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Floss dental chicago il Videos

Brushing and Flossing Tips from Beauty Dental Chicago

Learn the correct way to brush your teeth and floss from Beauty Dental in Chicago. Brushing and flossing the wrong way can be detrimental to your teeth and ...

Flossing - Dentally Challenged

Maritza finds out how frequently a patient has been flossing. Written and directed by Dave Urlakis. Starring Yadira Correa, Corey Rittmaster, and Dave Urlakis.

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Fun video! Personally I would never lie about my teeth to the people taking care of my teeth. That seems counter-productive, and dental care isn't free. It is also much more satisfying to horrify them with my unorthodox dental hygiene. And how much sugar I consume. Mmm... sugar.
OMG these are hilarious! Howard Farran DDS Phoenix, Arizona USA Founder & CEO of www.Dentaltown.com & www.TodaysDental.com #DentistJokes #DentistHumor #DentalPuns #dentist #dentistry #Dentaltown 
There have been a time or two when I have thought this channel was running dry. I haven't thought that in a while, and DEFINITELY not now. This one was genius.
-4 likes for being a bit too padded, (10 second joke in 52 seconds) Buuut, +5 likes for the joke. Net/net, I like it!
These are awesome! As a Hygienist, I would gladly help with more material of you need it !
o.o i need to floss more. also, i need to watch more awkward spaceship videos.
This is the scenario I imagine will happen every time I go to the dentist...
This one is probably my favorite so far xD Great job!
Dear major networks: shut up and air this show!!!!
If only this kind of treatment was legal...
I like the way you think!
That's great, thank you!
this was kinda amazing
Glad you liked it!

Emergency Dental Repair Chicago Illinois - 24 hour dentis services

Chicago, Illinois Cosmetic Dentistry Expert - Taking Care of Veneers

//www.smilechicago.com At his Chicago, Illinois cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Seidman recommends that patients with porcelain veneers come in for ...

How to take care of your teeth part 2 of 2, Brushing and flossing your teeth properly

For many years I had been brushing my teeth and flossing improperly, I went to a dentist and she gave me some very valuable advice, I am sharing this advice in ...

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Thanks for this, I have subscribed..The mouthwash story..It is and not true..it works good..but you are right it does give you bad breath..this is the because of the alcohol in the mouthwash. If you want to use mouth wash..get one that doesn't have alcohol in it and only use it before you go to bed.
oh my god you make flossing look so simple!!! my hygenist told me i should start flossing cause i got bad gums etc but i started trying today and it feels impossible to do it how do u floss like that??
OMG MAN i have been doing everything so so wrong ima need to start doing it just like that everyday. THANK U SO MUCH!!!
When I brush hard and floss hard, I bleed A LOT. It's like a SAW movie in the sink sometimes lol.

How to take care of your teeth part 1 of 2, Brushing and flossing your teeth properly

For many years I had been brushing my teeth and flossing improperly, I went to a dentist and she gave me some very valuable advice, I am sharing this advice in ...

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Did you know that some of the bad smell is coming from your stomach? :) If you are hungry, your stomach will smell bad because it has nothing to digest(has nothing to do). No matter how many times you brush your teeth, your stomach will smell bad because its hungry. So make sure you eat something before meeting people. I know it because my dad does not eat much and he brushes his teeth and does mouthwash daily. No matter how well you cleaned your mouth your stomach will smell bad when u talk.
@FreddiesModernKungFu Ok when you said you went to the dentist did you just get proffesional advice or did you get examined? And how long did you have gingivitis? I experienced the same thing because i never brushed correctly and i never flossed (Im not a nasty person, i was just never taught to do so) i had bleeding gums which turned ito bad breath. But i've been flossing and the smell hasgone away, and the bleeding has stopped. I have an appointment with the dentist but I am really scared
Gingivitis is the inflammation reaction of bacteria that has entered the gums. It is the first sign of bacterial infection, no damage to your teeth or bone loss. It is reversible by having your hygienist do a cleaning and recommend the appropriate anti-bacterial mouth rinse. If not taken care off, it will progress to periodontitis where you will have bone loss and it is not reversible. See your dentist or hygienist at least every 6 months, some need to be cleaned every 3-4 months.
That's what I was thinking, I thought the dentist was crazy to think that I was going to purchase a toothbrush for $100, so I tried the cheaper one the oral B which was under $30, it worked ok. Then the Sonicare one went on sale for $70, I thought I would give it a try. It worked much better than the Oral B or any manual one. But anyway my wife uses manual toothbrushes and she's 32 and she has never had a cavity before! So as long as you brush right you should be good.
thanks for the advice my mom never bothered much I have a six year old brother who probably only bushes 1 every 3 to 6 month and with me getting another baby bro latter this year 4 siblings I wana help em I'm 14 now and with me growing getting more spots uglier teeth since a accident on a bike (dont like em much now!) your true past exs seem untrue to what you look like now it that what you have shown us or did you have to do something else idk what...
@VictorCMusic your gums get really red and puffy, the are filled with blood and bacteria. When you brush or floss you will bleed a lot from the gums. Your breath is going to smell very bad regardless of how much you brush or chew gum. Your mouth will constantly get dry making it worse. Your gums will start to recide if you don't take care of it. You gotta take care of it immediately by flossing and brushing correctly.
Gingivitis is reversible. Once your hygienist has removed the bacteria that is at the gum line, and with proper home care instructions...you will bleed for a couple of days until the gum inflammation has been reduced along with the number of pathogenic bacteria. Cure...only to keep bacteria under control. See your hygienist on a regular basis and ask many questions. I love a well informed patient.
Hello, maybe you had a "cut" in the gums. The question is..when was the last time you had a cleaning by a hygienist, and when was the last time you had a check-up by the dentist? the cut might have healed, but you may have other issues that do not require them to bleed--things that can only be seen on the x-rays. Make your appointment, better safe than sorry.
I made a video about washing your face, that might help. I've also learned from my wife that using close shavers can make the skin react in negative ways. We use the Norelco electronic shaver which shaves just perfect and neither of us gets allergic reactions. I should show you my shaver in the next video I make about this.
You have to brush your teeth correctly and you have to floss correctly. When you do both correctly, your gums will start bleeding a lot when you are doing it, that is a good sign, it will be like that for several months. When they stop bleeding and your gums turn pink again rather than red, then it is cured.
@FreddiesModernKungFu hey i brush my teeth correct the top front and back i even brush the sides like the cheek tongue and top of the mouth but my breath still smell bad do u recommend that i use an electric toothbrush 2 please reply i really need help
This was me as a kid, my fam never told me to really brush I got a lot of cavities from too much candy and little brushing :(. It was such a long road form me last year as an adult to get my own insurance and start getting my dental work done.
@FreddiesModernKungFu A few weeks ago my teeth kept on bleeding but after the continuous brushing and flossing.. Now it didn't bleed or anything like that.. Is that a bad sign? Should I see a dentist?
Nice vid man I finally learnt exactly what gingevitus is was always to lazy to read about it . Remember folks FLOURIDE = LIQUID LOBOTOMY !!!! DOWN WITH DOW AND DOWN WITH ALCOA

06-Missing Back Teeth by Dentist Chicago, IL Dr. Rocio Martinez

5 Star Chicago Dentist Review - 1st Family Dental of Chicago - 206 W. Division St, Chicago, IL 60610

//1stfamilydental.com/locations/chicago/ (312) 266-6400 1st Family Dental of Chicago 5 Star Chicago Dentist review for local Chicago Family Dentist 1st ...

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