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Dental floss frank zappa Videos

Frank Zappa - Montana (live in NYC, 1981)

Frank Zappa and his band playing Montana at the Palladium in NYC, during the Halloween show, 1981-10-31. Frank Zappa - lead guitar, lead vocals, band ...

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That keyboard solo was ridiculous. I wonder what the music looks like for that.
+redalrt4 Actually I am transcribing that section it today. I always wanted to see what the notes would look like, and it's cool how Steve Vai and Ed Mann are playing along to the same synth line that Tommy Mars (keyboard player) plays.
I think people who say they like this music do so to try to look "cool" or "hip", when deep down they know it's just terrible. Even Zappa knew he sucked, but he was a very smart man and knew how to fool people.
I fucking love this song!!
+Sun Ra ...and that is UNDERrating him! (IMO)
You are talking out of your ass!! I have been a Zappa fan since I was 16 or 17 years old and I am still listening to him at 56 years old (almost daily).. There isn't much I don't know about Mr. Zappa. Do what 'deepthrou9ht' said and go back and listen to Beiber.... or ABBA may be your style!
F Z is regarded to be among the 50 best Rock-Guitar Players. He has a nice voice. If you dont like his music than listen to country.
um... it seems you have absolutely NO idea what you're talkin about.i suppose you like to get teabagged by some not-so-young-anymore-canadian-mega-popstar-whose-name-rhymes-with-beaver.enjoy your stay!

RMV Day 6: Dental Floss Tycoon

I think the majority of the shake in this is a) front tire falling to 5 psi (???) and b) the high-engine revs through the mountain. Somehow I didn't expect there to be a ...

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yeah... i knew there was a forest, but wasnt expecting 14A to be..... so .. wow.. i really wish the camera could caught the feeling / visual I had of it... start brightness / darkness... distance.. etc..
Been on this route, blew by Medicine Wheel I was enjoying the ride so much. Miles of unbroken dental floss :)

Frank Zappa - Montana (Whipping Floss) Live in Helsinki

A great performance extracted from the album You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore The Helsinki Concert.

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This is easily my favourite version of Montana. So funny.
+skeletorkahn it's a great performance too :)

Frank Zappa ~ MONTANA

Live at The Roxy. Doing what he does best.

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I thought it was "Ride, like a DIPSHIT . . ." !!
+Sco Bos Depends on the version. Dipshit was a riff - my fave too. :)

Frank Zappa - Montana - From "A Token Of His Extreme" Training Of 1975

Frank Zappa - Montana - From "A Token Of His Extreme" Training Of 1975.

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Thanks for upload man, this version's solo is the best ever done on this track for me. Can you help me please? I just need this DVD, and I gotta buy the "token" one, but something affraid me. on the "token" dvd montana is only 4' 50" than means it's the same version than in the "dubroom" torrent I've downloaded, the solo is just cut off (WHAT A SHAME??) Can you just please let me know wich year is the DVD and how is the cover please. It would be awesome, I HAVE TO BUY this DVD! Thank you anyway!
@grahasc thanks for posting...this seems to be the best video quality of this performance that I could find! Thank you. The quality is rewarded .... thanks again.
thanks for posting...this seems to be the best video quality of this performance that I could find!
So so damn good. One of my favorite Zappa songs for sure, and this live rendition is just superb!
My drummer and I agree, that this is the best version of "Montana" ever.
"...In a little white BOX!....that I can sell uptown...." best line :P
Nah..."Just me and my pigmy pony, over by the dental floss bush!"
THE ROXY has it beat. the solo in that is on par with his best
The shots of Ruth Underwood in a halter top made up for it.
La voce di Zappa che a tratti diventa davvero arrapante.
Napoleon Murphy Brocks songbreak is EPIC on this! :-)

frank zappa goes insane on the 'montana' improv

i call it zappa the madman...this was 1974 i think in stockholm...this is montana and i chopped it so it is only the improvised solo...this is my favorite solo ...

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You know, I just had no idea that he was this great of a guitarist. Admittedly I'm not overly familiar with a great lot of Zappa, still I'm surprised this degree of talent stayed under my radar for so long. I suppose a bit of the reason is I've only heard recordings and not seen his show live or otherwise and assumed it was someone else playing the fiery solo's...... He's freaking amazing.
+Zigz Zagz his son is even better guitarist
+William Taylor  I will certainly check that out.  Video is actually a really good medium to enjoy Frank's music too. As good a musician as he was, he may actually fit under the heading "entertainer" better than that of "musician." 
Check out Roxy and Elsewhere, One Size Fits All, and Overnite Sensation to name a few. Lots of great music and more great solos from Frank. Really fun, creative music.
+William Taylor yeah, I agree. I definitely spent some time digging through Zappa after discovering this. Prior to that, sad to say, I didn't know much about him other than the fact that he did at one time actually exist....and he had a moustache and named his children in strange ways and was an intelligent but odd man himself. Now I know much more. Like for instance, his first appearance on TV was of him playing a bicycle as an instrument.    Seriously though. If you don't have friends  who are into Zappa or some other method to turn you on to him, he's likely to be a musical enigma to you since you won't find him on the radio or MTV or any of the common places you'd be introduced to a musical talent..
Finding the goodies in Frank's music takes patience, because the jams pop up unexpectedly. That's where the "shut up and play your guitar" theme came from. The silliness and satirical lyrics were hard to get past for some people, but make no mistake, the musicians were the best of the best and Frank had unlimited skill on guitar.
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