the stars walk the red carpet at the Spirit Awards, a few months back. I saw her and was surprised by how pretty she actually is, and by how tall she is! Don't know why she looks so strange on camera, though =/
@ChicagoNeilcon if you have something political to say, why don't you try to express yourself in another way, this is kinda childish, and she has - like you, the right to have a political opinion, but she hasn't talked bad about you or anyone else for that matter for having one!
"She is mean and stuck up as many said. Never liked her saying America deserved 9/11 snd thst we deserved it. So cruel." You a dumbass, batskandar, and so are they. She never said that. And by the way, she did not have the intention to piss you off with 9/11 comments.
I think she's ugly LOL She reminds me of a grandma, and what's with her hunched over shoulders? Makes her look more like a senior citizen. I just don't really respect her or her brother. Their dad, a movie producer got them into movies
@fraxus You're right, she looked rather odd in that movie... I suppose it's true what they say, some people just aren't very photogenic. The camera doesn't flatter everyone, I guess. Maybe the angles? Bad lighting? lol, I dunno.
I hope I never see her in an upcoming Batman movie.. It's a miracle my eyes didn't melt when I first saw her on The Dark Knight. I guess the Joker was being funny when he called her beautiful.
I think her eyes are stunning. If she were to have high cheekbones, and a pointy or sth nose, then I think she'll be beautiful. Sadly, everyone has flaws. We are human beings for god sake.
I don't understand how some people see her as ugly? She has lovely bright eyes and a very pretty face overall, she verges on stunning at times imo. Hubby is a bit of alright too.
I can't see how people could say she is ugly. She is not ugly. Now there are some ugly fuckers in the town where I live. Pig ugly. They don't look like Maggie Gyllenhaal.
I really like her! I think she reminds me of Katie Holmes and Kirsten Dunst combined for some reason... You HAVE to watch her movie The Secretary (2002) Awesome movie...
@TheAngelSpeaks15 Fair comment - I never saw her in person. OTOH She doesn't look at all attractive to me in Dk.Knight. Rather unattractive actually.
I know! I've always loved her. LOL!!! I like her look, the way she moves and her facial expressions! Just down right sexy! MEEEEOOOOOWWWWW!
@yahoopl3 A little harsh, but yeah - the facial proportions are all off - looks odd - chin, nose and cheekbones aren't pretty.
People shouldn't call her "ugly". She's not bad at all. Everyone has their flaws. I think she was great in "The Dark Knight.
I don't see how people could call her ugly either. Far from it. Look at those gorgeous eyes and that beautiful, warm smile.

Jake Gyllenhaal gets full grilling

How do you pronounce Gyllenhaal? How did he get the London accent? When did he become so damn sexy? Jake Yillenhoolahay tells all. Submit your videos.

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From a Swedish speaker: Gyllenhaal: The 'aa' is equivalent to the Swedish letter 'å' which is pronounced similar to English 'o' as in 'hole'. The vowel represented by 'y' is not found in English - it's like the vowel of bid or bead, but with your lips rounded. So the closest English approximation is either yoolen-hole (as in the English word 'hole') or yillen-hole. Or you can just use the Anglo spelling pronunciation, Jill-n-haul. That's how *he* says it. So that's how you pronounce it.
u kno what dont make sense,, for all old movies,, hollywood allways has them do english accents, thinking it will make the movie seem more authentic, when the story isnt even of english people haha,,, prince of persia,, are suppose to be Persians ,, hollywood uhh lets give them an english accent !! ?? wtf ??? their suppose to be persians,, ayy just like the movie Troy, the greeks, and cleopatra ??? none of these were in england, nor have english accent's,, stupid hollywood
"Like all Gyllenhaals on the male line, he is a Swedish nobleman by birth right and is listed in the Swedish Almanac of Nobility " I'm swedish and i don't pronounce it like that. I would pronounce it like this in swedish "jill-en-hall". Not Yillenhoolahay, but he's probably joking in this interview
interviewer: you look very sexy in the film....not as sexy as Arterton(Gemma) Jake: that was a good save man interviewer: very sexy none the less. Uhm, how did you buff up? how did you get those pecs? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA =))
LMFAO!!! "Maybe you should just STOP speaking? O_O" I'm loving this guy more everything! Dammit! I do not need a celeb crush right now, especially ones who date many women far finer than I, lol.
ya I'd say 3:02 was the climax. it's really subtle. it seems like they're joking but there's an implicit offense disguised in an exaggerated offense in every word lol
Jake just totally trolled that guy. Ofcourse it's not Yillenhoolayhay, but Yillenhaal. It's Swedish pronounciation, Jake's just having a go at the interviewer.
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@AetheraSora Just figure that maybe a few Jake Gyllenhaal fans from youtube would like talk about him at imdb on his messagae board
This may have been one of the most entertaining interviews I've seen ever. I was in pieces! XD Well done. :)
this swede has never heard anyone with a name sounding anything like the way he pronounces his last name..
AHHHHH HE'S SO ADORABLEE. Dkwlcjskcjwojejd "and occasionally bits of soap" pffffff, get in my pants @[email protected]
Jake Gyllenhaal is unique have never seen a guy talk about cosmetics with that straight of a face.. lol
- Is it pronounced "KHILENHAAL" or "GGILLENKHAAL'? - It's actually prounounced "YELLENHOOLAHEA" LOL
The interviewer is an idiot. He was really quite offensive when he interviewed Justin Timberlake
"Where they go in the world, nobody knows" Hahahaha! That's because you don't love him! LOL =)
"It's been a joy" LOL I don't know how he did this interview with a straight face. Hahaha!

Jake Gyllenhaal Said WHAT About Hugh Jackman??

"Prisoners" stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal find out that the past can come back to haunt them when Katie has them read actual statements they said ...

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2:32 what is the sentence please ?
+Ram Reddythx
+Maylis E. Engine of Vulnerability
Wolverine and Nightcrawler !!!!!
+kevin orlando YES
their faces seem like one comes from another dimension.... where the laws of nature are different from ours
like... hughs face is so tiny, but jakes face is larger.
+Murtzs Burts What :D +1
brokeback mountain sequel 2
+Aceng Hamudin OMG, I think I might go to the cinema every single night as long as that was playing! Seeing these to make out would be a dream come true * sigh *
Best matches: Robert DJunior and Jude Law, Michael Fassbender and James Mcavoy, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal
+Msjewnicorns Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon :P
Totally agree!
Did I just watch a trailer of BBM 2?
Only in fandom
Brokeback Mountain 2
Oh please don't! Lol
+XXIst Spartan -- But Jake's character died.
+XXIst Spartan Broback mountain*
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