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13 weeks pregnant ultrasound gender Videos

HaleyR 13 week 2 days ultrasound Gender

Just a small clip of sonogram.

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Who sings this version of Rock a bye baby?

ultrasound week 13 gender determination

13 Weeks UltraSound (Gender & Belly)

Why are you looking here!! Please dont leave it in the comments either!

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@dreamflight6000 I know thanks to the ladie who did my ultra sound. They can tell that early most of them dont. they just measure. Also if its a girl they wont even tell me unless their sure!!!! But its super exciting to me, Im kind of clueless to boys. I have 2 girls..
I'm so happy for you love muffin !!! Yay Im gonna go shopping for Lil man soon, !! You look so cute in green and you got a Lil baby bump. So cute.
YAY! Congratulations Kim! That is exciting news! I can't believe how early you got to find out!
Awww =) Cant wait for names etc!! Wow, didnt know you hada brain tumour =O Is it gone now?xx
@tiggermooney Yes love its gone, Thanks to the lord himself and alot of prayers and chemo
Aweee SOOO excited for you hun ! congrats on the little man!!
YAY! Very exciting!!!Thank the Lord the brain tumor is gone.
Did you have a boy?

13 weeks ultrasound!! It's a boy!!!

Here is our ultrasound at 13 weeks and 5 days! The Widwife believes it is a boy!!! We will go back in three weeks to confirm the gender!!! We couldn't be happier!

4D ultrasound pregnancy 25 weeks it´s boy Rafael Ortega Muñoz MD Gynecologist Ciudad Real

Reveals gender at 25 weeks is a boy 4D awesome //www.rafaelortegaginecologo.eu //www.ecografiaciudadreal.com.
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