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13 weeks pregnant baby bump Videos

Baby bump at 13 weeks

love my baby bump! Instagram: //instagram.com/sophiassmommyy.


John went down to Uncle Roger's boat to bring some of his stuff to his house. I'm still pregnant. 40 weeks plus 6 days. We got Kenobie a new bed and went to ...

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Are they married yet? Sorry idk. Please no rude comments! :) thanks
Engaged, not married YET lol
Omg , I haven't seen the vlogs for a few months and when I saw nikki I was kind of shocked , she's so fat , wow , so different
+Grace Ciccarelli Calm down kid, its a joke. He doesn't mean shes fat.. Shes just prego. Jeeze
I know it's not going to happened but it would be crazy of your baby was due Oct 26 cause that's my birthday 
27 would be better my birthday ! : )
+Mikayla Frederick *Oct*
That's myBirthday too. ☺️
happenif your baby was born...
What game was john playing anyone please tell me :)
Red dead redemption
41 Weeks! Wow!
It's not uncommon, some women go a full 10 days over their due dates. :)

Bumpdate: 14 Week Pregnancy Vlog and Baby Bump Shot

Hey guys!!! Thanks for watching!! Blog post 13 and 14 week post, PLUS Punta Cana: ...

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I have 3 children (9,6, and 3). I had 3 very difficult pregnancies. It's amazing I even have 3 children because the pregnancies were so bad. Because the pregnancies were so bad I wanted to know what I was having. For me it helped me to feel a connection instead of just feeling like I had this thing in me that made me feel sick all the time. Shannon : )
I think my husband will too! He is awful at keeping secrets, even though he says he can do it this time. I think it's going to be to big and I'll be able to tell by looking at him. We would both love to have a little girl to experience something different and I think if it's a girl it will be all over his face!
That's so awesome! I am still back and forth. I need help! LOL I am starting to doubt myself on the baby being a girl as my ultrasound is approaching. Did you enter my cake lingerie nursing bra giveaway? You should! It's so awesome!! You'll have to let me know if you were right!! xx
Yah for 14 wks! I have the same problem with bra straps! I think it's bc I have low shoulders, and i'm borderline petite. I don't know what i'd do ab the gender reveal.. I know me personally I would be dying to know but then again, of course it would be fun to be surprised. :)
I think I would want to find out the sex of baby because no matter when you find out it will be a surprise and you'll be able to buy for that sex, even though you like neutral colors, you could still buy clothes, and you're lovely viewers could send you gifts! ! I know I will!
When my husband knew and I didn't he ended up saying he a lot. I was so mad Bc I assumed he slipped up and said he to reveal the sex As a boy. She was a girl and later he said he threw me off and knew id assume it was a boy but end up being surprised. :) good luck!!!
I'm 5'1 so I think that's exactly the problem! haha WOW!! If I was having twins I would totally have to know! My husband wants to know so badly and I go back and forth. My whole family wants to know because they are so impatient! LOL Thank you so much!!
I think so! haha I can't make a decision either way. My ultrasound is in 4 weeks so I have time to decide but I'm back and forth with it. I want to be surprised at the end but still would like to be better prepared. It's such a battle! lol
Thanks girl!! haha I just started a 30 squat challenge! LOL I'm trying to make sure I stay in decent shape so I can spring back so much faster! I watched your beach body transformation video with my hubby and it's my motivation!! xx
LOL!! Babies are awesome! =) My birthday is the Sept 15 so I'm super excited to possibly have the baby on my birthday!! =) Or your's!! My sister in law's is the 21, so there are a lot of birthday buddies chances!!
I'm only 5'1 and I've always had that problem. That's why I'm always pulling up my straps! LOL I'm still on the fence, I have a few weeks to decide. I'm going to drive myself crazy!! LOL!!
I am definitely going to find out! I'm due October 26 and won't be able to find out until first week of June I think (haven't been able to make that appt yet) but I think mines a girl!
I'm definitely still on the fence! I have been back and forth all week! It's such a big decision, but I agree it is a surprise whenever you find out! Aww...Thank you so much!! =)
We are finding out, but it's our first time:) You should wait if that's what you want! I think I will wait maybe next time, we'll see:) I say if do what you want it will be fun!
You know, I didn't know what your due date was until now. I must've been spaced out, but my b-day is Sept 24. So close to your due date. Watching this makes me want babies. lol.
I found out with both my children, but I think your reason for wanting to be surprised is amazing. Like you said its your last chance. :D Cant wait for the next video!!
You'll be finding out so soon!! I can't wait to hear what you're having!! I go back and forth with wanting to know and wanting to wait! haha I can't make a decision! LOL
I found out the sex of both of my kids but I like your reasoning for not wanting to find out. It sounds like your all set to be able to wait it out till the end.
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