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The Psalms - Alternative rock band from Tempe Arizona - Tribute to Doug Hopkins

The alternative rock band "The Psalms" was created by the late Doug Hopkins (original lead guitarist / songwriter) and Bill Leen (original and current bassist) of ...

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Hi randolphr, it is my great pleasure to share this music with everyone! The two songs Christmas Island and A Story I Was Told were released first on a 45 rpm record and all the other songs were released on the cassette named No Great Cathedral. I apologize for the poor quality and the missing song Monique LeShea from the 4 song one-sided cassette. When I have the opportunity I will remake this video and add that song too.
I really appreciate hearing this music, thank you greatly for doing this. - however, when I listen there are numerous 'skips' in at least the 1st song. Are these in the original 5 song cassette as well ? Thanks again !
I Got to met the band The gin Blossoms when I lived in Tempe in 1988. Long Wongs. They were the best band to go see. I worked at Chuys.
Cool! Awesome, loved the vid ! Music is the prime invention of our species isn't it?
Wow these songs are great! The lyrics and the melody are so pristine and jangly.
Thank You so much for sharing this.. Great Times, Music and great guys,,
Your comment is greatly appreciated Steve! - Thank you!
Sweet piece , thanks for sharing it

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