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National dental floss day Videos

National Flossing Day '14 Floss & Dance w Lululemon & Raoky!

The National Flossing Council is proud to present the 2014 National Flossing Day Video. The 2014 Lululemon Manifesto encourages us all to dance and floss.

Flossies Bergere! Celebrate National Flossing Day!

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Hi Shelli, I love your video! Did you send me ([email protected]) word that you posted it? I just stumbled on it. Pls be in touch! I'll be adding a link for your video to the NFC website. Best wishes, Armand
Hi Shelli, I tried leaving another comment a couple of days ago, but it's gone? Anyway, please email me at [email protected] WInner will be announced Nov. 14. Thanks! Armand
lol, I love it Shelli! CONGRATS :)

Flossing #NaeNae Style

It's National Floss Day! Only floss the teeth you want to keep:)

Bizarre Holidays of 2011 #22 Flossing Day (November 25th)

Now what is this you might ask? This is me celebrating bizarre holidays that people have made up over the years. Now my goal with this is to spread the word ...

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@Smaksmilla Freak, I didn't even realize I did that on camera. I honetly don't know, it's a strange habit I'm trying to break.
Thank you for spreading the word about such an amazing day! Truly inspirational!
So, uh.. why are you licking it?

T-Rex Talks About National Flossing Day 2009

For National Flossing Day, 2009, we hear from T-Rex, that great Hollywood star. He tells us about teaching his kids to floss, his love for country music, and why ...

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Why wasn't national flossing day on my calendar? This video makes me want to floss now. Very funny video.
National flossing day? muhahaha seriously.
I loved it....!!! Best, Trade.
Awesome video.

National Flossing Day 2007 Puppet Ad

National Flossing Day (the day after Thanksgiving) jingle, with singing and dancing by Smiley, the puppet! Music by Trade Martin (www.trademartinmusic.com) ...

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A cinematic achievement equalled, perhaps, only be Citizen Kane or Czech Gang Bangers 14...
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