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Protein diet glucose Videos

Glucose- lamb sweetbreads. Ketogenic diet

Offal low carb high fat moderate protein.

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Avoid Glucose if You Want to Be Healthy

Ask anyone who has an opinion about healthy eating and the first thing they'll tell you is to stay away from meat and fat and eat more fruits, vegetables, and ...

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To slow the aging process through food (and remember, you have to be consistent), the best route is a whole plant-based vegan diet, in my opinion. The specific way to achieve this is a diet rich in water-content food – but being very cautious of the fructose (which increases AGEs). By the way, we're talking about glycation and you recommend meat? Meat is at the top of the list to accelerate the aging process, starch is much lower. Truthfully, you want to minimize or eliminate cooked foods all together.
I know the body would produce ketone bodies and use that as it's primary fuel source. But thinking about it, with all the production foods that we have today, its easy to access sugary foods these days. Many many years ago it was not that way, and we did not have such diseases as we have today. I agree with you, and believe ours bodies are designed to function primarily on natural unprocessed food...which are normally relatively low is sugar.
@Byebyecarbs What is your opinion on these 3 bodytype classifications of ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs? Where people fall into one of those 3 groups based on how they are able to store fat, muscle, and their bone structure. Do you think some people are just destined to be fat their entire lives by gentitics and others will remain thin because they can't store fat of are able to grow muscle more easily?
It does use glucose. Don't listen to this guy. He doesn't have any reliable sources linking to any of these so called studies. He just another guy on the internet who happens to LOVE to eat meat! You should get advice on healthy living from an athlete or someone who actually knows what they're talking about.
Ummm.. You need glucose to make pyruvate. you need pyruvate to make NADH. You need NADH to make ATP through Electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation. Can you please tell me another pathway that you can use to make 70 Kg of ATP that is needed to run your body each day???
Glucose and stored glucose IS a MUST for your liver to be able to Convert InActive T4 in to ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3.. please please inform yourself better.. Ray Peat and Broda Barnes science might help u!!
I am a Certified Fitness trainer, however I've never conducted an experiment on carbs. My question to you is this, what is the minimum amount of carbs you recommended per day?
@CharlesStJames You could eat none if you wanted to, you don't need any at all but it's not really required, however, to benefir from a low-carb diet.
am I right when I say ketosis turns fat and crabs into glucose and glucose is what carbs are what are in carbs that make synthesis serotonin
@PsychopathInFoil The basic biochemistry is all the same and these categories are all pretty old and I think outdated for what we know today
Hmmm, now I'm really confused. I don't even remember what this video was about. I'm over it by now :)
But doesn't your body's cells use glucose to function? I thought glucose was a necessary agent?
Actually. Better idea. Stop breathing, then tell me that avoiding glucose is bad......
@MissleLaunch They will but they prefer fat not glucose.

Stop Thinking So Much About Protein!

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