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High protein diet slimming Videos

5 Best Summer Slimming Secrets: High Protein Breakfasts to Drinking Green Tea

Five Best Summer Slimming Secrets: High Protein Breakfasts to Drinking Green Tea These five summer shape-up tips will help get you ready for beach season.


Slim by computer - that's the latest news for people who want to get rid of those extra pounds of flesh, Computer "Kate" is fed with your personal details and ...

Weightloss on a High Carb Vegan Lifestyle!

You will lose weight on this lifestyle, just keep the salt, fat, and protein low, and the carbohydrates high. Be patient! You didn't gain all of that weight in 1 month ...

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Nuts and seeds are very high in polyunsaturated fat (PUFA), whichever basically converted to inflammatory prostaglandins in the body, which turn in an enzyme to mass produce estrogen in the body. And estrogen suppresses thyroid, slowing down the metabolism, and opposes good youthful hormones such as progesterone. Dr Ray Peat (who is also pro-carb and sugar) speaks a lot about PUFA in his articles on his website, www.raypeat.com.
Love this video so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I still lose weight and be successful eating high carb low fat cooked vegan like rice and potatoes? Because I live under my parents roof and there's no way they'll let me eat high raw :( 
lysica Dandel, you can definitely do it on rice and potatoes. Look up Dr. McDougall. He recommends a low fat starch diet for health and weight loss.
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