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Edc dental floss Videos

Altoids tin PSK pocket survival kit EDC

This is my version of an altoids mint tin survival kit.this kit includes: 7 ranger bands 2 ft of duct tape 85ft of dental floss Knife Flint n striker Lot of matches ...

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Awesome job Henry! You really packed your kit with alot of good stuff. Keep up the great work my young Padawan :-)
Some kind of torch would be useful although not vital.
Good kit.

Mini Survival Kit- In Wallet

A great EDC kit for anyone-especially the outdoor type. It has everything required to sustrain you away from home- in other words, the smallest wilderness ...

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actually chapstick can be used to make a fire ....a pencil sharpener blade is impractical too small. use a small pocket knife blade from a broken knife or a bit of a hack saw blade works great..for about 7 bucks on ebay u can get a wager credit card tool that has a surprisingly good blade and has a half way decent flathead screwdriver/bottle opener and a nice little pair of tweesers . plus it has the added feature of a mirror that would be great for signaling.
@MrMiniseb Good idea. I just managed to get hold of these sharpener blades for virtually nothing ( I bought the sharpeners on a sell out at a junk store for 50 cents ( about 30p) a piece). Thanks for the comment and I hope to post another, updated version of this later- including your idea. It will be titled: Mini Survival Kit- In Wallet V1.5. Look out for it in the future. Please subscribe if you like my videos! Take care!
@AI4QT The idea is that they are a useful tinder source. The Vaseline on them can help them burn longer and hotter. Some people have reported them burning for 3 minutes and they are sealed in the bag to prevent drying. Just in case your wondering, I actually have used them myself and I highly recommend them!
Sorry about the time it took to open- I only had 1 hand and the velcro was tight! I also appokihise for having no sound- I only have a digital camera with no Mic.
@MrMiniseb razor blades are sharp but pencil sharpener bladed are just as sharp. i did a test and they worked just the same
Yeah, after I posted I felt STUPID... I came to that conclusion :-) But thanks for verifying. Again, great video.
Quick question: Why the Vasoline soaked cotton balls? Is this for helping start a fire? Just wondering . Thanks.
Hey u can give these blade a handle with a Popsicle sticks and super glue also put some electrical tape on to
I bet people stare when he pulls that monkey wallet out stuff with matches when he pays cash for something
hahaha. it took the first 22 seconds of this vid to open that wallet!
really? chapstick? forget survival, i gotta keep my lips healthy.
Please, take my other wallet! I need this one to survive! :-D
You have a pretty good kit, thanks for the video response!
Notice you never see a condom in any of these videos
come on get a tripod + mount for your phone...
ooooh! sharp thing! gimme gimme gimee!
GAY WALLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more like an artkit.
wow 22 secs to open
What song is this?
*Opening FAIL*
Too bulkey

String loose tooth and door

A Novel Method for Flossing

A different way of flossing that is more convenient, wastes less floss, and doesn't require the twisting of floss around your fingers. Always consult your dentist ...

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I consulted my dentist like you said, and he told me it could be fatal...
DIrections not clear enough, dick got caught in the loop.
this video changed my life

Contents of the micro tin

More of a minimalist redundancy but usefull none the less. Ot contains: handmade carbon steel blade, handmade micro prybar/screwdriver, micro LED torch ...

How to attach a lanyard

This is how we get a lanyard through the lanyard hole on a knife. Use some thin but strong thread or string, even dental floss will work! Push the thread through ...

!EDC Mini Survival Kit inkl. Onatrio RAT3

Hier nochmal die etwas bessere Auflösung von meinem EDC Survival Kit Video.Bitte denkt daran das die verwendeten sachen maximal für 1 - 2 Tage gedacht ...

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Hallo, schönes Vid über ein durchdachtes Set, hat Spaß gemacht... viele Grüße Norbert
+Norbert Zapf Hey Norbert , lange hat es gedauert aber nun habe ich endlich mein Tahoma :-) und es ist ein super messer hoffe das ich das review bald machen kann stay tuned :-) lg 
danke bluebird, bin schon gespannt. ich frage mal bei outdoormesser nach, bei denen hab ich auch mein BK9 bestellt das ich gerade versuch zu pimpen....vgnorbert
hi norbert hab es über einen Händler bestellt der auch Böker führt die haben das in USA bestellt für mich Aber wann das hier sein wird keine ahnung ich bin auch gespannt :-)anderer Tip wäre outdoormesser.de wobei ich nicht weiss ob und wenn wann die das aufnehmen aber die führen auch tops knifes.  wirst das review sehen sobald ich das messer hier habe :-) lg Michael.
Ach so, auch Dir alles Gute und Gesundheit für das neue Jahr
hallo nochmal, ich habe in youtube gesehen daß du dir das Tahoma field knive von  Tops zugelegt hast. Wo hast du es gekauft? Auf der Tops-Seite gibt es das Messer eigentlich noch gar nicht zu kaufen. Mir gefällt die Review zu diesem MEsser sehr gut bzw auch die Vids von dem der das Messer entworfen hat.......bisher konnte ich aber keinen Händler in D finden der es anbietet.Viele GrüßeNorbert
Vielen dank Norbert werde bald noch die nächste Generation vorstellen. Es bleibt halt alles in bewegung :-) ich hoffe du hattest einen guten Rutsch ins neue jahr , alles gute fürs selbige wünscht der Michael 

Buck Smidgen EDC: Every Day Carry Knife

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For a primary survival knife I would recommend the BK 2 companion. It's about $70. It's made from high carbon steel, an excellent steel choice if you're looking for a knife to hold an edge. The blade is even thicker in width than some crow bars. It comes reasonably sharp with a kydex (hard plastic) sheath. One of the biggest down sides to this is that carbon steel is more vonarable to rust than the stainless steel blades. In all, it's an excellent knife as long as you keep it dry.
wow people are all over the place with their knives. I am going to stick with neck knives. The becker is a nice knife, cheap effective. But Im a bigger fan of the ESEE Izula. in a survival situation your probably dealing with wood. if your dealing with wood, stainless steel is brittle and breaks. carbon steel is a better option. also handle length on that thing is too short to do much. becker and izula better options, new izulat 2 has best handle length I have seen Yet.
Good find, and good video. Small back-up knives are great in the wilderness as well as in an urban environment. One I really like is the RAT/ESEE Izula. It has a small compact size, is light weight but still comfortable even when using it skeletonized as it comes...even more comfortable with a cord wrapped handle. It has a pretty stout blade at 5/32 of an inch thickness. You should give one a try if you get the chance, I love mine. Have you tried the Buck "Paklite" yet?
I'm surprised they didn't design that knife so that you could flip the knife around and use the sheath as a handle. Oh well. Anyway I always carry a leatherman wave with me wherever I go. I'm a mechanic by trade and there are often times when I just pull the leatherman out and use that rather than walking to my toolbox to get a pair of pliers, screwdriver or razor blade knife. I even use it to open cans. It's major handy and I always have it with me, Always!
The Gerber LST is what goes in my pocket when I dress in the morning. Sharpens easy and hold a edge really well. That said, when I am traveling the backcountry I won't go without my Ka-bar. I know it is a chunk of steel and those who look critically at every ounce would say no way, but it has been a trusted friend not only when in harms way but when rambling the backwoods seeking sanctuary. Indestructable and Always Faithful.
Interesting product. Might google it to see if it is expensive. Based on a previous PeakSurvival video, I bought the Mora 911 in carbon steel. I also like the mora 510. Overall, I am a fan of Frosts/Mora knives for camping and survival purposes. They are inexpensive, light, durable, hold an edge well, and easy to sharpen in the field. I have a decent hatchet but could baton with a Mora if I had to.
I love my Smidgen but found the sheath a bit inadeqate. After a short time, the spring lock fatigued and wouldn't keep the knife in the sheath very well. I made an even smaller sheath from Kydex and it holds great. Since the sheath on longer extended to the full length of the handle, I was able to epoxy wood to the back of the handle improving the grip greatly. When I can, I'll send you a pic.
The Izula neck knife is IMHO one of the best knives for EDC especially when hiking or doing any outdoor activities (except maybe ball sports, etc...). The only drawback I have found is that the coating prevents it from being used as a striker for a ferro rod. This can be fixed with a file if you want to do that, but I haven't done that to mine. I have other EDC tools for that purpose.
If I was lost in the woods, those two items ( knife and fire starter) would be the bare minimum you should have. I like the idea you can make a spear with that blade, noticed it has 2 holes in the handle, in a pinch I imaging you could carve into the pole your using a couple peg holes with the same diameter as those in the handle, which should add more strength.
i have seen this video lik 10 times and i dont get bore, i think this is a great back up knife, i just to order it, usually, when i go camping i take a 4-6" blade knife and a pocket knife, but this is a good choice to carry with, i wanna know about the edge and if it keeps sharped, is it good?, by the way, i lov this girl
Good job on mating the two items but my only suggestion to you is maybe go for something in high carbon so you could strike your fire steel with it.Never heard of that type of stainless,I dont presume it works with the firesteel.Oh and by the way did the sweedish pimple thing work out for you? Good work your friend Roger.
Great little backup knife. I carry a Benchmade Snoody folder. $200.00 Great everyday knife with acess lock system. ( the blade will break before the lock gives. 500lbs of force). The cheap metal on Chineese knifes will not hold an edge. Spend the extra cash for quality and save yourself some cuts later. Best of luck*****
my favorite knife is the s&w special tactical its a great liner lock w/ rubberized handles and its only 10$ but the border guard is very nice too theyre both one hand openers and the border guard has a reversible pocket clip for right or left handed pocket carry but idk the price for the border guard i got it as a gift
For me I prefer a knife that has a lot higher carbon content then stainless steel. Sure on the down side if you get it wet it oxidises(rusts) quicker, but on the positive side it can hold an edge that is razor sharp. Plus if tempered correctly you can use the back edge to create sparks with a piece of flint.
Loved your knife review, I just ordered the crkt ritter rsk mk5, It's a tiny knife along the same lines as yours with supposedly a truly well designed kydex sheath. Your knife also comes in a hartshook version in s30v steel, Pricey but as you know, Nice things are. Take Care!! Mark. U.K
I'm really trying to figure you and your channel out. You obviously are doing this as your job, and you have no real interest in the things you review. So, are you doing this only to make money, or are you doing it as a spring board to hopefully some bigger journalistic opportunity?
A good compact survival knife is the Dajo Survivor. It comes razor sharp out of the box, and the sheath includes a Mini Firesteel and signal whistle. Best of all, it's only 40 dollars for the whole set. You should check it out, I own one myself.
If you want a cheap backup pocket or neckknife then look at the Opinel 8 carbon steel blade. Its as cheap as it gets but still great quality. I've drilled a lanyardhole in the handle of mine and paired it up to a LMF scout firesteel
My EDC knife is the SOG Flash 1. It's a small, lightweight knife and hold and edge pretty good (I use it at work to cut open boxes since the thumb studs on my CRKT M-16 came off). My SOG cost $65 at Bass Pro Shop. I love this knife.
I carry a swiss army knife huntsman on my keys around £20. I have an opinel 10 around my neck £10 and a brussletto bamsen for my main blade £50. Don't like to leave home without at least one blade on me :-)
@32937isready I used to wear a neck knife everyday and I used that little thing all the time to do odds and ends. The one time you don't have any knife on you at all is probly when you'll need one the most lol
Right off the bat you say you wouldn't recommend this as a "primary" knife - why? Just curious to know what your reasoning is and what you think a primary knife should be? BTW - big fan of the videos :-)

Victorinox Farmer Knife

Quick look at my favorite Swiss army knife. The Farmer by Victorinox. Great pocket knife! Please check out Ozark Survivals channel and give him a sub.

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very cool my have to give this one a look thanks for sharing
+willy bailey thanks for watching Willy. If you are into victorinoxes this is the Cadillac of the bunch! You won't regret getting one!
Never had a SAK, I'll have to look into this one.
Wow! Everyone should have one! The plastic handle ones can be had for 20$ and less! This one is about 30-40 but worth every penny! Good quality steel like the mora
nice i allays like them kinda knifes ill theck him out....thanks man
+Brian Driggers thanks for watching!
That's a real beaut. 
Thank you! Its very good quality!
I was thinking about getting one of these because of the saw. Now I have a tinker it was my great granddads! 
+AiraCord USA the tinker is an awesome knife! I carry a black handled one sometimes!
Cool. I just ordered two SAK alox models this afternoon. Hopefully get here tomorrow. Love the look of all the alox models. Very classy.
Very classy and well made! Thanks for watching! -Kevin
Great review Michigan Edge :-)) Thumbs up! Have a nice weekend my friend....Jenny :-) 
Thank you Jenny! Hope your weekend is good as well. -Kevin
Love those alox scales! Great MT.
+Gearguy619 they just feel great in the pocket and hand! Thanks for watching! -Kevin
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