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Dental floss tensile strength Videos

Griffin Black 100% Natural jewelry Silk for Bead and Pearl stringing jewellery making

Available from: //jewellerytraderesources.com/category/25421-bead-pearl-stringing-tools-material.aspx Silk has been the traditional material for stringing ...

Properties of NiTi Archwires

Properties of NiTi Archwires.

Physics Forceps - Standard Series Animation

Predictable and efficient extractions in less than four minutes Atraumatic extractions where you preserve the bone Elimination of root tip fractures No need for ...

How To Graft Tomatoes

This video explains the art of grafting heirloom tomato plants. Amy Grisak, from PlantersPlace.com, shows how to get the fantastic flavor of the heirlooms together ...

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I just set about grafting a better boy on top of a Micro Tom Tomato (worlds smallest tomato plant, 8" tall), but I had another Micro Tom tomato, that I accidentally garbed and used, so now that one is just a practice graft. Although I did do another one after that the way I wanted, (Better Boy scion on a Micro Tom Tomato root stock), the thing I am trying for is a small tomato plant that will produce a larger tomato, though I might want to limit the number of tomato's I let it produce.
better to let the root stock grow out then chop of the top foliage, afterwards you will have a better chance to graft what ever you would like, since you would already have a well established root system which will be able to better bond with the scion!!!
can you harvest the seeds from these grafted plants for next year ? nice job on the vid , thanks .
I think I could reuse coffee stirrers as grafting clips. Thanks for this video. cheers
I thought your video was brilliant. Better if you share a source for those clips.
Can you graft a tomato plant onto another but keep some of the other plant.
livin inspain europe.can i buy your stock tomatoe masterfort by seed
The area is to dirty for grafting. She may get 1 out of 10 to work.
"I'm moving to Montana,gonna grow some dental floss"........
rootstock has no effect on the genetics of the scion...
Are all your toms grown in a green house?
very easy. thanks.

Dentapreg - Minimally Invasive Bridge

Chairside fabrication of minimally invasive bridge using Dentapreg PFU fibers.

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How did you remove the matrix and rubberdam ?
Please use a standard procedure for removing rubber dam.
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