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Guardian dental vision enrollment form Videos

Eye See...Eye Learn: How to Participate

If you are a Junior Kindergarten parent or guardian who is Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth, Peel or Windsor-Essex, watch this short video and learn how your child ...

Vision Boards as Magic Spells: Cauldron of Awesomeness Part 1

Learn more about Spellworking 101 at: //www.charismelina.com/spellworking-101.html Patricia Grube's site: //www.serenitybirth.com Charis Melina ...

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aw..dum dum, nobody is forcing you to make yourself look dumb, amusing as it is. there's no need to stop now, don't get all emotional and defensive. owning simple minded fools like you is what makes life worth living. i dint mean to make you cry, i just wanted to waste as much of your worthless time as possible. you already lost 3 rounds, shall we go for the 4th? ill start. do you have a nice pair size of breasts?
Ok both of you - not cool vibes in your words. Get into your heartspace please, and feel free to continue your discussion, standing in your truth, but with an open mind and mutual respect for each other's intelligence - it is likely that you are in this conversation so BOTH of you can expand your perceptions by hearing the other's.
Haha how is using words NOT using mind? It is a method OF using the mind that helps one to focus their attention and intention in the third dimensional reality they're experiencing to help bring in what is desired in a physical way by giving a clearer focus when needed/desired/curious - not in lieu of or instead of the mind. :)
Totally. Use the intuition, emotions and the body too. They're all equal, if different expressions of supreme consciousness and have a role to play in manifesting reality. There is more to consciousness than just the mind. Oneness requires utilizing all aspects of our multi-faceted being in creating our reality.
I love this! I started making my vision/dream journal about six months ago and the things coming to pass are all the things I forgot about. The funny part is they are also all of the things I put in there in a long term reference (hence the forgot them part). This makes perfect sense. I love it and I love you :)
Simple minded... So you have a complicated mind that nobody can figure out what you saying or doing on this Earth.. maybe you to good for Earth,,, maybe you need a rocket to a higher dimension....what nice pair size breasts you speaking of ... I have the only breasts worth looking at..... Go fix your Dick..
Good morning your Awesomeness we have to throw rose petals in front of you as you walk what a great visualization. Its really true vision boards or as you say casting a visual spell... well they truly work have several stories of of amazing manifistations. Thanks for the nudge to use this tool again
I almost forgets...my take on 11:11, it adds up to 22 and what is the 22nd letter of the alphabet? V...V for sacred feminine, for Vegetarian or Vegan, for Vision, for Vortex, for Visitation, for Victory or in my case, for Bobby V...just my take, try not to Vomit. Lol
Why would i spend energy and time doing spells when all i have to do is call on Jesus and ask Hod for what i want. He always hears me and answers instantly. If not instantly in his own perfect timing. Seems easier to just call on Jesus to mee :D
Well well better off asleep.... so I don't have to listen to your useless nonsense...... and evolution can never destroy perfection.. but don't worry you will sleep to...unless you have supergenes!!
Charis, would mind making a video on how you make vision boards /journal. And explain how to set the intention...basically what steps to take lol. Would be GREATLY appreciated! That's so much
I like it,and as a Witch we call the "forget about it" technique you mentioned, "Acting in Accordance". Just Wonderful! I love that you bought it down to kinetic energy, very nice :-)
Hi =) simple, the mind is vibrational in nature. the mind is the 3d representation of spirit. theres no words or emotions in the spirit realm, so all words are just that "words".
i have no idea why you are dumb as dirt, no point asking me. i guess you could be genetic throwback. do you have nervous twitching and or any diagnosed conditions?
Thanks for this! Spell casting has been on my mind recently and here you are, talking about it like I specifically asked to hear it. Haha. :)
what do you mean if? Lol Class on spelling sounds great, my composition is really lacking because my spelling is atrowshish...
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