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Dental floss statistics Videos

The Flossing Lesson

Nae Nae flossing dance!

90% of the population does not floss so together let's improve these statistics… Show me how you floss! Whip that floss down to the left and the right of your ...

Waterpik vs Flossing -- The Evolution of Floss

//www.waterpik.com/oral-health Water Pik, Inc. helps you Say No To String. Watch this video to learn about using the Waterpik® Water Flosser instead of ...

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complete waste of Money. How can I have my money back. It is very unsecure and it seems it creates more problem. bunch of lies
You're using it wrong if it creates more problems.. This is by far better than flossing.
I'm purchasing my Waterpick Flosser tomorrow!
who is she

Gum Disease can cause Heart Attack and Stroke

Informative video on the statistics of people with gum disease and the relation to heart attack and stroke. What you can do to prevent heart attack or stroke if you ...

Dental Implants - Chrysalis Staff - Dr. Bongard

Dr. Steven Bongard is a surgeon at Chrysalis Dental Centre, responsible for performing the implant procedure. Patients love the idea of being able to come into ...

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Dr Bongard is amazing. I came from out of town, they booked my hotel, arranged for a car to pick me up at the airport, the next morning Dr Bongard and his wife picked me up at the hotel, he drove me back and escorted me back inside after the procedure, called me that night and called me from Europe a few days later while he was on vacation. I did have some swelling and discomfort but nothing that I would really class as pain. Great team and staff at Chrysalis!
Dr. Steven Bongard is a surgeon at Chrysalis Dental Centre, responsible for performing the implant procedure. Watch this video to learn more from Dr. Steven Bongard!

Do Share

David Erickson (//twitter.com/derickson) of e-Strategy Trends (//Trends.e-StrategyBlog.com) demonstrates the Do Share extension for Google Chrome ...

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GOOGLE+ TOOL: Do Share Do Share #SocialMedia #Scheduling
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