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Slipknot - My Plague (Offical Video)

LYRICS!!!*** I'm in conniptions for the final act you came here for. The one derivative you manage is the one I abhor. I need a minute to elaborate for everyone ...

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My Plague lyrics Songwriters: Jordison, Nathan J; Root, James Donald; Thomson, Mickael; Gray, Paul D; Taylor, Corey; Jones, Craig A; Crahan, Michael Shawn; Wilson, Sid; Fehn, Chris; I'm in conniptions for the final act You came here for the one derivative You manage is the one I abhor I need a minute to eliminate for everyone the Everyday bullshit things that you have done Your impossible ego fuck is like a Megalomaniacal tab on my tongue You fuckin' touch me I will rip you apart I'll reach i
If bands didn't change between albums we'd complain that they were boring. Besides, if Slipknot stayed in the same mental space they were in on Iowa, I doubt they'd have kept it together past 2005 let alone up to now.
Dear, justin bieber Your impossible ego fuck is like megalomaniacal tab on my tounge you fucking touch me i will rip you apart I'll reach in and take a bite out of that bitch you call a heart
Back when Slipknot was good.Great song but too bad they changed their sound to cheer up emo boy.Also Resident Evil movies are such a pile of shit to combine with this song.RIP Slipknot 2001
@kornfanatic2008 cause i don't like that milla at all and i've seen better action movies like this one and we should all have an own opinion u have urs and i have mine
This fucking sucks it's not even the actual Iowa mix the vocals are all fucked up and it's edited and the lyrics are different. Takes ALL the fuckin brutal out
OMG this is the song that got me into listening to slipknot a really long time ago... brings back some memories when I was in high school
@4lifegray like i mean, i can still stand some vol. 3 and All hope is gone too, but i just aren't as much into them as i used to be
i just hate that metal bands keep changing their sounds..like every album, and the thing is that the older albums sound better
this is slipknot motherf***** man this is the best song with wait and bleed oooooooo wait 555 to 666 , spit it out
zajebiste.Qrwa prestiż nagranie SLIPKNOT resident evil uwielbiam soundtracki gry i filmy HORRORY buahahaha
I like this song :) I like all the good old songs of SlipKnoT, they're much better than the new sh** ;)
This band does mediocre song writing and theyre all just failures at music and corey fails at growling
damn this is awesome! 2 great and big pieces of my life put together! Resident Evil and Slipknot!!!
No ofense, but don't you have a better quality than this? It's just that 240p just isn't my style
awesome the best slipknot + resident evil + love and happyness thoses are my 2 fav things ever
This should have more views.. I mean this is awesome (as said in my other comment) but still.
i think is one of the best soundtracks and fits perfectly with resident evil its my opinion
This song was always far too good to be on the soundtrack for this piece of shit film.
More just didn't fit just wanted to show that about a quarter of the lyrics were cut our
its hard to tell the difference whether its the zombie horde or a the crowd of maggots
Omitting those lyrics breaks the flow as well. It feels pallid next to the original
Perfect for Resident Evil: Slipknot, Mudvayne, Rammstein and Killswitch Engage.
This was the best song in Resident Evil. Slipknot is still awsome for this one.
@LOLO111111111111 It's Smile by Taproot if you mean the VERY end of the video
@whiteninja7775 ik they "remixed" the song for the movie, i dont know why.
@4lifegray right? i pretty much stopped listening to them because of that
I don't find it a suprise that they made a song for RE. They rock though.

How To Make Dog Toothpaste

For more frugal living tips and ideas, visit //www.MrsJanuary.com In this video, Cassie Howard shows you how to make homemade dog toothpaste for ...

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What kind of dog is buddy?
+Victoria Amelia he is a German Shepherd.
If baking soda were toxic to dogs, WHY is it in commercial dog toothpastes? The list provided below also includes garlic - the study done on garlic for dogs was flawed, in which they used four dogs and effectively allowed them to consume the equivalent of 4-5 cloves a DAY. In the end, they tested the blood, and concluded that garlic MAY - not will, MAY result in toxicity. None of the dogs used for the test ever developed a toxicity, mind you. It also includes raw eggs, which are one of the best ways to improve a dog's skin and coat. They do not cause biotin deficiency, which is extremely rare to begin with, because 1) you should not be feeding nothing but eggs to your dog and 2) while the whites may inhibit biotin receptors, the yolk is extremely high in biotin itself. The list also includes raw meat which??? Like come on, dogs are carnivores. Their entire anatomy is based around chewing flesh from bones, crushing said bones for consumption, and getting the food digested and excreted as quickly as possible with a short digestive tract. There are hundreds of dogs now, world wide, eating complete raw diets and thriving, living longer than dogs fed commercial food, and with fewer health complications. I know multiple dogs who are well into their teens - large dogs, mind you - having been fed raw their entire life. Shit, MY dog eats raw, and compared to a dog of the same age and breed fed kibble at my place of work, she has higher muscle mass, longer lasting energy, smaller, less smelly stools, and a FAR better coat. The list provided is pushed by vets and big food companies, because the less you know about what is ACTUALLY healthy, the more money they rake in by forcing overpriced, unnecessary products on the unsuspecting consumer. Don't even get me started on the "100% complete and balanced" bullshit kibble gives you, because we don't know what 100% IS for dogs. Hell we don't even know what it is for ourselves.
+evilpirateduck Good reply. I'm also about breaking misconceptions. Can you source your info regarding the study of dogs and garlic?
BAKING SODA IS TOXIC TO DOGS. How many times must this be repeated???? Ask your vet. Better yet- read it here- //pets.webmd.com/dogs/ss/slideshow-foods-your-dog-should-never-eat
+kaberle7 How about we just ask....? Maam, Did baking soda kill your dog? You know what I found? Dog food was TOXIC to my dog in high doses! I changed the amount he received and bamm... his health improved. I think I'll try the baking Soda too :)
This is great. Could I add some peppermint oil instead of olive oil? Would that be dangerous?
+xadiabe khdgbxje
I was thinking more in terms of scent. However peppermint oil is very strong and I have since learned it would not be a good idea to add it because in even small amounts it could really hurt a pet. I currently just use olive oil and baking soda with a little beef juice for taste.
I highly doubt your dog will like peppermint oil...
+Spring dancer1 , I also did it to my Bruno and his fine, I already try it for severaltimes
I did it my dog didn't throw up so it's just ur dog don't do ut again use cinamon pr something bit don't complain aight ?
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