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14 weeks pregnant didn't know Videos

14 weeks pregnant & belly shot

14 weeks 5 days pregnant, mostly me rambling! lol! Hopefully it isn't too boring, I didn't edit like I usually do. :)

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Yay 14 weeks :) Hope your mum has a speedy recovery :) How shocking about the daycare thing, i would kill the person who ever slapped my son goddddd lol Blake is teething again, his top ones are coming through at last, his bottom teeth are about 3mm big :) He took his first steps the other day, well he took 2 steps 3 different times, he is getting very confident on his feet now :) the fun times begin eh lol Didnt you get any stretch marks with Gianna? Look forward to the next Video :) :)
@horseylover123 I'm wanting the gender to be a surprise at delivery. :) I've seen lots of people do those and it be right so I don't want to ruin the surprise. lol! Thanks for the suggestion and comment!
@emmalinasdaniel I JUST NOW saw this comment! HOW WEIRD! This was a looooooong time ago. lol
If you haven't done a intellagender test you should do one jsut for fun!

14 weeks pregnant! Baby #1! Belly shot!!

14 week update on pregnancy. Belly shot kinda sucks I didn't realize I was that close to the camera. But it still shows the belly.

14 Weeks Pregnant!

This video was created last night, I just didn't have time to upload it.

14 Weeks + 5 Days Pregnancy Vlog

Sorry guys 4 such short video ... really didn't have that much 2 say and I waskinda in a hurry.

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@p8anut Yes I felt him/her already>>> maybe because it's my second baby I feel it>> IDk but U'll feel it don't worry... and I'm actually finding out tomorrow (the sex) >> i made this video a few days ago ...... thank U >> I can't wait 4 it 2 grow more baby bump and feel the baby kick harder>>> let me know as soon as U feel baby kick!!! God Bless
UR already feeling him/her? OMG, I am almost 17weeks & haven't felt nothing! Or maybe I have but just didn't know it. Ugh, I can't wait til' I feel my baby! I'm so excited for U that U get to find the sex next week! I have 13days to go! UR little bump is getting bigger! Too cute! What edit tool do U use for UR videos?

Week 36 Pregnancy Update + What's in my hospital bag | London July 14

Hello everyone! So i have combined a 'what's in my hospital bag' video with my pregnancy update as it was requested, and I didn't have a great deal to report to ...

I didn't know I was Pregnant Dawn Pannell, Part 1

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i have pcos have periods six times a year. never have protected sex with my bf and we've been together a long time......there is a possibility but it is very VERY slim most women with pcos dont just 'get pregnant' they have to go through either diet change, metformin, clomid, hormone shots, and invetro before there are even a chance and after that its High risk for miscarriage plus if you watch the great sperm race you will realize how difficult it truely is to get pregnant especially for women with PCOS.......so for those who think that she still should have know and tested look up the symptoms of PCOS they are VERY simular to pregnancy actually thats how i found out i had heartburn cravings weight gain enlarged breast nausea and cramping and guess what? i went to the doctors and demanded and ultrasound because the preg. test was a big fat negative and guess what? so was the u/s............i should make a vblog lol maybe....
People get told that it will be difficult for them to get pregnant and they immediately assume that they will never have kids. It's happened to a couple of friends. They say they were told they couldn't have kids, when that's not what they were told at all. Difficult does not mean impossible. Then they get pregnant and they can't believe it. One was actually stupid enough to try to sue her doctor after she got pregnant, because she didn't use protection since she was told she was infertile.
@cutemedli7 That's not true at all. How can you say something so mean? Infertility is no joke and people that do not have to deal with that problem take it for granted. Who cares if you think she's ugly....at least she has a husband....that's saying that she has something good. Looks are not all that counts. For example: you might be the most good-looking person on earth...but because you are such an asshole....you are the one who is ugly!
I have pcos, lost 60lbs to have a child and still couldn't get pregnant. Clomid failed three cycles and we were saving for IVF. After 5 years of infertility I gave up, then it got pregnant. I lost two but after taking aspirin got lucky and now am 18 weeks :) pcos doesn't make it impossible to have children just more difficult. 
@RedPanda79 You're wrong. She has PCOS. Women with pcos often have unexplained weight gain because of their insulin resistance. What's weird is that she felt movements in her belly but didn't seek medical attention to find out the cause. Not the fact that she gained weight which could have easily been do to her medical condition
@forgemylife00 Uhhhh It's a non-union cable show which means "LOW BUDGE" so they can AIR it a MILLION times WITHOUT paying the ACTORS!!! So I REALLY DON'T think they had the budget to HIRE TWO actors!!! AS for the lisp It's NATURAL YOU ASS ! (hahahahahaha I crack myself up!) ANY OTHER STUPID COMMENTS! 1 day ago
I love how they use the same actress to play her at age 19 and 40-something. In the scene where they try to make her look like a teenager, they put on this stupid little dress with a little bow in her hair, and even make her speak with a lisp in an effort to make her look younger. Hilarity ensues!
@JustinBieberLuver616 the episode didnt get to show all the doctors she went to emergency room blah blah...anyway the chiropractor thought it was a muscle spasm...she got an adjustment hence the name of the show "unusual adjustment" I know it sounds absurd to me too and I played the role...
She lost, by the way. When her medical records were checked, the diagnosis and doctor's notes showed that he had never said to her that she was infertile, but that her chances of conceiving were low (again, low does not means zero). I think she had been diagnosed with PCOS too.
@mylove1 yes they should. I really believed my doctor and stopped taking birth control and was pregnant with four months. So much for infertile. I did have preeclampsia during the last trimester due to my pcos weight but I had an otherwise healthy baby born at 36 weeks.
Doctors need to stop telling pcos women that they can't get pregnant before they've tried. My doctor did this to me and I got pregnant with no treatments but because of what my doctor had said I did not realize i was pregnant until 5 months along.
@smexiigurll17 How come you got pregnant at 13 and again at 15? You're supposed to wait until you're an adult to have babies, and at 13 it's actually illegal to have sex and in many States it's illegal even at 15.
I think the doctor who informed her about PCOS was stupid. PCOS does not mean that is "Impossible" it just means it is harder. Plus there is hormone treatments and other things to force a period.
@cutemedli7 How many infertile women do you know? thats an extremely mean thing to say, whether you mean to be or not. it also shows that you're in the bottom 10% of the population's IQ range
@RedPanda79 what? when you are hitting middle age it is perfectly normal to gain weight. 35 lbs isn't that much. I gained that my first year of college. thank god I took it off as well.
@LilacStar82 actually scary its all true and they cut out so much more because of timing...YIKES!...she thought when the baby cried she was hearing coyotes hilarious!
polycystic ovarian syndrome is a medical condition that causes among other things an increase in the male hormone testosterone, so they often end up kind of manly...
@cutemedli7 Ugly women?I know a MODEL that cannot conceive.I am a nurse.PCOS patients are over weight (NOT THEIR FAULT) and grow facial hair.What if it were you?
i totally agree with you on this too. i believe they should re-word it saying we could have babies but with complications instead of not able to have babies.
@hamid6427 She did not know that she was pregnant. When she 19 years old the doctors literally I mean literally told her that she could not get pregnant.
@jessiessica and what's wrong with my lisp!!! aahahahaha it's real been pulled over by the cops who thought I was drunk sorry boys That's a natural Lisp!
Hahahahhaha omg the '19 year old' girl at the start. Couldn't they have gotten a different actress rather than stick a childs wig on the woman. omg.
@jessiessica lol she has a lisp through out the whole thing. but it is funny, how many 19 year olds wear frilly dresses and bows in their hair...
I have Polycystic ovarian syndrome and after getting off Doc medicine and taking natural herbs likes vitex(chasteberry) I am 8 weeks pregnant.
A diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome is not "tragic." What kind of doctor tells someone she's unlikely to ever get pregnant with PCOS?
So from what I gather, she was told it's 'unlikely' go get pregnant and she had1-2 periods a year. That means there is still a possibility.

TFH : 7 weeks pregnant!!!!!!

Apologies for the lack of videos for a while now. I filmed this back in January as I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant today. I've got more videos to follow that I will ...

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your journey is literally mine, however a few years on. I have a 4 year old daughter been trying for baby no2 for 2 years, had 6 months of clomid which worked in terms of ovulation and I was on 50 mg , however did not get pregnant.now waiting for my operation date for ovary drilling, pray I have the happy outcome you have
congrats on ur pregnancy can you please tell me how much did u spend for your pcos treatment including ovarian drilling....
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