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Dental floss nail removal Videos

Jamberry Nails Removal with Floss

I love this removal method! So gentle and moisturizing!

Easy removal process for Jamberry Nail wraps using oil and a dental floss pik

User Comments

Hi I just thought this would be a fun and easy first video

How to Remove Jamberry Nail Wraps with Olive Oil and Dental Floss Sticks

How to Remove Jamberry Nail Wraps Using just Olive Oil and a Dental Floss Pick.

How To Remove Acrylic Nails With Dental Floss

This video describes how to remove acrylic nails with dental floss which is one of the many described methods from this article: ...

Jamberry removal method using Dental Floss Pik

Quick easy way to remove Jamberry Nails with no nail damage. www.manning.jamberrynails.net.

Jamberry nail wrap removal process

This video shows you how easy it is to remove your Jamberry nail wraps using cuticle oil and a dental floss pick. Visit my website to shop cute nail wraps!

EASY and QUICK Jamberry Nail Wrap Removal

This video is about EASY and QUICK Jamberry Nail Wrap Removal, safely done! One method if they've been on for 10 days or less is to heat them up and slowly ...

Safely Remove Jamberry Nails

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