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Sharpen Your Memory with Rosemary

//www.annlouise.com Discover the myriad of health benefits, including memory improvement, you can experience from rosemary. High in antioxidants and ...

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Hi dear thanks fo sharing.. may i ask if rose mary oil also can be in take to clean the blood? Or to kill the virus and detoxification? Thanks..
I have a lot of Rosemary growing in my garden. I think I will go out and get some and crush the leaves for the aroma and see what happens.
why do americans pronounce herb as erb? and herbalist as erbalist? and these are the educated americans!!!
@javiergutierrez... glad you learned something new. We should all hope to learn something new everyday.
Sounds great @johnny102marvin, let us know your results.
Just sniffed Rosemary.. got slapped : /
Wow I did not know this. Thank you.
Thanks, I will remember you ... :>)
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