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High protein diet pms Videos

High Protein Sugar Cookie Cake

Recipe Below: Dry Ingredients: 1 scoop Snickerdoodle PEScience Select Protein (or any other of their flavors... vanilla is bomb.com) 2 TBSP Coconut Flour 1/2 ...

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Late to this recipe (and video), but super excited to try this with the pescience snickerdoodle I ordered during the cyber monday sale! When it gets to me, that is. Until then, I may try it with trutein's cinnamon bun and sub oat flour instead of coconut (I don't have coconut flour on hand) and see how it goes! I am getting real sick of just drinking protein and most recipes I've tried have come out ehh so I really need more protein powder recipes that are actually GOOD, and I appreciate it whenever people share them. So thank yo for sharing this!
Thanks for the simple idea, I usually do a nightly protein/pb pudding mix but as tasty as this looks I may have to give it a try. I also had a sample of the PSEcience cookies and cream and loved it! need to try the vanilla.
Wow, so random, I have been making pretty much the identical recipe for like a year now! Here i thought I was so creative and original hahaha. Love this recipe!!! Adding a tbsp of cocoa powder makes it soo chocolaty too
Happy Hanukkah to you too! I too will have my first christmas tree this year courtesy of my roommate. We are both now obsessed with PEScience protein powder so this will be a great recipe to try for the holidays!
Every time I try to make a mug cake , it comes out so dry !!! I only have cellucor protein , so I haven't tried it with pescience yet (but hope to soon)! I'll have to try this recipe out !! Thank you !
Eeee it looks so fluffy and satisfying, I've tried beltsander brownies before but this has a few more ingredients to make it even more "cake like"!! Also, your nails are always on point, love them!
Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe! And thank you for the PEScience discount code - I used it to purchase some of the PEScience protein powder flavors, including snickerdoodle :)
Oh! Waiting for my Cyber Monday order to get here but I got the seven serving samples of snickerdoodle, vanilla, and chocolate peanut butter so I'll have to make this whenever it gets here!
Happy Hanukkah! Do you think this would work if you threw it in the oven for a minute? I need healthier alternatives for my sweet tooth but I don't have a microwave!
Excited to try this recipe! I tried making a microwave "protein brownie" the other night... It took two tries and I still didn't get it quite right! I'll have to try this!!
LOVER of mugcakes. Never loved or ate normal cakes, but these are great. And PESCIENCE powders are the best, dont' really need sweeteners. I add some quick oats with mine.
Do you think this recipe would work just as well with other protein powders? I eventually need to get some PEScience stuff, but you know... Canadian shipping prices :(
Thank you for all your hard work sharing ! Cake looks amazing ! I need to get that protein so I can try it! Watching your prep and your amazing such an inspiration!

PMS Is Hilarious

"Women are so weak & pathetic, lets all point and laugh." Sexism is utterly disgusting. Join the discussion: //onision.net The Onision site: //onision.com.

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This video is complete shit. So your mom and sister don't have mood swings, good for them. I experience irritability every time I go through PMS, and so do A LOT of other women. It's normal, and no, it's not fake. I think WOMEN would know more about what they experience when going through PMS than you, Onision.Not to mention the mere fact that biologists have proven it. Ever hear of hormones? It pisses me off a MAN is saying this. But I guess since you say PMS irritability is fake then it must be fake. 
Are you stupid Murphy? He clearly said that women have told him what he's saying now. He didn't say that you can't be irritable you idiot, he said that you're a dick for lashing out at people. Watch the video before you respond you moron
+Murphy Star he didn't say it was fake, he said that women don't have to lash out. Which is true. I always get incredibly moody, but I acknowledge that and make sure I don't make anyone miserable or annoyed by being unreasonable.
Oh shit so he has a different opinion doesn't mean you need to come in the comments and say this video is "complete shit." I actually found this helpful for all those guys out there who think it's funny that us girls have to go through pms that was what the whole video was about and just because he said girls like you who can't control there emotions are "bitches" you have to completely say the whole video was complete shit I'm not here to cuss you out I'm just here to tell you to think before go in the comments and start hating on onision for his opinion last time I checked everyone does!
Imagine having your balls in your pelvis and someone squeezing and releasing them over and over for 3-4 days. Also, I'm never PMS-ing during my period, but the whole week before it comes. When it comes, everything goes quiet and I feel peaceful and loving, like after taking a sedative or such. So no, the pain isn't the one making women crazy, it's the hormones. But when PMSing, damn, it is REALLY hard to control myself; mind over hormones isn't easy, I feel like my body is starting to burn and about to explode over nothing, ANYTHING can make me angry. Indeed there are many women who use it as an excuse to do whatever they want, and that's not ok. But honestly, it's like temporary losing your mind. I wish men can experience this once in a while, just to know how it feels and stop judging, but I bet we would see a lot of fights in the streets.
Exactly and I have a little saying to Josh Fluck you, because being on your period is not fun having hot flashes, cramps, having to change pads/tampons 3 to 4 times a day making you walk out of class with your purse so that everyone knows that you're on your period.  Tell me how would you feel josh being pointed at and talked about for something you can't control and some people even have the nerve to ask me for a pad or having to go to the nurse because you didn't bring enough pads and having to ask your teacher who is a male to go to the nurse to get a pad/tampon.
Greg,hormones does influence a girls emotions,and they cant control it.Some girls do overreact,but most girls i know really have a hard time with cramps,sore body,backache and crying more than usual.They dont like it,but cant help it.
They should control it, but people make mistakes (we're human). Although, if you don't try, then he's right. You're a jerk. It's as simple as that. If you try, you're forgive (maybe).

His and Hers PMS Calendar on 'The Doctors' TV Show

//coolpress.com | His and Hers PMS Calendar on 'The Doctors' TV Show.

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No man is going to this..I have a PMS APP on my Verizon phone..its called "MY Days"..it tracks the start and end of your period..it estimates the days you are the most fertile, ovulation date, you can indicate what days you took the pill, days you had sex,etc.. Its helpful when you visit your OBGYN..Get it ladies!!..
Why would anyone f*cking need this and those stupid apps you get on your iPhones are knock-offs all you need to keep track of your period is a calendar! I used those periods apps when I was about 11 to tell my boyfriend to tell him of I had what he calls it "PMS RAGE!!" but I totally through him off gard
ive been trying to tell my 5th grade brother to stay the heck away and he doesn't get it until i hurt him so i don't really think that would work if screaming doesn't but scratching does
Thanks.. I have all other apps and didnt think about looking for an app for "my days." I'm trying to get pregnant so I think it could help :)... thanks for sharing!
@sasbud12 My hubby loves me.. He doesn't need to keep track of my period to love me..lol.....Why would I expect him to use this stupid thing..lol..
i know its four month old but.. grow up the fuck up ya dumb f*k, others dont need to suffer for your problems
@cafeconlechegrl then you havent had a man love you, a man that loves you will. all men are not pigs.
I could do this, or I could get the fuck over it. having a period isnt the right to be a bitch.
This show is a horrible joke.
wow this is STUPID as hell!

Real Foods Organic Flaxseed Golden Linseed

Real Foods Organic Flaxseed Golden Linseed //www.realfoods.co.uk/product/561/organic-flaxseed-golden-linseed Organic Linseed from Real Foods.

Rare Twin Banana - Never Seen Before Banana!

Rare Twin Banana - Never Seen Before Banana! ☆ Click here now → //www.dragonslayeracademy.com ☆ and discover how you can make a residual ...

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i grow my own bananas, and i can say that twin bananas are relatively common... i guess most commercial producers remove the twin bananas from the market (part of quality control), as they are considered "defective"... as a result, consumers think that it is a rare phenomenon....
I live in China and I often saw 2 bananas that had grown together like that, But rarely saw bananas from other countries grow like that, Also the quality of chinese bananas is not as good as ones grown in tropical countries either, It may be a quality problem in my opinion.
I have seen quite a few twin bananas-i love them! I have also found twin bananas that are two bananas in one skin and I have seen twin bananas that are fused only part of the way down. I love them all!
The Dominican republic pays 2 million for anyone that can deliver a twin banana to their government! You have one! Awwwww you opened it... Just ate $2 million. Damn..
Thanks Bro, I worked that one out after uploading. Technology not my strong point. I see that it is more common than I originally thought.
Hi Mathew! I have eaten twin bananas once in my life. I didn't take a picture, though. Thanks for capturing your twins on camera.
When I bought a gigantic box of bananas I had a lot of double bananas it was great.
If you want more hits, I'd change the name to something like "rare twin bananas!"
sweet of you to share that with us :) and yes that twin banana looked yummy :)
an i phone you recieved as a present?? ineed friends like yours!!! lol
Cool. So where are you now dude? And what are you doing there?
gratitude to victoria for uploading the videos kindly
thats like a siamease twin banana...lol...so cool

Fat Loss Form Women Loss Belly

//tinyurl.com/4QLoss◅◅— ▻▻//tinyurl.com/4QLoss◅◅— ▻▻//tinyurl.com/4QLoss◅◅— they were i e , no PMS when I was in my twenties.
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