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Dental floss pointe shoes Videos

How I Sew My Pointe Shoes

Hey guys! I hope that you were able to pick up some good tips from this video! Once again, all pointe shoes are different and everyone's feet are different so just ...

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This is very helpful but you are sewing where the draw string goes. If you ever need to tighten your shoe you can't because you sewed the draw string.
+Yannie Lee Oh,okay! Sorry I was a little confused!Lol
+stephen walker she didn't sew through it, just around it.
How do you break in your pointe shoes
Walk around your house on Demi pointe with socks over them so you don't get them all dirty. That's what helps me break them in.

HOW TO: Stop The Heels Popping Off Pointe Shoes When Wearing Them! Sewing Elastics

HOW TO: Stop The Heels Popping Off Pointe Shoes When Wearing Them! - A very common problem which is SO easily solved! I show you how to stop your ...

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One may also try heel grippers, in addition to elastics.
yes! i forgot to mention this :) 
Omg I have a really bad problem with this!!!!!! so i wear Bloch Heritage-Medium shank. I had this heel problem with my previous pair of pointe shoes, so i got thick elastics which i sewed on to my current pointe shoes. Mind you, i sewed on a pair of elastics criss crossed on each shoe. I made sure the elastic was really far back, like as far back as you demonstrated here, and i sewed it on with dental floss, with double stitches. The elastics were pretty tight and well fitted. I felt more support and all, but the heel still slips off DESPITE ALL OF THAT. I even tried putting rosin on the heel on my tights during class, which worked for a while, but my tights got dirty quickly. I even got a spray bottle filled with water and i tried spraying the back of my heel so the fabric would stick to my tights and not slip off. That didnt work. And I dont plan on trying hairspray, i dont want to ruin my tights. what should I do now? Nothing seems to be working!!! It's definitely not the fit of the shoe, but apparently my heel is like realllly narrow. Please help me!!!!
+Straight To The Pointe Mobile Pointe Shoe Fitting Not at the moment, but i could take some. It seems that the problem only occurs when I roll through, which is obviously a major part in pointe work. When I'm standing, the heel fits fine, and it's not tight at all. But I feel like the shoe is always on the verge of slipping off my heel whenever i roll through, so i never do the exercises full out. These pair of pointe shoes are just new and I'm still breaking into them, but it's the winter break, so no ballet until next week. And the sound of pair custom made shoes are making me nervous! We don't have many ballet stores here that sell a variety of pointe shoes, but i lucky to find that the Bloch shoes were just right,and because the ribbons weren't sewed on, the heel would pop off. I knew that was normal and i did the plie test and everything, but once i got home and sewed on the ribbons i got this problem. 
oh dear! It sounds to me like you could do with a change of shoe. Or possibly even a custom made shoe. Do you have any photos of your feet in them?

How To Sew Ribbons and Elastics on Your Pointe Shoes!

Looking for some tips to get you started? I made this video for girls just beginning pointe work, or for the dancer who just likes watching pointe shoe videos!

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@xWathy I'm probably late, but for mine, I put something called "mole skin" on them. I bought the Dr. Scholl's kind. I traced the box/top of the shoe and then made a little rectangle on one side. Peel the paper off so the sticky side is there, then stick it onto the box. The rectangle part you drew should be stuck on the bottom side, with the leather sole. If you get a good quality brand (I'm not sure if there is Dr.Scholl's in Germany) of mole skin it should last for a very long time.
Hi Do you know how to sew on ribbons and elastics for people with screwy feet who have to cross their elastics on their point shoes ??? Their aren't any video's on it. Al I know you are supposed to sew your elastics to your ribbons but that can't be right b/c your elastics wont be able to move. HELP... I have super high arches and 2 different size feet so I need the extra support.... Thanks...
haha i remember the first time i sewed my shoes i made like, every mistake possible. haha it was horrible. i sewed the ribbon shiny side in, i sewed it too far forward, too far backward, i sewed through the outside of the shoe. oh goodness it was a disaster :)
Great video! I am just beginning pointe and was nervous about doing this and messing up. My mom did it but I found this video and helped out. Thank you so much for posting this video and relieving my stress about sewing my shoes wrong! Thanks again!!!:)
Thanks so much for posting! I last took ballet 7 years ago and I'm starting up again - and I never sewed on the elastics before! What was I thinking? Anyway, this was super helpful - thanks again!
@xWathy it's really easy. just cut off the satin from the platform and you can use the same stitch she used, or you can use the darning stitch and sew around the rim of the platform
What about soft slippers that come with attached elastics when u bought them? How do a pair of perfectly fit canvas slippers look like?
You are such a cute girl, I appreciate the time you spent with this, thanks! I will be sewing my daughter's ribbons and elastics on now.
thx for making this video. i was completely clueless on how to do my daughter's shoes but you made the process so much easier. :o)
have you been to Sweden? becuse the text on your shirt is swedish and I just started to wonder ;) great video, it helped alot
I am gonna sew the ribbons onto my pointe shoes. but I can't find a shiny side.. haha.. thanks a lot, this video is helpful.
thank you soooooo much! It was very helpful(: It is my first time sewing them...so it helped even more! Thanks again!!(:
If the elastic on the inside does bother your heels can't you put something like baindaids inside or on your heel!?
I sew the elastic on the outside of the shoe bc if it's on the inside it will rub against ur heel and blisters!!!
I admire your sewing skills, this is a vegreat video that I think everyone [with pointe shoes] should watch!
@mrsnickjonas4evas omgsh me too! haha oh man that made me laugh :) yes, in this video I was using my Arias.
Thank you so much I like that you show how to do it without puncturing the lines so they still look pretty
@xWathy Hi, I'd love to! Problem is...I've never done it! Try searching on the google website for help :)
you are a life saver! thank you so much! I watched this over and over to make sure i sewed them right!
you are a life saver! thank you so much! I watched this over and over to make sure i sewed them right!
I never thought of doing the whip stitch I was just going to do a bunch of straight stitches. Thanks!
Dammit Ally Olsen you're just so adorable!! Now, if only YOU could sew my shoes for me....... lol
ALSO- when sewing ribbons, don't sew the drawstring, just pick the drawstring casing a bit.

How to sew your pointe shoe elastic and ribbon - short version by Robbie Downey

Link to the long version of me explaining how to sew and how to tie pointe shoes //youtu.be/yEhwo6c3QMU . Pics by Lori Forsythe (Scout's mom). =) Music is ...

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That's a strange way to do it! I'm just a thorn in your side today, sorry! I remember being told that you only need elastic on your shoes if they're not fitted properly. I'm not sure if that's true, but it has become a fashion. Sewing your ribbon to the outside of the shoe would not be accepted in most companies! BIG thing is sewing elastic at the back of the shoe is a major cause of Achilles tendinitis, if you need the elastic -sew at the back with a gap between to avoid aggravating the tendon
Wish there were more video's out there like this!!!! Crossing gives u so much more support & also help prevent you from slipping down into your shoe. It's really good 4 those with high arches & weak ankles as it gives extra support. I saw ur ribbons, I hate the plain silky ones & was lille wow. I'm trying this one set, I hope it works, if not, I'll be going to Primasoft.
I've always just sewn one piece of elastic onto each pointe show, although I know a few people who criss-cross theirs...I've never really understood why some people do that though...do you find it gives you more support? Do you think it would be better for a high arch? I don't have any trouble getting over my shoes, but I do have a pretty high arch. Thanks in advance!
my tuition goes by my level and then there is gas, privates, pointe shoes, tights, summer intensives. It's nuts really. I can't even guess how much it all is. Just a lot!! I am fundraising for my summer intensive because it is just a huge expense. My Mom lived in japan on the air force base when she was little =)
I looked up yagp SC results this was the top school International Ballet Academy, SC and also next was South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, SC and another was Pavlovick Dance School, SC . So google each one and see what is closest pr seems the best.
Hello Robbie! I know this is a personal question, but how much do you and your mom spend on dance lessons every month? I currently live on an American military base in Japan and will be moving back to the states this summer :( Please answer! And I love your videos!!
Is it Yokota? Haha, noooo. But your really goood. They're making us move to South Carolina, but its weird. Im not Japanese but I've lived here my whole life, But I'd like to go to the ABT summer intensive in North Carolina! Heard of any good ballet schools in SC?
i never saw my elastics and ribons on the area were the drawstring is because then you can not tie your shoes anymore ! I do it underneath it so i cant accidentally sew the drawstring stuck in place :)
I heard it is for more support and it does feel that way to me. =) Some people with high arch have issue of going too far over so not sure but maybe it could help with that I'm not sure.
Really?? Which one?! Would it be one called Atsugi base? I lived there!! Woah. Haha, im almost getting nervous talking to you, your so good :P Haha(:
your elastics are in the wrong place and you can break your ankles. watch the video called how to sew pointe shoes like a pro by msfrancemaire
oh no no I have a LONG way to go but thank you! she doesn't remember the name but it was different. She will have to ask my Grandpa.
when you had the video when you bought your regular ballet shoes, what was the name and were did you get them from
do you mean the bloch pro arch? Discount dance. Those were good but I got kh martin and I love them.
no but I will find out for you! Moving seems bad at first but change is good =)
yes my goal is to do it next year for sure since I will be 14!
This is a super helpful tutorial! Thanks so much!❤
Really? Thankyou!! Im moving to the Beaufort area!
yes,but are those(kh martin)better then pro arch?
Thankyou so much!!! Will you be in the YAGP?
Yay! Haha, thats so cool!
first view!

How to Darn Your Pointe Shoes

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Ask a Ballerina- Nikki's Pointe Shoe Sewing Demo

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You don't have to but I sew my pointe shoes with dental floss because it's stronger than thread, it's cheap, and it's easy to keep your needles in the little container :)
Excellent video, thank you for the thorough explanation :) I just have one question - What are the elastics for? Thank you x
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the easy knot tutorial alone, it saves a lot of time & frustration!
Thank you for posting! All your tutorial videos are so helpful, can't wait to try them out at home :)
Oh good! I was thrilled the first time somebody showed me that trick, glad you find it useful :)
Hi , great and useful video :) so are you supposed to sew your pointe shoes with floss?
YES! First like and comment
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