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14 weeks pregnant how do i know baby is alright Videos

Pregnancy week 7 with baby #2!

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So happy for u. Your baby girl is getting big and she is beautiful.
Im a 7 weeks pregnant with my first baby
Awwww congrats


If you missed last week's video: //bit.ly/13wkbumpdate Click here to subscribe → //bit.ly/ZzjK1o ↓↓↓ But wait! There's more!

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How sweet! Elanor (sorry if I misspelled her name) saying ball in her sweet southern accent melted my heart. I am also from the south and hearing children that are just learning to use their words and have a southern drawl is so cute. I love watching Vlogs with mommy's/families since I have tried to have my own family for 15 years now with no luck, because it makes me feel like I am a part of the kids live even though I'm not technically a part of their life.
+Amanda Short This was supposed to have been posted as a reply, but didn't at first...weird.Nope, you got it right! :-) It's so cute, I normally don't have too thick of an accent (unless I've been at mammaws lol), but when she started talking she just came out with this little southern Belle drawl lol I'm sorry to hear that! I hope that if you start your own channel, maybe one day I'll see your own pregnancy updates on there.


Baby Kaely just having a good time giving you all another video!!! enjoy! gooooo BK Click to Subscribe! Kool Kidz Forever! //bit.ly/SAslwP Watch all of Baby ...

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I don't have dad he die in i have 4 or 6 years
and he die of the drug
one time I lost my sister
one time I almost. Lost. my sister
I don't have a mom she left my dad when I was a 1 month old I have always moved a lot all my friends make fun of me for not having a mom and just a dad who is sometimes really mean to me my mom has four kids my brother me my little brother and my little sister my siblings live in TN I live in WV
I like your songs. and I am just like you. My Dad is in jall I never get to see him . Me and my mom have to move alot.can we be friends.
you make me cry with your realistic songs
I is so so so so sad
that is sososososo sosososo. sosososososo sosososososososo sosososososo so so so so so so so so so sosad
My mom left my dad so I have to see my dad once a week
It's gonna be ok.
Even though I'm 14; in 8th grade, the kids at my school still aren't smart enough to know when to stop bullying me. They would say things to me like "oh hide your trays! Big Kaid is coming!" It hurt a lot. They even made fun of my grandpa when he was sick and when he died. It was hard for me to go to school. It got to the point two years ago, that I had 11 sick days that year. It sucks, and to all of you who still don't have hope in anything bad in your life, you need to prey. God helps me to keep going everyday. I want to thank you so much BK. This is really awesome, and you will defiantly go far in your career (sorry for my input btw)
I cried
bacarrie hudson so did i
Babykity don't have to do all the sounds for us
Baby you don't have to do all of this for us we know that you trained me a real real hard
i get bullied by this stupid girl named mia echaverria
I feel really sorry for you
Oh sorry,I been through the same thing

Squeeze Ya: A Rangers Story | Season 2 | Chapter 14

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Oh my gosh im actually crying like that was so sweet I cant wait to.see what happens when julian gets there I hope the girl who like langston (down the street from chelley)dont try nothing
This Is Good She Gets 2 See Ju And B Happy. But The Only Bad Part Is That She Has 2 Walk Into Her School Everyday Pregnant And People Are Gonna Talk About Her
Finally! I told u everything was gonne be alright, trust me. Now, since u have Ju, can me have Taylor? thank u. ur so considerate
See, you were being a dumb fuck and didn't wanna tell him, he didn't even get mad. Buttuh, you on your own with Lang............
aww , see michele , you didn't have to freak out thank god for her mom cause she was not going to tell . i be happy now
Finally!!!...see that wasn't that bad chelley, everything turned out fine... Now the hard part Lang and your dad.
Duh,that boy sprung over you and you trying to say that baby just yo cousin and ish see now he really happy
that wasnt so bad was it ? Julian is such a good dude. hopefully nothing goes bad as time goes by
Awwwwww and finnally she told him damn i don't know why but I feel relieved lol
Stupid ass.tld her it was gonna go dwn like dis and she was being stubborn
thank GOd !1 she told !! and Awww now u know he a good person
She a fake little tricky ass hoe jk well she seems like it
He's so understanding Michele really doesn't deserve him
Im addit to your stories LOVE THEM keep up the good work
you see lightskin everything turned out just fine (:
Ok I'm ok wit her again. She still irritate me tho
Aww cute ! She shoulda told him along time ago !
See, it wasn't that hard now was it Michele?
FINALLY ! That's good that Julian a
aw , Julian he is really in love
I'm glad he took it so well :)
its about time she told him hm
about fucking timeeeeeee!!!!!!
Finally! See he took it well

Baby deer in my yard. "Are you ok?' Read info.

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Petro062?ref=hl A newborn in the middle of my yard.(2010) I almost hit it with a tractor with a 6 foot finish mower.

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back yard? were do you live?
+petro062 oh ok. tought somewere in montana. sorry bout the car wrecks. must be cool seeing this things. I almost ran into a big reindeer too. live near mountains in el paso texas. never tougth those things even existed here.
+omar bernal Imperial,Missouri. These animals are every where around here. I wrecked my car 3 times.
The reason it wasn't moving in the first place is because it was a defense mech. when you started to nudge it and got it in a certain position its instinct to flee over came its born defense instinct so it took off. In that situation it would have been better to have left it alone because the mother more than likely left it there while she went to do something and unless she was killed would have sooner or later returned for it. What is a long time for us doesn't mean it a long time for a deer. and to people saying the thing about the mower he could circle around it and leave that small patch alone, it wouldn't hurt him to have the one spot un touched
you are right and it could be a miss communication and about that I don't know much about coverage with a tractor even though I have driven lawn tractors and can say unless it was a big farm tractor(never driven one of those) I never had to have a 50" circle. and I don't think it is pretentious at all to say that I am myself knowledgably to claim I have knowledge, I don't see at all how that is at all, sorry if you have a prob with that. Far as being hostile when I read his return comment I read it as an attack on me disclaiming and criticizing my comment as someone who didn't know what they were talking about so I returned with a diff comment of my own. In your comment in the beginning sounds like you are neutral and just trying to clear up what you see as being a miss communication then you turn that around at the very end by saying you are going to discard what you are trying to do by turning that last sentence into an attack and being an asshole with it.  
+Zachary Ebert This seems like a bit of a misunderstanding to me. I could be wrong, but when I read it, it seemed like he was talking about himself learning from the comments people posted, as he had never encountered a fawn staying put when he approached. Also, considering he is using a tractor with a 6" finish mower, it is entirely feasible that it makes a 50" circle. Your forte in this matter seems to be wildlife, so let's leave the area coverage specifics to the person who actually owns a tractor. The first insult/bashing I saw here was from you. But since I'm here anyway, I'll help you out. Larger tractors have a very wide turn radius, much like a city bus or a semi rig. He's saying that it has a 25" turn radius, giving it a 50" circle in diameter, which would make it very difficult to turn around the fawn. I don't know where he's from or the specifics of the laws around his area, but many places will fine you for not mowing your lawn, and leaving the area necessary un-mowed would be entirely noticeable. Now, since you're so "knowledgeable" (btw it seems quite pretentious to comment on yourself in such a way), I'm sure you can see now where there might have been some miscommunication, and I would urge you to try to understand the situation completely in the future before replying with such vitriol. If you end up taking my advice on this matter and thus attempt to discern whether or not what I've said here is hostile in any way, I'll just save you the trouble and say, "Yes, yes it is"
from the way you responded it sounds like you are trying to bash me with your response. but let me ask you this did I say anything negative in my pervious comment. No. Also I have nothing to learn from you I' am in fact quite knowledgeable already. Hence what I said in my pervious comment, and what I said about going around was a suggestion. If I am to learn anything it would be your math because it doesn't make sense to me because How does a six foot mower make 50 foot circle? that is a huge detour you don't need to make. It would also demonstrate that you suck with that mower for you would have such poor control over it. You are the one that is trying to start something over something so petty. Over a comment telling people why the fawn acted the way it did and a suggestion to go around so the mother can come back for it when it was going to. That fawn was probably just a few days old up to a few weeks it is normal for both fawn and the mother to do exactly what it did for survival. you should learn a few things your self.
+Zachary Ebert I got a 6 foot wide mower and it makes a 50 foot circle. And this is the first time this has ever happened.Learn from it or don't? I read all me comments.
You did a great thing by checking on the fawn to see if it was okay. You're a great human! Pay no mind to these idiots.
+Scott R Thank You Scott. This video was an accident. I took a few photos of it and then suspected it was not OK then I turned on my camera that I always carry when I go in the woods and this is what happened. This is back when I didn't have any way of editing and all my old videos are like this. Just a single file.
When your girlfriend says she's pregnant 0:27
+Maureen Barber Lmfao
People piss me off,he said in the discription he almost hit the deer.you guys are acting as if he was going to murder the deer from touching him. At least he went to go check on the deer to see if he didn't kill it.
0 : 15 what were you going to do with the deer
+Hanna Northrup It is a myth!Copied this from a wildlife rehabilitation centers page:Myth: If a human touches a fawn, its mother won’t accept it.Fact: If a fawn has been handled by a human and has human scent on it, the doe will still accept the fawn. She just spent 7 months carrying this fawn. A little human scent won’t make her give it up.Myth: It is okay to touch the fawn, you just have to leave it where it is.Fact: It’s not a good idea to touch fawns or to disturb the area where you find one. The more time a person spends around a fawn, the more human scent is left in the area. A clever coyote or domestic dog may follow your human scent trail and find the fawn at the end of it. It is best to slowly leave the area and not return.Does don’t spend much time with their newborn fawns because they want to reduce the chance that a predator may find the fawn. Deer fawns are nearly scentless at birth; however, the doe is not scentless. She smells like a deer. The more time she spends around the fawn, the more scent she leaves in the area, and the greater chance a predator may key in on her scent to find the fawn. Additionally, her behavior when around the fawn may cue predators that a fawn is in the area. Although the fawn is capable of walking soon after it’s born, it is still relatively weak and can’t outrun most predators. It’s in the fawn’s best interest to hide and remain still until it is developed enough to outrun predators.
+tracee kirvin me to
If you don't care, why do you reply? It's as simple as that.
+Hanna Northrup Not true at all. It has already been mentioned in the comments before.
+Hanna Northrup I know for a fact u saw the deer make a noise and ran for it.
he didn't run it over yes but he still killed it
+tracee kirvin Thank You. I thought it was a paper bag and I was gona just grind it up. This is the first time I did this. The other times I almost stepped on them and they were a little older and they ran when I almost stepped on them. Now I look for them every year and I always carry my camera.


Alright, here is the information for the giveaway... 1. The e-version of our book can be downloaded here until 4/19/2015... //bit.ly/16u4yWM 2. Our Dream Life ...

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I love cat naps. Even ten minutes is so nice!
Yeah, that is a good amount of time. I have a 7 minute alarm...maybe I should adjust it to 10...that sounds nice. :)
What a cute lil boy! Well all your kids are adorable really!
Haha. They have their moments. :) Thanks!
Awesome Vlog thanks for sharing!
You are welcome Joe! Thanks! :)
Such a beautiful family!! Tayce is so adorable. Love watching your vlogs!! Hugs n Love 
Thank you so much! Have a great night!
Cat naps are the greatest invention ever. 15 minutes is all I need. They're amazing. Love it when the kids get a hold of the camera. I think we need to incorporate that more into our videos.
I have a 7 minute alarm on my phone for cat naps. Works like a charm. The kid add such a fun element. You just never know what you are going to get. haha
Great Video! You baby is totes Adorbs
Thanks! I love that! "totes adorbs." I read your comment to the girls and they have been saying that all night. They love it! :)

It's Going To Be Okay - Season 3 Episode 14 Part 1

My Baby Sister - Jemi - e.14 {Kevin Knows}

About a Week Later-- Demi: *laying next to Joe, breathing hard* Joe: *rubbing her back slowly; kisses her head; whispers* That was just...*closes his eyes ...

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loved it " Nick: *smiles; stands up* I'm gonna.. go fuck my woman. Enjoy "making love," chlidren. *winks; walks out* " lmfao.
Joe: *bites his lip; grabs Demi's hand; locks their fingers together* H-Hey, bro... lmao joe plays it so casual lol
almost everyone knows! :) so they wonthave 2 keep it as much of a secret anymore...post more soon! :)
hey this is great, everyone is accepting let see what happend with their parents though XD
i like how its like (nick knows) (davied knows) (kevin knows) next thing (every one knows)
im glad kevin accepted them :) love it!!! cant wait for mooooreeeee
AMAZING I hope he accepts them being together 20th comment :)
I love this series!! Thanks for posting :]
its like their tellin them one by one!!
I'm glad Kevin is trying to accept it
Awwwww I'm glad they accepted them :)
amazing!!! awww cute!! moreeeeee!!!!
Love it, you made my day by posting!
Yay! Now for the parents... LOL
awww, i hope he does accept it
aww so cute... post more please
aw so cute :) I loved it
kevin took it well
awwww! More.
awee more...
Awww Jemi :)
Awww cute
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