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14 weeks pregnant cervix feels open Videos

prenatal and labor exercises

How do you use the ball in labor?* If you are sitting on the ball it is important that your legs are open wide and your feet are on the outside edge of the ball(the ...

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Very useful but in hospitals the doctors are pricks they only let you go on your back because it's easier for them to see, even though your hole will not open anywhere near wide enough to have a relatively fast and painless birth... Definitely want to move around while in labor, girls! Anyone having a baby, make sure you have people there to defend you when they try to get you to lay down!!
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Great exercises............
it's look great exercice
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36 Week Pregnancy Vlog ♥ Exciting things are happening!

36 weeks 5 days pregnant with our first! *OPEN ME* if this is the first time watching one of my vids :) As I said above, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with our ...

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Is it completely ridiculous that I've been anxiously awaiting this update!? I'm so excited baby is starting to get ready! Yay!!! I'm doing OB rotation in nursing school this semester and it's so fun hearing about all of the changes you're going through!
I was dialated s to 1cm at 7 months. I made it to 38 weeks and 5 days before he came. I was induced for preeclampsia and water retention. Good luck sweety. I hope your delivery is everything you want. Mine wasn't
I was dilated 1cm for a month before my daughter came. she ended up being born on her due date. I am so happy you are cloth diapering! I am too! you look great!
I knew when she said I was only at 1 cm that I could/can be there for awhile, but I still couldn't help being excited hehe :) And thank you so so much!
I was able to be on the mother/baby unit last Thursday and it was so exciting. It made me even more excited for your little bundle to come! :)
Lol, well I was pretty late getting this uploaded so it's understandable :) I hope you're enjoying your OB rotation this semester!
First comment!! Love you SuzieQ!!

What is Open Surgery Hysterectomy ?

Hysterectomy open surgery information the mount sinai hospital . , . . . . (surgical removal of the uterus [or womb]; Abdominal hysterectomy; Vaginal ...

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This video sucks
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