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Tarte cosmetics eyelash curler Videos

Tarte Ladies Who Lash Review

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I bought a Revlon lash curler and it ripped out my eyelashes so I've been scared to use one ever sense ! It hurt so bad :((( anyways have any tips for me ?? 
Had the same thing happen to me years ago. I currently use the Tweezerman eyelash curler and so far have not had any problems. This Tarte one is tempting me since it seems like it would be easier to hold. I wonder if it's sold on its own since I don't care for the Lights Camera Lashes mascara.
Anyone *
I love the Lights Camera Lashes but it tends to smudge under my eyes. Help!
This mascara is beautiful, but it smudges on me, too. I've found that it smudges a lot less when I set my concealer with the HD powder from ELF.
I LOL'ed when you said "the last few I found at Big Lots; that's never a good sign". So true. Everytime I see a product in Big Lots that I love, I dread the impending notice that it's discontinued. Anyways, great video! I think I'll have to check this eyelash curler out 
That's where I found mine.
I love Lights Camera Lashes! The only problem I have is that it doesn't hold my curl. I was thinking of getting Lights Camera Splashes since that's water proof and those formulas seem to hold my curl better. What about Lights Camera Flashes? My sister in law swears by that one. What's the difference between them?
+bellajenna87I was hoping that Splashes would be enough like Lashes that I could go to that. I love Loreal Butterfly mascara but it does the same thing. So I went to the waterproof formula and it worked amazing! I LOVE my Lashes though, it's my go to. Thanks a million, I'm going to give that formula a try!
Lights, Camera, Splashes is awesome. Get it. I prefer waterproof mascaras over regular because regular formula never holds my curl.
Thanks! I'll put up with a little curl loss. I love that formula!
I've tried Lights Camera Flashes and it was a mess to take off at the end of the day. I like Lights Camera Lashes a lot better.
I love the new ELF $1 lash curler because the shape and feel of it is exactly the same as my Shuemura lash curler o_O
Me too! :)
I bought that set the other day, but for myself! I've been bad this Christmas, I bought A LOT of stuff for myself. But I felt like I earned a spoil, I'm graduating from college! :D
Congrats!!!!! Michelle
+TheKatalicious17 Congrats! Ours is on Thursday, I'm so excited!
+Alex Daudert At least I got everything I wanted for Christmas this year! :P
Same here! I just graduated from college this past Saturday! Congratulations! :)
lol girl I've been the same way!! 

Lash curlers & Mascara | Tarte Shine Bright Review

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Such great tips!!! I've never been super comfortable with Eye Lash Curlers, but I'm going to take the plunge with the Tarte :)
Let me know how you like it! :)

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Thank you for such a thorough review! I wanted to share a warning regarding the Tarte eyelash curler. I'm sure everyone can see in the video, the Tarte curler has no defined handle-It has grip pads, though doesn't have the familiar finger holes in which to create a more solid grip. Last year, my fingers slipped off of the handle while curling my lashes & I wound up PULLING OUT OVER HALF OF MY LASHES from the root. Utterly devastating. So, be extra careful when using the Tarte curler!
Thanks for the review. I'm one that must use an eyelash curler for my lashes as they are very long & if not curled they stick straight out. I have been curling my lashes beginning at the base next to my eye lid & working it outward curling as I go so there is not a bend at my eyelashes next to my eyelid. Don't know if you or others have had this problem. I've been using Tweezerman but will give Kevin Aucoin a try. Also heard Shu Umura (sp?) is great.
Thank you for this eyelash curler roundup review video. It's just what i needed. I've never used an eyelash curler before, because my lashes are quite curly. But I recently noticed that the curl dips down below my lashline, making my eyes look much smaller than they are. The Aucoin sounds like a good curler for a beginner since it has wide finger loops and a large opening for wiggle free curling.
You're not wearing any makeup!? OMG you look so beautiful ^.^ . And I agree, eyelashes are everything, I've actually stayed away from eyelash curlers until today with fear of it damaging my eyelashes, either pulling them out or cutting them (I bought the MAC one - didn't really see much changes but that's probably because I'm not used to it yet)
Ladies .... Lash curlers ruin your lashes ... Find me on Facebook and ask me how I get mine so long and full. Natural, safe, and not animal tested. Believe me ... after years of plucking my lashes out with a curler, I've came to my senses and found what truely works and I love it completely !
Thanks for your suggestions. I recently ripped, yes, RIPPED, my whole entire set of lashes from my left eye with my current eyelash curler and I literally have no eyelashes. I'm distraught.. I'll probably just avoid curlers from now on. Mainly because I have no lashes to use them on!
Im usually buying the elf one but it doesnt last long. I really need a lash curler that last a lot longer than the elf. Im thinking about the tweezerman. Thanks to your review Im gonna invest in something that i hope will last me much longer than the revlong or the elf one.
Wow, I'm sorry you went through that. I purchase three from the dollar store and wouldn't you know it they all broke lol. So I decided to invest in the shisedo one. It's 19.00 at sephora and I love it! Thanks for your review, you're beautiful and look nothing like a boy.
I was originally looking for the Shu Umura or illamasqua, But they didnt have it at the nordstroms i went to. They did have the Kevin Aucoin. She let me try it and i loved it. I do often curl working my way outward. It gives a softer effect. Thank you for commenting!
Have you thought of having the sides and back buzzcut and keeping the top how it is? It makes the Fauxhawk that much more KILLER, if you want I can link you to a cool vid of one being cut?
im not sure how i ended up here. but i just wanna say that it looks EXTREMELY painful. also girls dont need to curl their lashes or wear make up. trust me you look much better with out it.
I have almond eyes (small eyes) currently using a forever 21 and a revlon eyelash curler. Alternating between both. But am ready to splurge a little bit. Which one would you recommend?

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